Redskins Signing Spree Begins; Haynesworth and Hall signed

Albert Haynesworth, the marquis name of the 2009 free agency, has signed with the Washington Redskins for a mind-boggling 7 year, 100 million dollars.  The deal likely makes him the highest paid defensive player in the league.  The 27 year old player could potentially add exactly what the team has lacked for so long — a decent pass rush. It’s certainly refreshing to see Washington voluntarily address defensive line needs, though the past experience in free agency cannot help but make me cringe a little at the sheer price tag involved.

The team also signed one-time bargain basement corner DeAngelo Hall to a 6 year contract worth 55 million.  Scuttlebutt also mentions names such as Offensive Lineman Derrick Dockery, Dallas Defensive End Chris Canty as potential points of interest.  Shawn Springs seems likely to become a salary cap casualty, meaning that we’re going to rely on Hall to potentially start which is a scary proposition.  I liked him when we had him for dirt cheap, but now that we’re paying real money, I’m especially wary of him returning to his Oakland Raiders form.  Without knowing the particulars however (especially the signing bonus), it’s difficult to say how cap-friendly the contract is, so it’s possible that it’s still a reasonable deal.

I want very badly to get excited about these signings,  I really do.  Still, the Pavlovian response in me is to cringe when I see this sort of spending spree.  Maybe it will work out.  Maybe if we stick our hand in the fire enough times we’ll find one that doesn’t burn us.  I suppose anything is possible.  Prove me wrong Redskins.  I’m begging you.

At least we didn’t have to give up any draft picks I suppose.

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  • JeremyBaldwin

    Dear Redskins,

    Thank you for getting Haynesworth out of the AFC South!


    P.S. – I have a feeling the Colts and the Texans feel the same way.

  • Rumcake

    Wonder who’s sleeping better tonight – Peyton or Eli ???

  • WestCoastSkins

    We just signed Dockery back. 5 yr. 26$ mil

  • http://ll davedallasfan

    personally i think you guys would have been better off with canty? you could have gotten him for half the price of haynesworthless and i’ll tell you, he’s not half the player haynesworthless is…… i think canty is better.? my opinion. i hate to lose him but with signing ware, we be spent? good luck, 100mil is a team’s ransom, you hope to get 3 good years out of the 7??????

  • http://ll davedallasfan

    if you get 3 out of 7 it will pay off. he signed for 41 mil up front which works out to be about 6 mil a year. then in 3, after he eats his ass out of his uniform and the league, you can’t cut his ass and be done. it sounds like the bulk of his contract was front loaded so the cap hit should’nt be as bad when you have to let him go???? well????

  • http://ll davedallasfan

    the best i can say is to qoute the bible on this one, cause it says it all……”a fool and his money will soon be parted”.

  • Redskins Guy

    Yeah, it’s not really a seven year deal for a hundred million. It’s really more like a four or five year deal with a very severe pay bump after that that will force him to be cut and/or restructure the deal.   They did this intentionally.  It’s still a lot of money.

  • sprtscchfan1

    We will take Canty also.  He will provide an outside rush no doubt.  Can we have Kitna too??  I believe we need a QB that is a legit starter.  Otherwise, 9-7 is all we can hope for.  Nevermind, I’ll take Brad Johnson since you don’t need him now.  Just kidding.  By the way, in Va. we spell “quote” this way.

  • http://ll davedallasfan

    well i was right about canty he went for half of what hworth did. sorry we’ll keep kitna, and brad is all yours, again. canty is a great run stopper, but he only managed 3 sacks with ware on the other side ,should have been more.?  he’s not that strong pash rusher. and since you knew what i was saying, “quote” will work spelled either way?

  • WestCoastSkins

    Heres Dan’s thinking. We got Haynesworth so forget about Canty this year because………Peppers will be a free agent at the end of the season again!

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