Redskins-Panthers: Fat Lady Sings

I’ve thought and said everything I could possibly say to give the Redskins’ coaching staff the benefit of the doubt.  When the Skins have showed signs of promise, I’ve pointed that out.  When they’ve won, I’ve given that fact as much weight as possible regardless of the score.  But today I saw something no one can defend.  I saw a Redskins’ offense which scored two touchdowns thanks to a Carolina fumble and a DeAngelo Hall interception, but was otherwise held to three points.  I saw a Redskins’ team which looked worn out during much of the second half, even though the second half has been their forte.  I saw a team which apparently had no idea what to do with a 17 to 2 lead.  Ultimately, it was Carolina 20, Washington 17.  That simply should not have been the outcome.  The 4th quarter of today’s game was sickening.

Washington lost today.  Sure, the Panthers ran hard in the second half when they had to.  But by and large, the Skins lost this game.  The Panthers got away with holding a couple times, for sure.  But, that didn’t stop the Skins from scoring.  The Redskins’ offensive line struggled.  That didn’t help.  Nonetheless, the Redskins were positioned to win with 5 minutes to go.  They’re just not a good team from a couple of critical perspectives.  To have not gotten the ball to Chris Cooley, regardless of the reason, was downright unthinkable.

I am not a fair weather fan.  I will root for this team and look for positive signs for time and memorial.  Rooting for the Redskins is a rich tradition in my family.  Nonetheless, facts and facts, and there are a few obvious ones which I do not like acknowledging.  Coach Zorn’s lack of experience as a coordinator in the pro ranks is obvious.  Jason Campbell’s second year in this offense is statistically better than the first, but that isn’t translating into wins.  Of course, he did not lose this game for the Skins.  So, the jury is still out on him, at least in my mind.  I’m not sure Coach Bugel shouldn’t retire.  I tend to think he should, but that’s just my opinion.  Vinny Cerrato should definitely resign, and Dan Snyder should definitely sell the team.   It may not make good business sense for Snyder to do so.  But, he’s a bumbling owner who brings derision on this team by both his personality and by his actions.  He’s a meddling  owner who has run the team he claims to love into the ground.

Now we get to look forward to all of those naysayers in the mainstream media finding every negative angle they can, and dwelling on every negative fact they can.  They’ll repeatedly spew their derisive comments about Zorn and Campbell.  We’ll get a healthy dose of that.

I’ll leave you with this question – would Campbell be more successful under a more seasoned Head Coach?   My standard here is based on one success criteria – the Redskins’ won-loss record with Campbell at the helm.  I believe he would, and I think his personal stats justify that belief.  That said, I haven’t seen anything that would compel Dan Snyder to grant him a long-term contract.  I hope for Campbell’s sake that changes, but with the Redskins cruising toward the tough part of their schedule, I’m not holding my breath.

As always, go Skins!

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  • http://www, Giants Fan

    I think Campbell is mediocre at best. His numbers always seem to be acceptable, but that is due to the dinking and dunking he does all game long. He is more than willing to accept 5 yards on 3rd and 8 and he is not clutch in the 4th quarter or even in the last two minutes of the half. A matter of fact, the only time the Skins have beaten the Giants in recent years is when he was out (2007). The Skins have a great defense. Just think how good it would be if the offense would stay on the field for 5-8 minute drives from time to time.

    Owners are not going to sell because we tell them to. But Snyder continues to shell out huge bucks on large contracts (Hall, Haynesworth, etc.) in areas where the need is the least. If you are going to spend $100M, it better be on a franchise QB or at least a potential Hall of Famer.

    I do think a coaching change is in order. I never thought Zorn was even ready for the offensive coordinator job that he initially was hired for. Then he became coach! He doesn’t seem to have control of the locker room, but that always happens when you lose.

    Anyways, even though I am a Giants fan, I respect all of the NFC East opponents (except JJ’s Cowgirls and his self proclaimed 8th wonder of the world). The Skins fans are loyal and hopefully they can change their luck in the upcoming weeks. The problem is they are running out of weak opponents and will start playing a brutal schedule soon including 5 more NFC East games, Falcons, Saints, and Broncos. Good Luck!

