Cooley Breaks foot in Redskins Loss

It figures that the one time I try to take something good from a loss, we have to get hit with bad news.  Clearly the Washington Redskins have done something to offend the Football Gods. According to the Washington Post Redskins Insider, Chris Cooley has a broken foot and will be out for a significant amount of time.

Damn damn damn damn damn.

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  • 3rdStoneFromTheSun

    I bet you that tard Cerrato thinks he looks like a genius for drafting Davis now huh

  • truthseeker

    The Redskins need Cooley, for sure. Fred Davis will catch the ball, but it’s Cooley’s yards-after-catch that Davis probably won’t duplicate. We won’t even talk about Davis’ blocking. Cooley wasn’t a great blocker, but Davis practically holds up a sign that says ‘This way to QB’.

  • Rico

    Sad but true, Campbell took some hard licks…..but one thing no one has pointed out, Jason is holding the ball down and back behind himself, this is accounted for at least 5 fumbles where a defense has hacked his out streatched arm…

    If Zorn is a QB coach he needs to fix Campbell’s mechanics.

    Watch, Jason has terrible mechanics to launch the pass………all the greats keep the pill up by their ear hole and throw from the shoulder….Campbell is dropping his arm like a baseball pitcher or tennis serve.

    That is why he lost the ball while scrambling [in which he should have just run with 7 clear yards].

  • AZSkinsFan

    I am heartbroken that Cooley is injured. He is such a fan favorite. It just adds insult to injury that he went down last night.

  • Redskins Guy

    That’s a really good point Rico. Why the hell hasn’t Zorn fixed this problem? I mean, if there’s one thing he should be able to do, it’s teach quarterback mechanics. Campbell is killing the team with all the damn fumbles. Not to mention the botched snaps.

    And I’m with AZSkinsFan. Cooley was without a doubt my favorite current player to watch. He’s like the real Brett Favre in that you can see he’s having fun out there when he plays.
    It sucks that he got hurt.

  • number_9

    Cooley is out for the year……FAIL OF THE LAMESKINS!!!

  • Rico

    Cooley had the new doo…….I can’t wait to see if fans come to the next game with their hair dyed Yellow/Gold!

  • Rico

    One other observation, Portis is slow on his first two steps…….if Clinton would explode the first two steps toward the line the offensive blockers would stand a chance in looking satisfactory.

    Not saying the “O” line is in need of a retreading, just saying Portis can help them by picking up the intensity on his part……….everyone needs to do what they can to make the parts they have run the machine well!

    Watch the Rock hit the line on that TD run, he exploded to the handoff!

  • Rico

    Hate to say it, but the Skins players must be Practicing at Club Med.

  • Redskins Guy

    Another good point Rico. Portis does seem to have lost a step. Either that or he’s become hesitant to hit the hole because he knows there’s nothing there. Either way, he’s not the same guy he was a year ago. The o-line takes some of the blame, but he’s noticeably worse even when nobody touches him. And I wish he’d stop tripping over his own feet.

  • Rico

    Guy, the blame is readily spread across the team, players giving it all are Rock, Cooley, Moss, Fletcher, Carter, Horton……….where is the rest of the team?