Redskins-Panthers: Fat Lady Sings

I’ve thought and said everything I could possibly say to give the Redskins’ coaching staff the benefit of the doubt.  When the Skins have showed signs of promise, I’ve pointed that out.  When they’ve won, I’ve given that fact as much weight as possible regardless of the score.  But today I saw something no one can defend.  I saw a Redskins’ offense which scored two touchdowns thanks to a Carolina fumble and a DeAngelo Hall interception, but was otherwise held to three points.  I saw a Redskins’ team which looked worn out during much of the second half, even though the second half has been their forte.  I saw a team which apparently had no idea what to do with a 17 to 2 lead.  Ultimately, it was Carolina 20, Washington 17.  That simply should not have been the outcome.  The 4th quarter of today’s game was sickening.

Washington lost today.  Sure, the Panthers ran hard in the second half when they had to.  But by and large, the Skins lost this game.  The Panthers got away with holding a couple times, for sure.  But, that didn’t stop the Skins from scoring.  The Redskins’ offensive line struggled.  That didn’t help.  Nonetheless, the Redskins were positioned to win with 5 minutes to go.  They’re just not a good team from a couple of critical perspectives.  To have not gotten the ball to Chris Cooley, regardless of the reason, was downright unthinkable.

I am not a fair weather fan.  I will root for this team and look for positive signs for time and memorial.  Rooting for the Redskins is a rich tradition in my family.  Nonetheless, facts and facts, and there are a few obvious ones which I do not like acknowledging.  Coach Zorn’s lack of experience as a coordinator in the pro ranks is obvious.  Jason Campbell’s second year in this offense is statistically better than the first, but that isn’t translating into wins.  Of course, he did not lose this game for the Skins.  So, the jury is still out on him, at least in my mind.  I’m not sure Coach Bugel shouldn’t retire.  I tend to think he should, but that’s just my opinion.  Vinny Cerrato should definitely resign, and Dan Snyder should definitely sell the team.   It may not make good business sense for Snyder to do so.  But, he’s a bumbling owner who brings derision on this team by both his personality and by his actions.  He’s a meddling  owner who has run the team he claims to love into the ground.

Now we get to look forward to all of those naysayers in the mainstream media finding every negative angle they can, and dwelling on every negative fact they can.  They’ll repeatedly spew their derisive comments about Zorn and Campbell.  We’ll get a healthy dose of that.

I’ll leave you with this question – would Campbell be more successful under a more seasoned Head Coach?   My standard here is based on one success criteria – the Redskins’ won-loss record with Campbell at the helm.  I believe he would, and I think his personal stats justify that belief.  That said, I haven’t seen anything that would compel Dan Snyder to grant him a long-term contract.  I hope for Campbell’s sake that changes, but with the Redskins cruising toward the tough part of their schedule, I’m not holding my breath.

As always, go Skins!

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