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Blatantly Stolen from the Matt Teri Who Stole it from the Orlando Sentinel

So I stole this picture from Matt Terl at the official blog, who credited it to the Orlando Sentinel. But I had to have the picture because while Matt’s article about the halftime interviews was good, I want to talk about something else. 

Take a careful look at the pictures. Regardless of how you feel about the upcoming election (and for the purposes of full disclosure, I’m an Obama supporter), you seriously have to reconsider a vote for McCain when you see the way he is holding the football. Not only is Obama holding the ball like he knows how to use it, but it is nice and high and tight like he’s got it loaded to pull the trigger.  His weight is even on his back foot.  That is an athletic pose.

But seriously, McCain is not even left handed but he is holding the ball in his left hand and cradling it in his right like he’s just been given the Oscar by Hillary Swank. When did our former war heroes become so dainty?  I know baseball was America’s game when McCain grew up, but he doesn’t know how to hold a football?  What does this say about the person who might be running our military in a few months?

Lest you think I’m letting my political bias cloud my judgment here, we should point out a few things about Obama’s stance.  Notice how Obama is hunched over a bit.  He has bad posture and there’s a lot of tension in his neck as though he knows this is the position he supposed to take but he hasn’t done it in awhile. Also the way his left shoulder is dipping, he may have too much weight on the back foot and that might mean he has a slow delivery.  And worst yet, that ball may be a little too high and tight.  Why does that matter?  Well, astute Redskins fans will know that the coach who teaches the high and tight QB stance is Steve Spurrier and really, do we want a President that listens to Steve Spurrier?

In the end, maybe these guys aren’t such a good idea after all.  Maybe Steve Largent or Jack Kemp could run at the last minute? Could we convince Joe Gibbs to run?  Dan Snyder would make a lousy president, but there is a long tradition of short, egotistical emperors. That might work.

At any rate, without actually making real political statements (which will only force us to call out the National Guard), who do you vote for?  The guy who can throw the football?  Or do we need to draft a new ticket?  Comment below.



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