Two Redskins' Just Shut Ups

I’m going to borrow a page from the book of ESPN’s Mike and Mike show.  Two guys in the Redskins’ organization should just shut up.  One is Vinny Cerrato.  Check out  Dan Steinberg’s recounting of Cerrato’s comments before the today’s Chiefs’ game.  Who is Cerrato kidding?  He sounds like a complete idiot.  I hope Steinberg misquoted him, but I doubt it.

My second Just Shut Up goes to Albert Haynesworth.  You don’t run off the field by yourself before the game has officially ended, slip out of the locker room before the doors are opened to the media, and yet pretend to be a leader.  Giving an emotional speech about being better and being accountable is great.  I’m sure it was well deserved.  But, leadership by action means much more than leadership by words, and leaders aren’t as selfish as Haynesworth was a couple times today.  Granted, he did lead on the field.  But, so many others on the Redskins’ defense played hard, as well.

In Cerrato’s case, he sounded incredibly out of touch with reality.  In Haynesworth’s case, he seems out of touch with certain aspects of a pro football player’s reality.  To both I say: just shut up!

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  • Godsfavoriteteam

    Not one touchdown, Not one touchdown against the chiefs! You guys absolutley suck. Even you guys have to admit that now. I think you guys have transended into a whole different kind of sucking…worse than the Lions have ever come close to. Haynesworth is feeling the same kinda shame all of you are feeling right now, only he has to put on the uniform and represent a decision he now regrets with every part of his being. Money can’t hide pure team and fan failure. All of you fans have failed along with the team…that came thru very crystal yesterday. I am smiling as I write this because I know even if the Cowboys don’t have the great season they are expected to have, they aren’t going to commit gihad on Washington like the Redskins. Enjoy the rest of the year boys. Consider becoming a fan of the cowboys…life will be better. Put Jerry in your life.

  • truthseeker

    Godsfavoriteteam – I’m glad you visit our site. While you’re calling fans failures, which is stupid and meaningless, remember that the Redskins have at least won a playoff game in the past ten years. The Cowboys are 12 years of futility and counting.

  • HeadHeldHigh

    Truthseeker has it right there….Godsfavoriteteam, wow, it is sure nice to know Cowgirls fans keep up with us lowely Redskins fanatics. True we are in a bind, and our Jerry Jr of an owner isnt doing much for the team, but it truly is amazing how :

    1- your beloved team barely got by last week to the same KC Chiefs

    2- your supposed head coach sure does know how to ride the coattails of one great coach that had the right mind to leave you cult of an organization at the right time. (Bill Parcells just in case you forgot) He is only there to be the scapegoat and you do know that

    So keep your head in the clouds all you want….we here in DC, are faithful and are in reality….however dismal it may be.

    How bout them cowboys now?

  • Ktown

    It is funny to see fans of two of the biggest jokes in the NFL this season can take the time out from collecting their unemployment checks to take a few shots at one another. Now all you need is for some half-man from Philly to get on here and sob relentlessly about the Oakland Raiders. Skins suck, Cowgirls blow, Iggles bite and the Giants rule the day.

  • AZSkinsFan

    First and foremost, it is complete sacrilege to assume one’s football team is God’s favorite, so rest assured that “Godsfavoriteteam” is going straight to hell I mean, isn’t being a Cowgirls fan reason enough? Ok, what I really have to say is that I have never really liked Haynesworth and his “better than” attitude. We paid too much for someone who is one injury away from his career being over. Another braintrust move from Mr. Snyder and Vinny Dipshit. How can us fans get through to Snyder? Or, can we pool the money to buy him out? Come on, we are hundreds of thousands strong. How does it work in Green Bay, we should find out!

  • truthseeker

    AZSkinsFan – good question. We could circulate a petition asking that Cerrato be let go, which would probably be picked up by the media. Snyder wouldn’t care, but it would turn up the heat a little when the heat’s up already.