Schedule And Approach

One more look at the 2010 Schedule:

Sept. 12: vs. Dallas Cowboys (Sunday Night Football) 8:20pm
Sept. 19: vs. Houston Texans 4:15pm
Sept. 26: at St. Louis Rams 4:05pm
Oct. 3: at Philadelphia Eagles 4:15pm
Oct. 10: vs. Green Bay Packers 1:00pm
Oct. 17: vs. Indianapolis Colts (Sunday Night Football) 8:20pm
Oct. 24: at Chicago Bears 1:00pm
Oct. 31: at Detroit Lions 1:00pm
Nov. 7: BYE
Nov. 15: vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Monday Night Football) 8:20pm
Nov. 21: at Tennessee Titans 1:00pm
Nov. 28: vs. Minnesota Vikings 1:00pm
Dec. 5: at New York Giants 1:00pm
Dec. 12: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00pm
Dec. 19: at Dallas Cowboys 1:00pm
Dec. 26: at Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00pm
Jan. 2: vs. New York Giants 1:00pm

So the Skins now know who they will be playing, when, and most likely what time (based on flex scheduling). Tuesday, was an interesting day as it was exciting.  Most of the excitement surrounded the unveiling of the regular season schedule, but there were signings and trades made that could have an impact on things to come. The intrigue here is in the signing of Adam Carriker.  Once again, another defensive lineman has been signed to the Redskins.  You ask yourself what could all this mean? It is not uncommon for teams to stockpile their rosters in the off season. But let’s be honest its standing room only when you look at the defensive line position.  The way it looks to me is a certain member of that specific group is on his way out.

Don’t look at me with a “duuuh Captain Obvious” look, but it’s plain and simple. The way things have panned out this season caught many of us by surprise. Okay, so you had a feeling Donovan McNabb would come to town? Did you know it would be Easter night?  Did you feel confident in the sources who mentioned this could be a potential move? I think this new regime is really playing things tight.  You may have guessed what they want to do, but they will do all they can to not allow you to believe that.  This off season started and people were clamoring that nothing is being done.  Now, there are plenty of moves happening (some of which I do question) happening, and most people are wondering “why”. Moving back to Haynesworth, this is exactly why I think he will be moved.  Shanahan talked about how he looks forward to Haynesworth being here and how he expects him to be ready and play at a high level. To me that’s the kiss of death.  What the mainstream media has been saying is that Haynesworth is actively being shopped, talking highly and looking to keep a high value player should be enough to salvage lost value.

Jason Campbell, in my opinion, is also a victim of this “kiss of death”.  At Mike Shanahan’s introductory press conference, he expressed his admiration for Campbell and was looking forward to working with him.  He talked of his composure through adversity, and ability to play the game tough.  Those comments had people, yours truly included, thinking “Ok, so this guy wants to give Jason Campbell a chance”.  With the Skins signing Rex Grossman, you then though that this move is one intended to push Jason harder. But already, that got me thinking that this group may really want to upgrade at this spot.  Then the McNabb trade happens, and once again Campbell is once again left to the side.

This morning, listening to the radio, I heard a Mel Kiper, Jr. rant.  He basically is saying that the Skins will make a splash to get the first pick and draft Sam Bradford, either that or some other non-sense way of obtaining him.  Kiper has one of the most trusted voices in this industry regarding the draft, but that is total bull dung, IMO. Just last week, I received a PDF of a report that he and Todd McShay did, and they both agreed that Russell Okung, or another top rated lineman would be drafted by the Redskins.  Whatever the case may be, no one really knows the approach this team will take next September.  For all I know, I could be all wrong. Maybe we all will be wrong.

For the record, the Skins will take a lineman.  There is a good chance that the Russell Okung is gone before the Skins have a chance to pick him.  But if not Trent Williams will be a Redskin.  Book it!

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