Sherman Lewis Needs to Leave Now!

At riggosrag we’ve taken the high road on various issues inside Redskins’ Park.  We’ll continue to do so.  That means no mocking of Sherman Lewis for coming to the Skins from a Bingo Hall and a Nursing Home.  The man provided a valuable service to his community in both cases, and should be emulated.  Praise be!  Hallelujah even.  It’s time for Mr. Lewis to go back home and enjoy retirement.  Why, you ask?  I’ll get to that after a word from our sponsor.

Did you see the headline of Jason Reid’s latest blog?  Jim Zorn made it official – Randle El isn’t the only Redskins’ punt returner.  Why’s he returning punts at all, Jimmy?  Why why why?  We made the case for a switch before training camp.  Certainly, you shouldn’t care what we think or say, but you should have made this decision in training camp because you had access to the same facts we reviewed at that time.  They’re posted on, for crying out loud.   Randle El is way too valuable as a slot receiver, and has become way too conservative as a punt returner, period.  Back to Sherm.

Jim Zorn is the Head Coach of the Washington Redskins.  Football people knew he was taking a monster leap from position coach to head coach, but what was he supposed to do – tell Dan Snyder (Batman) and Vinny Cerrato (Robin, Boy Wonder) No?  He’d have likely been out of a job, though we don’t know that for sure.   He was in one of those untenable positions – a bad marriage.  All guys know what that’s like – darned if you do and darned if you don’t.  Or is that darned if you don’t and darned 50 more times because you didn’t?  I’m sure Jim Zorn saw bright stars when he was offered the job.  I hope he was smart enough to also wet his boxers.  (Anyone  know if it’s boxers or briefs for JZ?  Mrs. Zorn?)  He should have been afraid, very afraid.  Anyway, he should be the one to say ‘Bring in a play-calling consultant‘.  If Batman and Robin felt that strongly about it, they should have either brought Mr. Lewis in to advise them quietly or fired Zorn.  They didn’t manage, they usurped.  Crikey!

This play-calling gig won’t work out well for Sherman Lewis.  He’s a victim too.  Who wants to have his volunteer activities mocked en passant in sentences aimed at the Redskins’ front office?  For that matter, what play-caller wants to be seen on national television having an assistant coach explaining plays to him and helping him make situational calls?  Holy embarrassment Batman!

Mr. Snyder needs to let Jim Zorn coach.  He needs to let him earn his money and stop meddling in football matters.  He needs to undo what he had Boy Wonder do, and he needs to tell Zorn about the reversal himself.  That way, if the ship capsizes further, two good and inwardly proud men – Lewis and Zorn – won’t be humiliated rather than one.

Our team, the Washington Redskins, didn’t have to become more of a laughing stock this year than teams with less wins.  That didn’t have to happen.  Furthermore, Mr. Snyder’s carefully worded half-apology yesterday didn’t make up for a thing.  He needs to say “I’m sorry I meddle in areas I have no real knowledge of, and I’m going to replace Vinny with a strong GM who does.”    He needs to change course now.

As always, Go Skins!

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  • faustus

    i agree this will not turn out good for lewis or the skins. lewis deserved better… i say deserved because his time has come and gone… and now this… i just hope it doesn’t get ugly.

  • 3rdStoneFromTheSun


    Zorn is a gutless AFC’er who lost us several games because he lacks a sac

  • truthseeker

    3rdstone – I like your site. Nice read.

    faustus – I too hope it doesn’t get ugly.

  • Rico

    Skins are in a hopeless spiral, Brenen is on IR, Randel El is the third QB and Collins is waaay past his prime.

    Line is a shattered replica of acceptable and Campbell really is not the leader they thought.

    Players aside, if Zorn’s play calling is ok then the playbook is not……anyone who can see this team like a coach can should re-align the plays to fit whatever strength is left on the Offenseive side of the ball.

    Portis outside is bad, Portis inside is bad, only play that had any success on a regular basis was Cooley across the middle or short down and outs and now he is out for the year.

    Only thing the Skins have to play for is Pride, all else is a foregone conclusion…there is no play offs in store for them.

    Maybe Randel should QB and Portis return punts??

  • John

    Rico- Couldnt agree more!
    I sure hope we (fans) dont turn to wearing bags over our heads for the games as was suggested to me by “friends” in KC. However If it keeps getting ugly we wont need to cut eye holes.

  • Redskins Guy

    Not only is having Randle El return punts bad, but the way it happened is even worse. According to ESPN 980, Randle El heard from the media that he wasn’t going to be returning the punts and went and had a talk with Zorn and talked Zorn out of making a change. If Zorn isn’t able to tell a man that he can’t return punts when he has clearly failed on every level, he’s not ready to be head coach. You have to be able to bench people when they don’t perform. I know he’s got a hippy, feel-good positive vibe to him, but you have to make tough decisions as head coach and he’s flaking out on this. It just seems very wrong to go back on what you said because you don’t have the guts to stand up to one of your players.

  • Redskins Guy

    I’m not going to bash Dan Snyder for his comments, or for throwing Vinnie under the bus the way Vinny threw Zorn under the bus. Give him until the off-season. Snyder makes a point not to make many comments of substance during the regular season and there’s some good reasons for that.

    If he promises to fire Vinny before he has a replacement lined up, that’s very short sighted and foolish. He’s got to work with Vinny until the end of the season or at least until he has a replacement chosen, so you don’t want to announce that until it happens.

    Of course, it may not happen at all. He may very well try to keep Vinny on board for another year. At THAT point, I’m ready to give up on Mister Snyder and his statements on how hard he’s trying. After this season, even he can’t ignore how badly his boy Vinnie failed, and no big name signing or quick fix is going to make that better.

    If he can’t come to terms with that and make the changes needed to right the ship, then he deserves the scorn he’s getting. But we need to at least give him a chance to do the right thing before we crucify him for doing the wrong thing.