Vick to Redskins in 2010?

You may have seen the Yahoo Sports article suggesting Michael Vick is not happy as an Eagle due to the role he’s played to-date.  No one with any drive and pride would be satisfied with such a limited and insignificant role.  Happy or not, the fact is, Vick got what he needed most – a chance to rejuvenate his career, get into playing shape, and showcase his skills in practice.  He actually got more than he needed, because he’s on the active roster of a winning team.

Michael Vick is at the mercy of the Eagles this season and next.  The Eagles reportedly have the option to execute the second year of his contract.  If they don’t, he’s a free agent.  But, why would the Redskins be interested in Vick?  They expressed negative interest this year.  That could change, of course.  After all, check out the list of free agent quarterbacks.

According to, the list of unrestricted and restricted free agent QBs includes: Kyle Orton, Chad Pennington, Kellen Clemons,  Charlie Batch, Kyle Boller, Troy Smith, David Carr, Duante Culpepper, Rex Grossman, Joey Harrington, Jon Kitna, Matt Moore, and Brett Ratliff.  By late spring of next year, you’ll likely be able to add Jake Delhomme, Kerry Collins, and JaMarcus Russell to the list.  Who on earth knows what will happen with Brady Quinn and Derek Smith in Manginiville?

What about the draft?  Could the Redskins have someone assessed highly enough to start him behind a rebuilt line?  The big names among the elite are Sam Bradford, Jevan Snead, and Colt McCoy.  What?  No Tim Tebow?  I don’t believe Tebow will play professional sports right out of college, if ever.  He has a higher calling on his mind, money or no money.  There’s always Jimmy Clausen, Dan LeFavour, Zac Robinson, and Tim Hiller.  The dark horse is 6-foot Kellen Moore from Boise State.  The really dark horse is Bo Levi Mitchell of SMU, who is coached by Colt Brennan’s former coach at Hawaii, June Jones.  I’m sure Mitchell will be advised to stay in school another year.

I was disappointed when Chase Daniel was snapped up by New Orleans.  For him to go neck-and-neck with Brennan this preseason was saying something.  I’m hoping Colt is being developed well enough by Jim Zorn to compete for the starting job next year.  I seriously doubt Todd Collins or Jason Campbell will have that chance.

No Daniel, no Collins, no Campbell, and no draft picks for any of them.  That’s what the Redskins’ situation is likely to be going into the draft.  They could leverage what is very likely to be a top 10 draft pick in next year’s draft, trading out of the first round in exchange for an established starter.  Who’s that going to land them, Trent Edwards?  I’m thinking they’ll go for Bradford, Snead, or McCoy.  If they do, Vick could be brought in to compete for the job along with Brennan.

Michael Vick could end up in Washington.  Whether he does or not, how well the offensive line gels the rest of this year, and how adept the Redskins are at obtaining a couple more top-notch offensive linemen, is more critical to the team’s success in 2010 than who starts at quarterback.  Still, it would be wonderful if they could find a franchise QB.

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  • CCC

    I’d rather have Campbell with a new coach over Vick

  • Matt

    I would rather have Campbell with a new offensive line. Heck, I’d take Jeff George out of retirement as our head coach and qb with an offensive line, over the line situation we have now. Campbell is a great quarterback and I’m still not totally against the Zorn Offense.

  • Rico

    Campbell had his shot, I doubt he would be interesting to other teams now………….but then Steve Young did play at Tampa before being traded into Super Stardom!

    Washington could be the New Old Bucs, abuse a good QB trade him and watch him win the Ring! It happened with Brad Johnson going from DC to Tampa!!

  • truthseeker

    I too would like to see Campbell behind a stout offensive line and possibly a new coach. I haven’t given up on Zorn. I just don’t think Snyder and Cerrato have any intention of retaining either. I could be wrong of course.

  • jmerva

    hopefully skins finish with a bad record. Definitely get rid of Campbell, and maybe zorn, and draft a QB in the first round. Then use the rest of their picks to draft offensive linemen..And WR’s Thomas and they better step the F**k up.

  • thriftstorejedi

    Michael Vick is, excuse the bluntness, a psychopath with no remorse for his heinous deeds, and loathed and despised (and rightly so) by a large percentage of the football audience. Why on earth would we want to bring his baggage to Washington? Whether the skins need a new coach, a new QB, or new management, the LAST thing they need is MORE DRAMA.

  • Ktown

    thriftstorejedi, how can this be a mystery to you? Certain integrity-deficient owners will sell their team’s, their fans’, and their community’s collective soul to meet their own agendas. If you are still in the dark, let me introduce you to Jeff Lurie and Dan “Please Don’t Bruise My Bloated Ego With Truthful Signs” Snyder, two of the scummiest puss-buckets oozing out of the NFL community today. Just think, the Skins may also be on the verge of signing Larry “Every One of My Teammates Hates My Freaking Guts, But I Don’t Know Why” Johnson. Put another way – garbage seeks out other garbage to try to stifle the stench of its own reek.

  • Rico


    You should not hold things in, that is bad for your health……you need to let it out and really tell us how you feel!! $^)

  • http://Google Duane

    Mike Vick would be the wrong guy to bring to this highly political area. All of those quarterbacks you mentioned are worse then what we have, Jason Campbell. Why would the Redskins bring one of them in??? I am JC’s corner, but if there was a clear better QB out there I would say get them, but those guys stink.

    Did anyone catch Jay (Franchise Quarterback) Cutler and his 5 picks last night???


  • jrforbes3

    Vick has baggage, but he is better than what we have. JC can be a backup again…get rid of Collins. We need to use our top draft picks on the Offensive Line. The franchise QB will have to wait another year or two. Maybe we can make a trade…Portis for Matt Leinart?

  • http://riggosrag rob sahm

    i think the best thing for the skins to do is rid themselves of campbell sign a veteran like pennington to compete with brennan for the job we have to see if he is a n.f.l. qb. draft 2 stud tackles that is top priority …

  • jrforbes3

    Rob, I agree. Pennington is probably the best prospect out there. He is injury prone, but always seems to be in the lineup…except recently. I like him…had him as a fantasy QB when he was with the Jets. We may need to add a stud Guard in there too.

  • rob

    I believe that the Skins can get Vick cheap and spend money elsewhere like O-line. JC has had 5 years and the system and different O.C.’s are not the problem he makes the same mistakes as he did before. Each week open guys are missed and not that every QB is accurate like Brees, Manning, and Brady, but he has not improved much from his start with GibbsII. He is not a sound decision maker and lacks the ability to lead. The QB must be able to lead the team he’s the guy with the ball in his hand every offensive snap. If he lacks leadership the offense will lack trust. Pennington is not the answer too much uncertainty with health. I do agree he has succeeded with limited phyiscal ability, but he may not be the answer. ALthough Vick may not be either, it was just a suggestion. We have no QB’s in the waiting and why was Gibbs so successful regardless of QB and don’t say O-line, because the QB’s he won with are not going to the hall of fame and put up above average numbers even the back-ups.