Redskins 9 - Rams 7

I’m confused.  I admit it.  Jason Campbell played well today.  The Redskins outgained the Rams by more than 100 yards.  They had 7 more first downs than the Rams, and possessed the ball for almost 10 more minutes.  They ran 20 more plays than the Rams.  The penalties and turnovers were almost even.  I can’t find a stat to explain how the Skins only won by 2 points.  Oh yes I can – it’s called red zone efficiency – 0 for 5.

I’m trying to think of this game as an improvement over last week.  A win is a win – nice cliche.  But, 9 to 7?  No touchdowns?  Holy inefficiency Batman!  Last year I watched the Redskins play the Giants at the Meadowlands.  I told my NY Giants’ fan(atic) friend that the Redskins would have to score from outside the 20, because once they got into the red zone, they wouldn’t know how to act.

The Skins proved me wrong several times last year, but not enough to make me change my general opinion.  I very much want to think differently.  Let’s face it – the Redskins are incredibly pathetic inside the 20, and are establishing themselves as a team that doesn’t scare the Sisters of the Poor when they’re inside the 10.  They can’t even punch the ball in from the 3.

The worst part of this reality is that so many good things the Redskins did today are overshadowed by a single point of failure.  And, it’s not as if they don’t try.  They played hard.  The inability to score touchdowns rests squarely on Jim Zorn’s shoulders.  Whatever he’s done to try and fix it, he either needs to do more or do something differently.  Until he figures it out, the Redskins should pass the ball into the end zone as soon as they get to the opponent’s 20.

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  • Scott French

    Amen to all you said!

  • truthseeker
  • CCC

    Riggo was right years ago

    we should have hired Grimm as coach

    Zorn is a weak AFC guy

    he almost cost them the game

  • Red Skins Tickets

    Redskins have a lots of critic huh….I can’t force my self to live a comment here..I like your article.

  • Redskins Guy

    The good news? If the skins can fix the Red Zone problem then suddenly they’re a much better team. There’s hope that the Redskins will get better.

    The Bad news? The skins nearly lost to the stinking Rams. At home. Again.

    Zorn wasn’t horrible. The only call I really didn’t like was the 4th and goal call to run wide. This team is definitely a work in progress but there is still hope.

    It could be worse. At least we didn’t spend five hundred jazillion bucks on a stadium only to lose in the home opener. At least our starting QB and RB aren’t both injured and we’re not forced to rely upon Kevin Kolb to save us.

  • darren32

    Lots of correct stuff said in these posts.Bottom line,,,Zorn is weak,Campbell is not clocse to being a starting caliber Qb in the NFL,& it’s Zorns fault all around,cause Campbell should be siitin on the end of the bench.They have lost my support after 40 loyal years…

  • Redskins Guy

    I think you’re being a bit harsh darren. Campbell isn’t horrible; he’s merely very very average. He does just enough to make it exciting when he loses a game by making it look like he might actually stage a comeback. But of course he never does.

    But he’s not terrible. There are a dozen starting qb’s in the league worse than him. There’s just also a dozen starting qb’s better than him too. He’s horribly inconsistent.

    The thing is, the team’s not that far away. The scoreboard didn’t show it, but the team did dominate yesterday. The Redskins didn’t punt very much at all in that game. If they can figure out how to get touchdowns instead of fieldgoals, this season might very well be salvaged.

    Of course, that’s like saying “if they can figure out how to cure cancer, a lot less people will die.” It’s easy to say, but apparently impossible to do. We’ll see what happens.

  • truthseeker

    Great dialogue you guys. Redskins Guy – where have you been?

  • Redskins Guy

    Sorry Truth. It’s been crazy for me. Still is, but it’s finally winding down at least enough for me to pop my head out and take a peek. Dealing with a sick/injured wife. The legal case against the truck that hit us to help put her in that state is finally over and done with, which is a good thing. Maybe now I can concentrate a little on football again.

    Dare to dream :)