Surprise - Lewis to Call Plays

In a surprise move (not!), the Washington Redskins will reportedly announce today that Sherman Lewis is going to be their offensive play caller.  I don’t believe everything I read in the press, especially the Washington Post which published this report.  But, I trust Jason Reid and his sources on this.  It makes too much sense given the front office activities of the last two weeks.

I agree totally with Michael Wilbon – the Redskins are going to fire Jim Zorn.  This is just a slow, cruel boil leading up to that in the name of transition.  The players have to be feeling the turmoil Jim Zorn feels, and must wonder what’s next.  Cowher and Sherman won’t come here, especially since Dan Snyder believes in General Manager by committee.  I doubt that’s the only reason.  Simply put – you can’t trust Snyder and Vinny Cerrato to let you run the team.  Joe Gibbs appeared to be the exception, but Snyder reportedly idolized him.

Does Jim Zorn need to leave for the Redskins to succeed?  Given the offensive line problems, it’s hard to say for sure.  I think he should have fired himself from play calling duties two weeks ago.  Regardless, as long as he’s the Head Coach, lame duck or not, you don’t insert people onto his staff.  It’s not just about basic respect and courtesy – it’s about honesty and probably causing the players to feel the Owner and Executive VP of Operations can’t be trusted to let football professionals handle the football part.  Let’s not forget that Cerrato was the guy who helped run San Francisco into the ground to the point the 49ers not only had no cap room, they had none for about 5 years.  I believe he’s the worst possible match for Snyder, who personally brought us Jeff George.  The two of them appear to think too much alike.  If I’m wrong about that, I’m wrong.

Next Monday night will be a circus.  Mike and Mike will be in DC calling the game.  Sherman Lewis will be on the sideline.  Jim Zorn will have to pretend he wants to be there.  Jason Campbell will try to care, knowing he has lame duck status.  Albert Haynesworth will play his butt off for the money but not the team.  The Eagles will want to make a statement after yesterday’s debacle in Oakland.  Except for the Eagles’ factor, the circus master is Dan Snyder.  This team is his creation; this situation is his creation.  It’s a Dannybrook.

If Snyder wants to build a winner in Washington rather than simply building a money-making machine, he’ll need to fire Vinny Cerrato and hire a General Manager.  He’ll then need to hire a coach who is willing to work with a GM, which limits his possibilities.  He could forget the GM and try hiring Cowher, Sherman, or even Holmgren, but they’re probably not going to take the Redskins’ job for any amount of money.  Would you?   I guess we’re down to Mariucci, Fassel, and Gruden.  Of course, there’s always Greg Blache.  I’m not sure it matters who the next Head Coach is, as long as the structure of the front office is the same.

I wish Sherman Lewis much success.  He must believe he can succeed.  Why else would he be here?

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  • harrisons

    Lewis in, Zorn out, Cambell benched. Won’t make a difference. This season is pretty much in the can.

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  • Redskins Guy

    You’re absolutely right. This is just another way of saying “We’re going to fire Jim Zorn in a week. We’re waiting until the bye week to make it official but we’re going to start laying the ground work now.”

  • truthseeker

    So, who do you guys want to see coach this team when JZ is let go? Jerry Gray? Greg Blache (who reportedly won’t)? Chuckie? Mooch? Fassel? Billick? Cowher (who reportedly won’t)? Sherman (who reportedly won’t)? Holmgren (who would insist on being both GM and coach like Cowher and Sherman)? Marty Mornhinweg? Tony Dungy (too much class to endure Snyder)? Russ Grimm? Jeff Fisher (if he becomes available)? Greg Williams (probably wouldn’t want the job now)?

  • AZSkinsFan

    Bring in Tim Connolly from Jacksonville. He did wonders in Kansas City and Minnesota. Problem is, Snyder will never give up control. But Vinny has to go and Snyder needs to stay out of it. And I agree with the first post – this season is all but over. Skins have the 5th best defense in the league, but with no O-line even veteran Collins can’t do crap. Oh well, another season where we’re left saying “maybe next year.”

  • jerry dixon

    If Lewis can call Bingo………..he is qualified to call plays for the Redskins

  • truthseeker

    Jerry – be nice. :-)