Redskins Lose to Eagles 27-17. The More things Change...

So as you probably know by now, the Redskins lost to the Eagles 27-17.  You know your team is pretty bad when you’re relieved that they only lost by 10 points.   I have to say that, despite the loss, I took away a few positive things from the loss.  Of course, after the pathetic performances we’ve seen over the past few weeks they’d have to work really hard to do worse.

We’ve all heard nothing but negative comments and humiliation over the last week or so, so rather than dwell on the negative things (like the fact that we have a pretty bad team) I’m going to focus on some of the positive things we can take from this game.

1. Having Sherman Lewis call the plays wasn’t the disaster many thought it would be.   The two minute drill still takes forever, but at Redskins didn’t have to burn any timeouts or take any delay of game penalties.  If anything, the offense looked better than it had all year while playing against a tough defense.  I’d have to call that a success.

2. The young talent is starting to shine.  It’s sad that Cooley had to get hurt for some of it to happen (Get well soon Cooley!) but Fred Davis and Thomas both made their first significant contributions and both had touchdowns.  It’s nice to see them doing something more than dropping balls or catching a 7 yard pass on 3rd and 8.

3. The Defense looked solid and kept McNabb and the Eagles offense pretty much shut down for much of the game.

4. The Offensive Line gave Campbell some time in the pocket. The Run game still needs work, but pass protection generally looked better than it had in the past.  Now if only we can get Campbell to stop fumbling after the snap.

Okay it’s not much, but it’s a start.  And it’s a hell of a lot better than last week’s performance.

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  • Rico

    Time to start running Rock from the back field! Clone Rock Cartwright 22 times, 11 for offense and 11 for defense!

  • L. Bell

    Dan Snyder needs to take the high road and back away from the day-to-day operations of this team. Provide the money, but let others run his team. Vinnie Cerrato, on the other hand, needs to be fired. He appears to have no concept of how important ‘chemistry’ is to any group of people achieving success when working towards a common goal. I expect the ultimate problem is that he is simply a ‘yes man’ to Dan Snyder. I remember the days when Charlie Casserly would go head-to-head with the coaches and owners — he stood his ground. People didn’t necessarily like him, but built a team of players that had chemistry.

  • truthseeker

    Guy – am I crazy, or is LaRon Landry not taking good angles at the deep safety spot and is he a liability when he covers a receiver one on one?

  • AZSkinsFan

    Our entire secondary is a liability. And I just don’t see how we looked any better last night Guy. The pocket collapsed time and time again, and they couldn’t even get the snap right IN THE RED ZONE. To say I am furious is an understatement. My family has been in football for years now, and this problem is CLEARLY a “from the top down” issue. Snyder needs to shut the f@$% up and stay out of it, Vinny needs to go, and they need a GM or VP to build the team and it’s confidence and chemistry. The players don’t know which end is up, how can they? Starting in the off season Campbell’s confidence was shot when all the Sanchez talk started. Then we go and spend insane amounts of money on a defensive player when the o-line is clearly our problem. If fans can figure it out, what the hell is wrong with the “powers that be?” I am just disgusted.

  • John

    That “game” was horrible. I and everyone with us felt the same. Two teams that were hell bent on trying to lose. The Skins just tried harder I guess.Why not make changes now and try and save some of the season? Show the fans you give a damn.If ownership/management don’t care why should the fans? To read alot of the sport blogs and listen to the pundits the Skins are becomming the big joke of the NFL.It is just plain sad. Still a die hard fan but may be forced into the closet

  • Redskins Guy

    Look, things aren’t going to change overnight. The Redskins offense was about as inept as an offense can get. Yesterday it had signs of life and actually scored some touchdowns and moved the ball. Against a good defense.

    I’m not saying the offense or the offensive line is good. Just that it’s showing some improvement. And for the first time this year we didn’t blow time outs on stupid stuff or make dumb challenges that were doomed to fail.

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  • Rico

    I agree with Guy, there was definately a mark of improvment and intensity from players that have shown nothing to this point………

    Get Campbell to quit dropping his arm behind him on the pass and he will not have it hacked out by a rush from behind!