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Blatantly Stolen from the Matt Teri Who Stole it from the Orlando Sentinel

So I stole this picture from Matt Terl at the official blog, who credited it to the Orlando Sentinel. But I had to have the picture because while Matt’s article about the halftime interviews was good, I want to talk about something else. 

Take a careful look at the pictures. Regardless of how you feel about the upcoming election (and for the purposes of full disclosure, I’m an Obama supporter), you seriously have to reconsider a vote for McCain when you see the way he is holding the football. Not only is Obama holding the ball like he knows how to use it, but it is nice and high and tight like he’s got it loaded to pull the trigger.  His weight is even on his back foot.  That is an athletic pose.

But seriously, McCain is not even left handed but he is holding the ball in his left hand and cradling it in his right like he’s just been given the Oscar by Hillary Swank. When did our former war heroes become so dainty?  I know baseball was America’s game when McCain grew up, but he doesn’t know how to hold a football?  What does this say about the person who might be running our military in a few months?

Lest you think I’m letting my political bias cloud my judgment here, we should point out a few things about Obama’s stance.  Notice how Obama is hunched over a bit.  He has bad posture and there’s a lot of tension in his neck as though he knows this is the position he supposed to take but he hasn’t done it in awhile. Also the way his left shoulder is dipping, he may have too much weight on the back foot and that might mean he has a slow delivery.  And worst yet, that ball may be a little too high and tight.  Why does that matter?  Well, astute Redskins fans will know that the coach who teaches the high and tight QB stance is Steve Spurrier and really, do we want a President that listens to Steve Spurrier?

In the end, maybe these guys aren’t such a good idea after all.  Maybe Steve Largent or Jack Kemp could run at the last minute? Could we convince Joe Gibbs to run?  Dan Snyder would make a lousy president, but there is a long tradition of short, egotistical emperors. That might work.

At any rate, without actually making real political statements (which will only force us to call out the National Guard), who do you vote for?  The guy who can throw the football?  Or do we need to draft a new ticket?  Comment below.



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  • Eric B

    Just as a point of order (maybe for editing purposes, really), John McCain is a left hander, just the same as Obama.  This doesn’t change the fact that he is still holding the ball like Julia Roberts at the Emmys, however…

  • dwagner

    I stand corrected.  I was working from a website that had erroneously listed him as a right hander.  There are an amazing number of websites that are poorly researched out there including this one! :)


  • Appreciative American

    You should be ashamed!  All fine and well that you want to vote Obama, for full disclosure’s sake, I won’t be, but everyone is entitled to their own beliefe.  However, did you consider why McCain is “cradling it in his right like he’s just been given the Oscar by Hillary Swank?” I get that everyone is sick of the wounded war vet line, but seriously, how can you make fun of a guy that can’t hold the ball properly because he lost mobility serving his country with honor?  I hope you don’t live off income from hits to your blog because your disrespect/ignorance has caused you to lose a reader. 

  • dwagner

    Honestly, no I didn’t think of that. And if that is the reason, I apologize.  I honor McCain’s service and think he makes a wonderful senator.  But to my knowledge, he has not hurt both hands.  To my knowledge, he is capable of holding a football.

    And more importantly, I really hope you realize this was a joke all in good fun.  I would never suggest that anyone was a good or bad President (or a good or bad person for that matter) because of his ability to hold a football.  If the man truly cannot hold a football, I apologize.  But I’m pretty sure he can.

    Either way, I certainly would never disrepect any person’s service to our country. I apologize to anyone I offended in an attempt to bring a little levity to a very complex and divisive situation. On the other hand, I have to admit, I’m kind of tired of apologizing to people or dodging the subject of politics every time it comes up.

    I’m a Republican voting for Obama.  I’m tired of apologizing to Republicans for liking Obama, and I’m tired of apologizing to Democrat supporters of Obama for being a Republican.  This election features two honorable, well-meaning gentlemen who both have our country’s best interests at heart.  If we can’t come together and calmly discuss those things which divide us philosophically and intellectually without constant accusations from the other side with these two candidates, I don’t know if we ever can.

    You don’t like my sense of humor?  Fine.  Don’t read the Rag. But I suspect it is your anger, your feelings over the issues, your problems with our country and its direction that is contributing at least half of the anger your feel over a minor football joke. These candidates are willing to go onto SNL and the Daily Show and anywhere else to poke fun at themselves and each other with light hearted candor.  Why are Americans incapable of doing the same thing? Why does even the slightest joke illicit such an angry response, particularly when I did my best to make fun of both of them?

    End of sermon.  Let’s relax people. It’s a Redskins site, not the Drudge Report.


  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    This is why I always try to avoid mixing politics with my football. People are too thin-skinned about these things.

    I say let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he’s holding the football wrong because of his war wounds.  He should totally get a free pass over that.

    However, McCain is also a Cardinals fan and THAT should be fair game.   I don’t know if I can take the leader of the free world seriously if he’s cheering for the freaking cardinals.  And even worse, Palin has worn Eagles Jersies in public, (though I think she also cheers for the Seahawks and the Steelers so she’s one of THOSE fans). 

     Anyone know what team Obama likes?  I’d make fun of the Dems too, but I don’t know if they could even name the various teams let alone pick a favorite.  Probably something like “I’m a big fan of the <insert your team here>ers!”

  • dwagner

    Obama has always stuck to the Illinois teams so I’m sure he is a Bears fan, but the Daily Show caught him and Palin pandering a bit to fans during the MLB playoffs.  Obama said in Philly if the Cubs couldn’t win he wanted the Phillies to win, and then he said in Florida that if the Cubs couldn’t win he hoped the Rays could win. Palin actually did this in Boston as well with the Red Sox to pull of the triple pander. I guess politics are politics, but that stuff always annoys me.  The worst of course was Hillary Clinton who didn’t know whether she was wearing a Mets or a Yankees hat.

    Assuming Obama is a Bears fan for real, that’s a pretty good team for a President to cheer for.  Good defense, a championship history, and even a QB for a change.

    But let’s be fair to McCain, to be a Cardinals fan after all these years of losing shows loyalty and a certain sense of hope.  Even if I would say that the Cardinals winning is NOT change I can believe in.


  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    I respect that he’s loyal.  His comment about beating the cowboys was his best moment in the debate by far. I’ll give him that much.

  • Jean

    DW appreciate (and love) the humor — golly only knows we need the levity.
    Now in terms of the candidates football team choices — in one blog read the old stand-by predictor of presidential elections: Skins win last home game, incumbent or incumbent’s party wins pres election….. Then in another blog saw Obama holding a Pittsburg Steelers jersey — he does his homework.  Hope both Skins & Obama win.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Heh. Except of course that last election it didn’t work.  The Green Bay Packers won and the incumbent (Dubya) also won.  So I have no idea what to expect anymore. 

    Right now, I’ll just take the Skins victory.  I’ll worry about that politics stuff on tuesday.