Eagles-Redskins: Fat Lady Sings

The Sherman Lewis play-calling era began with a splat.  That’s too bad, because I’m sure he’s a fine gentleman and a very bright football mind.  The look on Clinton Portis’ face said it all.  This was a night of futility for the burgundy and gold (or is that maroon and yellow?).  I wonder what Vinny Cerrato will announce on his radio show this week.  Maybe he’s going to bring in a consultant to teach holding onto the ball.  Maybe he’s going to suit up and play quarterback.

Speaking of play calling, the call to go for it on 4th and goal from the 3 was strange.  The Skins needed two touchdowns and a field goal.  So, what did they do?  They went for it when the offense had been anemic much of the night.  Chris Cooley’s hair looked different tonight.  I think the color was platinum blonde.  Fancy.

We learned a few things about the Redskins tonight, though I suspect we already knew them.  Jason Campbell was under pressure much of the night.  He was sacked six times.  Ouch.  Regardless, his decision making was suspect.  The offensive line play is poor.  That should change when Levi Jones gets on the field.  Fred Davis can definitely catch the ball.  He can’t block worth a fiddler’s darn.  Devin Thomas has game.   The Skins’ defense doesn’t quit.  Albert Haynesworth is a load.  Four bad plays can make a huge difference in a game.  Winning is the exception for the Skins, not the rule.   My fantasy football team stinks.

Next week is the Redskins’ bye week.  They’ll obviously have to regroup to play respectably through the second half of the season.  Their schedule is formidable.  They’re pretty much reduced to playing the role of the spoiler.  The offensive players are playing for their jobs.

Eagles 27 – Skins 17.

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  • rd

    they went for the TD on the 3 yard line because the way things are, getting to the 3 yard line at all is an anomaly.
    you pointed out all the positives.
    Portis was upset. He needs the ball more.
    Let him carry it multiple times and take out his frustration on the opponent, in my opinion. Campbell just needs more play. He’s solid. Can’t expect him to play like a vet.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    I actually think the O-line play was good, at least in comparison to how it’s been playing. Yes, he got sacked a lot but the Eagles blitz a lot so that’s going to happen. In some plays, Campbell had so much time that he could have had a quick beer before throwing the ball if he didn’t get happy feet and rush things too much. I haven’t seen him have that much time in the pocket all year.

    I’m with RD on the TD attempt. It’s easy to criticize it in hindsight, but with the Redskins inept offense, that was the best chance they had to get a TD. If they couldn’t get a TD on the 3 yard line with plenty of time on the clock, what makes you think they can get it late in the 4th quarter when they try to run the Five-minute-long, two-minute drill?

  • AZSkinsFan

    rd – Campbell sucks. He has no rhythm, can’t see the field, has horrible pre-pass skills (drops his arm = fumble after fumble) and clearly lacks confidence and leadership ability. Oh, and he drops snaps and telegraphs his thoughts to the defense. I’m sure there is more, but that’s all I can think of right now. And the o-line looks like JUNK. 6 sacks Guy, not good, AT ALL. Even with blitzes, an good o-line protects their qb. There will be maybe 2-3 sacks, not 6. The only good news I see is our Defense. They are solid. The offense is a mess. So Davis can catch, so what? He can’t block and he can’t get those after the catch yards that Cooley is known for. And this left tackle Jones (I think)? Throw him in and see what happens, can’t get any worse I suppose. One new guy isn’t going to “fix” our offense. Ultimately, we need a new quarterback, a new coach, an owner that can shut the hell up and no more Vinny.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    I guess my expectations for the offensive line are so low that I saw improvement. To clarify, I don’t think the O-line is GOOD, I just think they looked better than they had. The fact that Campbell had time in the pocket was a new experience to me.

    As for Davis, I seem to remember him bowling over a couple of people and getting extra yards in an impressive fashion. It’s true that his blocking sucks though. Hey, I’m trying to be positive and there’s not much for me to work with here.