MNF Gets Political

As if pushing the World Series back wasn’t enough, we now have to deal with a political halftime show. It was announced earlier that Barack Obama and John McCain will bombard the MNF halftime show between the Steelers and Redskins, to make their final push a day before the election. They believe it will be the perfect scenario to help elevate their side into the lead.  After all, Monday night football, in the DC area, a night before the election, you can see why they wanted this. However sports and politics do not go together. Let us enjoy our football game without hearing how bad the economy is and all the other hoopla. Word is ESPN’s Chris Berman will interview the candidates in a taped session, lets hope it goes as fast as his two minute segments. Me, I’ll be filling up on brew and wings during halftime, so it doesn’t really bother me, but when is enough, enough. What are you thoughts on this Skins fans?

In other news, former Redskins safety Ryan Clark has been fined $5k for paying tribute to the legend Sean Taylor. Apparently Clark was rocking eye black with the number 21 stamped in. This is beyond ridiculous to me, let the man honor his friend, commissioner Goodell is clearly showing that his priorities are in the wrong place.

I was always a fan of Clark when he was in the burgundy and gold, he impressed the hell out of me. I now respect him even more, I had no idea he was still doing this.


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  • Sage

    Enough is too much! How many real NFL fans give an ‘Ats Rass’ about what a couple of windbags have to say one day before the election?! Go home, already!

  • Redskins Guy

    I want to know what the hell Chris Berman is going to ask them.  It reminds me of those ESPN commercials where they’re asked to testify about Greenhouse gas emissions and Berman looks perplexed and says something like “The Patriots sure look hot this year!”

    Thank God I’ll be at the game so I won’t have to be subjected to this foolishness.

  • JTFuhr

    Those ESPN commercials are classic, I will give the four letter credit for those.  Um nice…..moves.

  • Adam

    This is the most exciting and important election of our lifetime. Enough is never enough. We should relish it and make sure we are as informed as possible. I, for one, am a little bummed it’s all but over. Good luck tonight.

  • jeffxandra

    For the record, they did not push the back the World Series and I’ll take a political infomercial over Fox’s annoying pre-game show any day.

  • justin

    if history holds true i will gladly give up this win. i am a die hard redskins fan but first and foremost I am ana american and the republican party has done nothing good fuck mcain and go skins (and obama)

  • Redskins Guy

    Except that last election the Redskins lost to green bay and Dubya still got re-elected.  If recent history holds true, you’re not going to be very happy justin.  Losing this game doesn’t mean Obama is going to win.  It just means the Redskins have a tougher road ahead of them.