Barber Carries Cowboys to Victory Over Redskins 14-10

Well it was fun while it lasted.  Just in case you were in a cave with your fingers stuck in your ears, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Washington Redskins last Sunday night.  The Redskins defense couldn’t stop Barber when they really needed to.  The offense couldn’t get any consistancy.  The Redskins secondary decided to actually cover the receivers instead of giving them a 10 yard cushion.  It’s almost as if they looked at the first game and made adjustments or something! 

Yes, Clinton Portis was playing hurt,  but he WAS playing.  The Redskins were at home and had a lead.  Both teams had an extra week to prepare.  Neither team played particularly well, but the Cowboys wanted it more.  They were the better team.  Even when the Redskins were in the lead, the Cowboys were outplaying the Redskins and had more yards and first downs.  But for a special teams breakdown, the game would have been tied at the half. 

I can’t say I was surprised – the Redskins passing game hasn’t really clicked since Philly –  but this one hurts.  This is now a season of wasted opportunities.  Yeah the Giants had the division lead, but the Redskins were head and shoulders above both the Cowboys and Eagles and now they’re right back in the pack where they started.  Once again they had a chance to show the world that they were a legitimate contender and they failed.  At least it wasn’t a terrible rout like the Steelers game I guess.

Congrats to the Cowboys fans.  Enjoy your victory.  For once, it’s the Redskins fans who get to play the “what if” game.  What if we had beaten the Rams?  What if we could have pulled out a win in this game.  Woulda coulda shoulda.   The fact is we’ve got another team that’s good but not great.  We’ve got a team that will struggle to make the playoffs and will be lucky if it’s not one and done once it’s there.  If it gets there at all.

Hail Skins. 

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  • Staubach

    When the Skins and the Cowboys play they never follow a script. It does not matter what field it is played in, what win/loss records or any predictions given for the game as they mean nothing.

    We may hate each other but should be proud we both have better fans than those teams in Pennsylvania

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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    you redskin fans are funnier than hell. i just heard the news that you guys are jambin the probowl ballots and have a lead in 16 of the 19 spots for the nfc. fantastic! wow, hats off to all you skins fans for getting the jump on that one. you know i can go on the giants blog and it’s just boring shit over and over? we good-you bad, yeah right…..the eagle blog and it’s just frickin HATE. everything and everyone. there’s something wrong with those eagle fans man, you watch, one of them will blow my ass out of the water for sayin this! but you guys and us cowboy fans were made for each other. with out “US” havin this rivalry it would’nt be worth it. you guys make it go, and how fun is it in your world to have us cowboy fans to rileup???? wow, just fantastic…..hope you guys get those 16 in the probowl. it would serve all that bullshit right. we had 13 in there last year and what good did it do us? we just had to pay out bigger contracts to these worthless bums who think they’re better ball players or something. well, in my opinion, they’re definitely better personallities, but personallities don’t win football games, players do. i’ll take a team of good football players over a team of all probowlers any day of the week. so good luck on your voting, that is just funny as hell. 

  • Redskins Guy

    The only thing Redskins have done is exposed how obvious how biased the pro-bowl really is. The team just organized the benefits many of the popular teams (including the Redskins) have reaped in the past and openly campaigned for their players.  Now we can see why Marion Barber made it to the pro-bowl even though he didn’t start a single game in the regular season.   Or why some players make it every year even though they aren’t very good (they just have a name people recognize) and other players never get the recognition they deserve.

    I do hope the Redskins get a lot of players into the Pro-bowl.  And I hope it makes the NFL reconsider the way fans can vote, and more importantly WHEN they can vote. It’d be nice if they didn’t allow voting until later in the season.  The Redskins certainly looked much more formidible on offense back in week 6 than it does now.  It’s way too early to be voting for the pro-bowl.  Let the season run its course and THEN vote.

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  • justin

    you know i was going to vote for all redskins again until i read davedallas blog and he is right why blow up thier egos?no really dave did you stopn to think other fans might just actually vote for some skins players?i will admit most of the players i vote for are redskins but i give credit where credit is due i vote for witten as i hope cowboys fans are smart enough to vote for cooley as they are the best at TE ain the nfc.there are idiots and smart fans from every team.

  • justin

    and no i dont use spellcheck this isnt a resume.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    oh, absolutely. i agree justin. i was disappointed in a few of the 13 probowlers we sent last year. they should’nt have all went for sure. i’m the first to say that portis deserves consideration to the pro bowl, and maybe mvp?? hey without him the skins don’t win. he’s as important to your squad as emmitt was to our teams in the 90′s. i know others vote for skins players and they deserve the recognition. but as i said the “news report” that i read stated that the “redskin fans” were jambing the ballott boxes with votes for their team. 16 of 19 positions were lead by skins. i just said what the report said. i thought it was humorous. personally i don’t give a rats ass about the probowl anyway. i never watch it and i wish they’d do away with it. it’s a waste. so i just love the funny shit the fans do to the nfl and like to watch how bent out of shape the nfl always gets about it’s public apperience

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