Jason Taylor Gone?

Is Jason Taylor as good as gone? One and done? That’s what it looks like as of now. From Redskins Insider:

As for ends, there was some discussion about Jason Taylor possibly adding some pass rush as more of a linebacker, and there was talk about keeping him. However, his $8.5 million salary is very steep and he will be approached about coming back at a lesser salary, according to a source. That’s quite unlikely to go down, though. Several of Taylor’s teammates and others who know him well say they do not expect him to accept a reduced rate. In that case he’d rather be a free agent, they say, able to sign where he likes, preferring a system with less rigid responsibilities. He’s a better fit in a 3-4 scheme and would rather play in a warmer area, they say. Some believe he would even go back to Miami at a discount, if Bill Parcells would take him, to finish his career there. Regardless, coming back here for half his salary seems unrealistic at this point.

Having J.T. back would be nice, but he didn’t perform well enough to warrant that kind of salary. Plus, he’s getting a little long in the tooth and is having trouble staying healthy. Looks like the Jason Taylor experiment is over.

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  • http://riggo,srag rob sahm

    if taylor wants to take a pay cut then take him back if not then let him loose sign peppers at a reasonable price dont overpay like stubblefeild and wilkonsen years back see whats in the draft or lets see some of our young guys  jackson buzbee ect.. lauranites would look great with mcntosh and h.b. blades cause  washington is finished to injury prone all we can do is hope for the best player we can get…..

  • K T

    If he won’t take a cut, let him go.  Go Haynesworth (the most dominant DT in the game) and draft O-line.  The Redskins O-line is good, but old.  They need some guys who can step-in and step-up.  Essentially all other skill positions are set.  Protect Campbell+Run Portis=Touchdowns.

  • perrin gower

    please see Coach Bill Cower’s article in today’s Wall Street Juurnal (Sat, 31 Jan) and you’ll understand why the Redskins will stay in the ‘dark ages’ for the foreseeable future -

    It’s all about LEADERSHIP – owner -coach – quaterback -
    and we dont got ANY

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    I think we have a concensus here.  He certainly didn’t earn his money last year.  Injuries were a factor so it wasn’t entirely his fault, but our investment didn’t pan out.  It’s time to move on unless he’s willing to give us a better price.

    I still think that, at the time and given the injury situation we had (and given the draft we decided to go with) we made the right decision picking him up.  It was a necessary risk at the time since we had a viable chance to make the playoffs and that position was paper-thin.  I’d have preferred a different draft in the first place, but given the situation we had in Training camp, I don’t have any regrets.

  • brian

    Jason Taylor was terrible this season.  Not too shocking considering all the other washed up players Snyder has thrown money at over the last decade the have been no shows.  It did only take Bruce Smith like 10 games for that 1 sack he needed to break Reggie White’s record.  I am just glad the all star ownership in Cincy is actually dumber than ours and didn’t take that ocho stinko deal.  Throw a little money at Russ Grimm, Brandon Jacobs, Boldin, or Matt Cassel.  Its time to get rid of Shitsham as well(actually after he missed a 30 yarder that could have changed our playoff run last season).

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    I’m sooo with you on Suisham. I’m sick of being on the edge every time he tries for a kick longer than 20 yards.  It seems like such a no brainer.  Kickers don’t cost a lot of money but can ruin your season if you don’t have a good one.  Or at least an average one.  Yet, for some reason year after year teams always seem to ignore this position.

  • http://scattermall.com/scattermallsports/ Football First

    I’m a little late in the game, but I don’t think 8.5 is too steep for a guy who has the skills to provide what has been the team’s weakness since dexter manley. Actually, very similar skill set, but without Mann on the other side. If the Redskins can snap up a great pass rushing end in the draft, then fine, but otherwise I’d be inclined to give him a look in camp before making a decision. I’d even bring back erasmus james for another look in slim hopes that another year of recovery does the trick. To me pass rushing end is the only real weakness in the D, so gotta do what we gotta do. We’re cover great and tackle great, but we haven’t done a superbowl since we pressured QBs into mistakes.

  • joe

    we need a WR with the 13th  pick