  • Just Me

    Campbell, unfortunately, has good athletic talent. That’s what makes it so hard to say he is unfit to be the quarterback. You see, Campbell doesn’t have that “fire in the belly” to inspire a team. Nor does Campbell have a coach who is willing to push his team to perform their best. The lackluster attitude of the Redskins team is the elephant in the room. This isn’t saying they don’t want to win, but the feeling that they don’t have to win is what’s killing them.

    I guess what bothers me most, as a fan, is that the Redskins head office hasn’t looked to the teams history to secure their future. I’ll give you an example. What kind of results do you thin we’d see if a Joe Theisman or Riggo himself came on as andoffensive co-ordinator / offensive coach? Considering what we have out there now, Am I the only person who feels that some former glory could be properly used to inspire future wins ? Of course, Mr. Portis might have issue with this but I digress. :)

    The ‘Skins have a staff who need a spelling lesson because they can’t even spell the words “WIN” or “BACKBONE” without being led by the nose to do it. Now, there are going to be many proposals, many suggestions in the coming weeks due to the repetative failures that will present themselves. The only thing I can suggest to the team is to look in the mirror and look inside yourselves to find what and whom needs to change.

  • Mike

    Bag Zorn! His lack of game-time and QB management is a testament to his inablity put the redskins in a position to win the ball game. Last week against the Lions we were left with no timeouts at the end of the game and the same is true for this weeks loss to the Panthers. Zorn wasted his final timeout with 8min. left in the game on a 1st and 10! We had no chance to stop the clock and gave us no outs at the end of the game. I question Zorn’s competency.

  • Godsfavoriteteam

    When are you going to bring back Gayskin? He was more interesting than this Blog. Just admit that the season is over and the Redskins have taken the place of the Lions. I know it hurts but the soonner you admit it, The easier it becomes. Everybody say…The Redskins are loosers AGAIN!That helps to ease the pain. Thank you.

  • Redskins Guy

    Gotta love the Cowboys fan who talks smack after his team barely scrapes out a win against the powerhouse KC Chiefs. How about that Tony Romo?

    As for the Skins, everything Truth said is pretty much dead on. Snyder isn’t going to sell the team however so we might as well give up on that right now. It’ll be a miracle if he gets rid of Cerrato and hands over the GM duties to someone who knows what they’re doing and isn’t afraid to tell Mr Snyder “I’m sorry sir, but that’s a terrible idea.”
    I just think he wants to be involved too badly to ever allow that to happen, even though that’s exactly what the team needs.

    Mister Snyder also needs to show some restraint when it comes to palling around with the players. It undermines the Coach’s authority when a player can just go have drinks with the owner and bitch about stuff. It’s even worse if that owner actually acts on those complaints, as you’re just cutting off the coach at the knees.

    All of that is moot of course, since Zorn is falling apart completely. I’ll try to have my own post here soon, but the most frustrating thing about it all is the Press Conferences afterwords where he tells us with a straight face that everything’s fine. Everything is NOT fine. Pretending that there’s no problem isn’t going to cut it when you’re losing this many games to this many bad teams. Period.

  • cp

    Point blank, the offensive line is performing horribly. I do have to stick up for campbell though, I think if we had a decent line and could get the running game up and going with portis we can see more of campbell. His stats are much more better this year and I feel he is a more mature QB, you see him step up into the pocket and he checks all of his reads. He’s confident with this terrible line we have now just imagine the amount of success the skins could have with at least a decent line.
    On the other side of it there are no doubts with the way snyder is handling the team so I just won’t go into that. But I will say we do need a coaching change. Zorn seems like he doesn’t have the desire to win and he seems shocked about the losses. We need a coach who will refuse to lose and who isn’t afraid to call his players out and try to better his team.

    The redskins have all the skill players we could ask for, it all comes down to our offensive line.