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Redskins Defeat Broncos 27-17; Hell Freezes Over

Even if they’re ten weeks late to the season, it’s nice to see the Washington Redskins finally show up and play a game.   The Redskins faced a tough but declining Broncos team and won handily 27-17.   The Broncos had a marginal 17-14 lead at the half when they were forced to play the rest of the game without Kyle Orton because of an ankle injury.   Many are going to point to this as the reason for the victory.  It’s certainly true that Orton’s replacement (Chris Simms, in a woeful performance, going 3/13 for 13 yards and a pick) helped cement the victory, but I still maintain that the Redskins didn’t have this win handed to them as they did in the past.  This wasn’t just a competition to see which team was worse.  The Redskins didn’t have the win handed to them; they earned it.  It’s an important distinction.  So before you say Washington lucked out because of Denver injuries, keep a few things in mind.

  1. The Redskins were outplaying the Broncos even in the first half when Orton was still playing.
  2. But for two terrible breakdowns in coverage, the Broncos would have been trailing badly at the half.
  3. This isn’t Peyton Manning we’re talking about.  It’s Kyle-freakin-Orton.

So let’s give them a break and admit that the Redskins earned this win. They looked pretty good doing it too.  Let’s not go crazy and talk playoffs or anything.  One win doesn’t make a very bad team suddenly good.  At the same time, there’s no reason we can’t enjoy the win, and there is hope that we won’t be subjected to awful football week in and week out.  For one week at least, let’s enjoy life in Redskins-land.

Now if they can only play like this against Dallas! Hail Redskins!

A few notes regarding the game.

  • The Redskins scored more than 17 points! I almost forgot what that was like.
  • The Redskins won by more than one score.  I HAD forgotten what that was like.
  • The Offensive Line did a decent job, especially with run blocking. The Broncos defense was getting pushed around mightily in the second half.
  • The entire team was physical.  Tackles were hard. Hits were hard. Maybe the Redskins are still in the NFC East after all.  This is what Redskins football should look like.
  • Devin Thomas is starting to contribute.  He had two excellent catches for key first downs.
  • The fake punts are great, but please please PLEASE stop calling stretch plays on 4th and 1!

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  • jrforbes3

    Redskins Guy…no one can say it better than you did in your write up! I believe what we saw today were Redskins who practiced together last week and were ready to play today. I bet that Portis will be ready to go tomorrow as BETTS just showed him how to do his job! BETTS was great…kind of reminded me of Stephen Davis. I say that we should keep BETTS in there…even on the short yardage plays! Portis can cheer from the sideline. The SKINS should try to do a blockbuster trade with Portis in the offseason. We need people who love to play and who want to play!

  • Redskins Guy

    I’m with you on Betts. Portis hasn’t shown us anything all year. He’s seemed almost timid. Let Betts take over. Or at the very least, if Portis comes back and struggles, don’t hesitate to yank him and stick Betts in there as the starter.

  • Rico

    Betts and Cartwright had explosive first steps to the ball, Portis has be slow and or lazy all year, I think it is the same O line but a better back hitting the hole!!

    JC actually moved in the pocket and created plays…..this team that played yesterday is not the team that was 2-6!

  • Chad

    I would definitely start Betts next week. The play calling has got way better since Zorn was stripped of them. I’m liking this Redskins team that showed up against the Broncos. Lets hope the same team shows up next week!

  • Sean McClellan

    It’s a little funny that during the same year that Portis pulls off his career long run from scrimmage, he otherwise has shown little of his earlier standout form. Betts is clearly rested, hungry, and talented enough to give the Redskins the production they need to help the offense move down the field. Rock Cartwright seems to be getting a little too cute and needs to stay focused on running North and South, to be the most effective. Cartwright is also much needed on special teams, so I think he needs to be reserved for spot duty with the regualar offense.

