'Mr. Irrelevant' Takes on ESPN

Once again an ESPN writer, in this case their NFC East blogger Matt Mosley, is piling on the Redskins.  I’d take him to task, but ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ already did so.  What is it with some of these guys?  I’m telling you, some of it has to be their personal (or professional) disdain for Dan Snyder.  There’s just been too much negativity toward the Redskins this season, almost straight out of the gate.

Mosley stated that Albert Haynesworth is an underachiever.  Chris Mottram did a masterful and thorough job of dissecting Mosley’s argument, piece by piece:  (http://www.yardbarker.com/author/article_external/1409166?widget=true)  Say what you want, but Mottram’s logic is hard to argue with in my book.  The bottom line on Haynesworth is that you can’t measure his effectiveness strictly in terms of tackles and sacks.  You have to look at his role and ask “Is he tying up two blockers and freeing up the defensive ends and linebackers to make plays?”  I agree with Mottram that he is doing precisely that. 

The fact is, there are plenty of negative storylines to cover in regard to the  Washington Redskins.  And, there’s no shortage of talking heads covering them.  Maybe Mosley wanted to write something unique.  Maybe he has no imagination.  Maybe Greg Blache wouldn’t agree with his assessment anymore than Mottram does or I do.  Later in the season, if the empirical and visual evidence supports the idea that Haynesworth isn’t playing at the level expected, dump on him.  For now, I don’t think Mosley has an argument, and I don’t think his analysis is worth the paper on which it isn’t written.

Go Skins!

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  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    The media loves to use Danny for target practice.

    Haynesworth has been very effective when he plays. My only real problem with him is that he was clearly out of shape and has been taking every other snap off to get a breather. He seems to finally be hitting his stride after last week’s impressive effort, but it’s frustrating to pay a guy so much money only to have him show up out of shape.

    Also, the thing with him leaving before the game was over was a bit unprofessional.

    But really, Haynesworth is doing what he was brought in to do. The defense, and the defensive line in particular, has been solid. Go ask the Titans if they miss Haynesworth. :)

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  • Andy C

    Maybe the ‘Skins just suck. You ever think of that?

  • truthseeker

    Andy – of course the Skins ‘just suck’, if all you look at is their W – L record snd the unimpressive way they beat the Rams and the Bucs. The fact is though, their defense is among the statistical best in the league, they have a better punter than in years past, and Suisham has improved his accuracy on field goals. Let’s see how they do once Levi Jones plays after the bye. Their offensive line injuries have really hurt them.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Yes, the Skins suck. The Defense has been good. The defensive line has been particularly good. Thanks for that brilliant insight Andy.

  • Andy C

    First of all:
    The ‘Skins have a solid pass D, I’ll give you that, but their ability to stop the run leaves a little (or rather a lot) to be desired.

    Second of all:
    A good defense will only get you so far (though I admit it’s nothing to scoff at); but when you only score 79 points on the season through Week 6 (good for 29th in the league) then I refuse to call your team good. Also, the inability to punch it in from the Red Zone should be a red flag your team sucks.

    Third of all:
    Since when did having a good punter and field goal kicker make you a good team?

    Fourth of all:
    Your quarterback is Jason Campbell.

    In conclusion:
    Yes, indeed, the ‘Skins suck.

    I’m sorry to have to put it like that, and I’m not trying to be a dick about it, but it is what it is. I think the Redskins could be competitive in another division, but in the NFC East they won’t cut it.

    I understand they’re your team and you have to defend them, but don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining with the whole ‘Skins are a good team’ schtick. I’m not buying it.