Redskins Post-mortem

If you saw the Washington Redskins play a very hot Chargers team today in San Diego, you might have come away with the impression that the Skins can compete with 3/4 of the teams in the league.  After all, they moved the ball when they had to, and had a solid scoring percentage when in the red zone.  Were it not for a Derrick Dockery false start, they probably would have won today.  Of course, they played much of the game against San Diego’s second string.  Still, the Chargers are a deep team.  Their second string is better than some teams’ first strings.  I probably shouldn’t dwell on that fact, as it might cause me to say something unkind about our Skins.

So, the Redskins gave it the old college try, Jason Campbell played well, and Jim Zorn went out with dignity.  Now we hear that Joe Bugel may once again retire.  Bet it’s for good this time, even if he is still dying his hair.

The Washington Examiner reports that Charlie Casserly stated on TV that Mike Shanahan has already started picking  his staff.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think he’ll retain any of the Redskins’ current coaches.  For a few, that may be more a matter of choice than a matter of fate.  I’d lump Danny Smith and Jerry Gray into that category, if I was a betting man.  Oh wait, I am – I like to play blackjack.

With Shanahan at the helm, expect competition at every position.  Further expect the Redskins to draft Sam Bradford.  I don’t have a crystal ball, but let’s face it, Shanahan is used to working with QBs who are stellar enough to be the face of the franchise.  He’ll swap running backs on and off the roster like they come a dime a dozen.  He’ll ensure the offensive line is stout, and he’ll continue what the Redskins have already started – deploying speed on defense.  Of course, he won’t do all this by himself.

George Allen will do some housekeeping.  It’s likely that a couple of veterans who can still play at a high level will be given their walking papers.  That’s what happened at Tampa Bay on Allen’s watch.  He seems to like younger players, even if they’re still developing.

Allen and Shanahan have a pretty decent set-up.  There are a number of very talented players on the Redskins’ squad just waiting for the system to allow them to showboat their skills.  Like Al Davis used to preach, they want to ‘Just Win Baby’.  (I have no idea what he preaches now, though I suspect it’s “I’ll take Speed and Size Over Talent baby.”)  The Redskins could easily improve to .500 next season.  That depends in large part on how much of their core is ripped out and tossed aside.   After next season, with a decent 2010 and 2011 draft, the sky’s the limit.  There truly is nowhere to go but up.

Two final thoughts … 1) I’d like to wish Jason Campbell and Jim Zorn both a happy new year.  I think they deserve it.  2) There’s no truth to the rumor that the Redskins are going to consider signing T.O. during the offseason.  (Oh wait, I just started that rumor.)

As they say in Vegas, thanks for playing y’all.  The season may be over, but there will be a lot of Redskins news to discuss.  RedskinsGuy and I will be here.  Hopefully you will be too.

Hail to the Redskins!

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  • Rico

    Time for Danny to sell the team back to the Kent Cook’s then the Redskins can rise back to Fame and Fortune!

    I disagree on Bradford, he is an injury prone QB and is not close to a Tebow in drive, talent and heart….if it is a QB they draft then make it a Leader and Tebow would be that QB, otherwise wise up and make it a quality O-lineman!

    In fact cut that 100 Million Dollar waste lose and draft 6 O-line and D-line players with the money!!

  • A.morrisn

    With SD’s second stringers in there I guess that made it sort of even, since Wash.’s 1 stringers are all on IR and they’ve been playing 2d stringers all year almost!

    Gosh, I hope they don’t waste the 1st pick on a QB.

  • Redskins Guy

    I think they need O-line much more than they need QB. Build from the O-line out. A great young quarterback with a crappy offensive line is a recipe for a crappy year.

    A great offensive line with an average quarterback can do some great things. And once you have the line in place, THEN you can go get your “QB of the future.”

  • hardin hog

    Thank God that season’s over. New era. We got a very good coach now, so stick with him Dan. Rebuild of this team will take years not months. I wouldn’t draft a QB in first round. Seems to me that the QB’s in the playoffs this year are old. warner, favre, mcnabb, manning. I would rather buy a QB in free agency and draft a back-up QB in later round. Draft O-Line and linebackers please. T.Gerhart is a face-of-franchise player that I would break my rule over, other than that, I would stick to the plan. L. Fletcher’s the only linebacker we have worth keeping, and that is just for leadership reasons. D-line is overpaid for level of achievement. D. Hall has to go, he makes too much money for level of play, I’m sure that is cause for resentment and creates hidden agendas in other players which leads to poor performance. It is time to get it together, apply some common sense, and rebuild this team. I need the Redskins to be successful. My happiness depends on it.

  • KD

    So glad the Redskins are setting so many new standards…

    New standard to pay top-tier defensive players.

    New standard to pay top-tier coaches.

    Now we all get to pay more because the redskins HAD to pay more…

    But still there’s no real standard of winning for the skins, not this decade at least.

  • dcredskin

    Who is going to be the director of player personal for the Skins? Why not chose someone separate from the responsibilities of the coaching staff? The Redskins have not had a full time director other than Snyder and Vinny in years. So having one full time can help focus for the draft and for finding other players & free agents to fill key positions.
    Allen and Shannahan are probably going to need help on this. Looking at their draft records with their former teams is some slight cause to be alarmed. After researching I do not think Casserly should come back. I think the best guy out there may be Bill Kuharich. He was with the Chiefs for years. USA Today once said he was one of the best evaluators of talent in the NFL. I looked up his draft record and there a lot of star players in the NFL that he signed.