    Running backs in the NFL get beat up pretty good over the course of the year. It’s time to rest Portis and give Betts the starting role until he gives the coaching staff reason to reconsider. Things being what they are, Portis will get his opportunity sooner or later.

  • Redskins Guy

    I definitely think it’s time to get Portis fully healed and rested up. There’s no longer any sense of urgency to get him back on the field. And if he comes back and he struggles, he should be yanked very quickly. I don’t have anything against giving him a chance to show us what he can do when healthy, but if he can’t also step up, he needs to step down.

  • http://Google Duane

    Nice win by the guys, I was happy for them to play the way they did. This was a long time coming.

    On the Portis “debate” there really is non. This is what reporters bring up to get attention off of a great team victory. Portis is out for the Dallas game. Westbrook was out 3 weeks and then came back and had another concusion. No way you put Portis in a game against Dallas that will be very physical…..


  • jrforbes3

    Did you all hear Jim Zorn waffle regarding keeping Betts in there or going back to Portis? Zorn said that if Portis doesn’t practice this week, he does not plan to play him. REALLY? Like Zorn has any authority to make those decisions. Portis is Dan Snyder’s best friend…next to Vinny. And if Portis wants to play, he can just tell Betts that he will take it from here. This is frustrating for a fan… We need to play the best 11 out there…those that are hungry and who want to play. Portis hasn’t played or practiced all year…it’s time for Betts to take the reins.

  • Just Me

    Wait a sec … Who said Zorn had anything to do with this ? If I remember correctly, He has NO play calling authority now. Besides, After he leaves at the end of this season, I really don’t think it will be a good franchise op for him to put his name on a “Waffle House”. But seriously, It was nice to see good ol’ Redskins football return. Now if it would only stay … along with the progress they’ve made in teamwork … We *might* have a chance at winning another game or 3. And at this point, all anyone will remember is that big curly W … not only for “Win” but for “What’s Next?”.

  • Redskins Guy

    We can all go back to calling for Vinny’s head next week. For now, let’s just enjoy the brief moment of good football we got to watch.

    Let’s give them a chance to muck up the Portis/Betts issue before we crucify them over it. I don’t really have a problem with giving Portis another shot to start once he’s healthy. Let him play a series or two and let’s see if a little competition can light a fire under his ass. If he doesn’t perform, give him a quick yank and THEN you can name Betts the starter.

  • Redskins Guy

    I’ll add, was this a perfect weekend of football or what? Redskins win in an upset. Cowboys look terrible and lose. Eagles lose. Patriots look foolish and lose. Giants are on a bye but have had a terrible slump in the past few weeks. Life is good.

    Sometimes Good really IS stronger than Evil.

  • Rico

    Portis has been sluggish all year, he saunters to the hand-off and then basically falls on his own if there is not a gaping hole to run through……he has become too slow to run the sweeps so up the middle is the answer.

    Betts showed how taking FIRE to the point of attack pays off and Betts made something of the same very same O lone Portis has been running behind…….


  • rob

    I predict that they will be 7-9 winning at home against Saints, Cowboys, and on the road at Oakland, and Philly. They will again be swept by NYG, but this season is a pre-cursor to what might have been. Losses at Detroit and home vs. KC would have enabled a playoff chance(possibly). Offseason needs (Tackle, Guard, MLB, CB, QB)too many holes to fill to make a playoff run next year, but 2011. No stud FA available that is young enough to invest money so they have to draft, and trade players for picks (get rid of Moss, ARE, Portis, and don’t resign Soup, Rodgers) they have become liabilities.

  • Rico

    I think they will take NY in Washington, Dallas in Dallas and Washington……could be better than 8-8, could be!

  • Rico

    Skins have not lost by more than 14 once, the rest have been by 3, 6, 7, 5 and 10……….this team is one good offensive surge from being unbeaten in 5 of the 6 loses………now, with Betts running and Campbell showing some shake and bake, they could win out.

    Not predicting, just saying……..