Redskins to Fans: No Free Speech

ESPN reported last night that a Redskins’ fan who attended last night’s Eagles’ game had his sign confiscated.  The sign stated it was ‘Bingo Football Night’.  I don’t like making fun of Sherman Lewis’ community service, as Stuart Scott did on the air.  I think it’s classless.  But, you have to wonder if this is what we’ve been reduced to.  Now, paying fans can’t criticize the organization, even when they don’t use vulgarity?  That can’t possibly be true, can it?

I’d love to see fans rally around the Skins and avoid dumping on them.  Then again, I’d love to see the Redskins’ offense avoid looking like a drunk high school team.  Both would be wonderful.  I don’t think confiscating harmless signs from paying fans is going to get us there.  If anything, it’s going to make more fans marvel at the Redskins’ arrogance, especially since there were plenty of Eagles’ fans in attendance thanks to those third-party brokers to whom the Redskins sold general admission tickets.

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  • Rico

    Well Sherm should have called B-52 on the 4th and goal……really N-26 was clearly the wrong call!

  • Godsfavoriteteam

    Imagine the most evil and annoying Laugh. Thats me all SIX SACKS last night. SIX SACKS!!! It’s almost not Funny anymore….Wait, yes it is. LOL. Last Sunday Cowboy fans experienced Return of the Jedi. Romo is back! I invite all of you to switch your choice in teams to AMERICAS TEAM. Everybody say that…AMERICAS TEAM the DALLAS COWBOYS!!! Your self esteem will grow and you will be a better person in the eyes of GOD if you become a fan of the DALLAS COWBOYS!!!

  • AZSkinsFan

    Wow, nothing better to do than rub salt in our wounds? Just one more reason that your arrogant, classless fans have no right to call your team “America’s Team.” You don’t stand for American values in the least. Good luck with the rest of your season.

  • truthseeker

    Godsfavoriteteam – you’re a hoot. What are you on anyway, Lithium? Admit it, you know what happens every year, without exception, to your so-called Jedi in December. Look forward to it. The Choker – that’s Tony Romo’s identity.

  • novatom

    The Patriots are America’s Team.

  • Redskins Guy

    Oh please. The Patriots are America’s anti-team. America united as one and cheered against them when they lost to the Giants in the superbowl.

  • Redskins Guy

    I’m also with truth on this. I don’t much care for the Sherm-bashing, but if a fan wants to protest in a non-vulgar fashion, he should be able to.

  • Rico

    Cowboys?? Cowbouys! Cow-digity-dog-dung-boys! Romo is a flash in the pan, here today gone tomorrow, without T.O. Romo is a mere ghost of a good QB……

  • Rico

    All for fun here guys……….picture this, ESPN shows Sherm in the Booth calling the play and then a pan shot of Zorn on the sideline marking his copy with a Bingo Marker!!

  • Rico

    I got some satisfaction from last nights game, the “D” played with fire, Rock showed why he is the Rock, Coolie looked great until……..even Portis put a hit on the saftey at the end of his run, Landry bashed that irritatin Johnson out of bounds, Carter laid McNab out and so on!

    That is a fire the Skins have not showed at all this year…and further more, they need to play with the dire intensity on “O” as they did to get the last score that did not matter from start to finish!

  • 3rdStoneFromTheSun

    this is Cerrato’s doing

    he muzzled Sonny

    Snyder is letting Vinny ruin the club

  • Rico

    Vinny needs to be moved in the organization latterally to Towel Boy!

  • theMBIIIeffect

    You all do know that they’ll confiscate paper bags too, right? The very least you Redskins fans should be able to do is voice your dissatisfaction by wearing a paper bag over your head. It’s kind of an NFL tradition. That’s just weak from the front office, and it has to fall on both Snyder and Cerrato.

    GFT, STFU. That’s classless and low.

  • Rico

    Dan and Vinny showing their DICTATORSHIP!

  • Rico

    Have tickets….don’t go, boycott the games and hit Dan in the Pocket Book with no concession sales! No more Team Sales…….BOYCOTT the FRONT OFFICE!

    Support the players and stay home, leave Danny with empty stadium!

  • L Brunk

    On Monday night a man was removed from the stadium for wearing a bag on his head (never saw that happen in New Orleans) After being asked to remove the bag five security officers threw him to the ground and then drug him out. Injuring his shoulder and back. No report was filed and he was not arrested. They decided roughing him up was acceptable. Several people took video of this incident. This video would be very helpful to show how out of control security is.If you took this video please e-mail it to [email protected]. Thanks so much.

  • AT

    Snyder can’t ban this sign:

  • rano

    nicce blog brother……