Tailgate Tips: Portrait of a Redskins Family

You won’t find any high definition televisions at their tailgate.  No fancy portable grillmasters or technological wonders.  I doubt their setup has changed much in the last few decades, but why change when everything’s already perfect?

Glen and Pat Petty have been tailgating at Redskins games since 1955.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them every home game this year, and last week I had the honor of meeting them.  Their presence lends a certain dignity and class to the tailgating arena, and they give us all something to aspire to.  Watching them quietly sip wine and dine elegantly reminds us that there’s more to this wonderful pastime than drinking lots of beer, making noise, and talking trash.  Watching them pack up and walk arm in arm to the game gives me hope that perhaps someday thirty years from now I’ll be at the game with my wife, patiently listening to some journalist ask me rambling questions about what it was like to attend games back at that old Fed Ex Field.  

My wife had the pleasure of interviewing them for this week’s episode of Tailgate Tips. This is what she wrote:

I have rarely encountered anything in life like the Redskin Nation.  The instant comaraderie and brotherhood is something that has to be experienced to fully appreciate.  In the middle of this all sit an elderly but spry couple that have come here since 1955.  Since before Fed-Ex Field.  Since before RFK.  They were at Griffith Stadium! Fifty three years of tailgating.  Can you imagine?

Glen and Pat Petty have the most exquisite setup.  Redskins wineglasses with burgundy wine charms.  Redskins table runnerRedskins lunchboxes.  Fine wine, good food, and the Redskins; this is the good life. 

They say that this is their get away time.  This is their time to forget their problems and to be together. Life hasn’t always been easy, but they’re happy as long as they can have their Redskins football every Sunday in the fall.  In the end, isn’t this what it’s all about? Football, America’s sport, brings people together.  Football brings joy and allows friends and loved ones to share that joy. 

Hail Redskins.  Hail Glen and Pat Petty.

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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    wow, fantastic!!!!! these people are “icons” of days gone past. listen to them, write it down. their take on the sights of the past 50 years are priceless. they have seen things about games that none of us can begin to fathom. i wrote a post here awhile ago about tailgating at the opponents games, and i’ve found more “friends that way then ever imagined. that is what the game experience is all about. “GOOD” people and football fans getting together before, during, and after a game and having fun in the excitement of the game atmosphere no matter who you root for. IT AIN’T EVEN ABOUT THE STINKIN GAME AS MUCH AS IT’S ABOUT THE GREAT PEOPLE THAT MAKE IT. with out fans like these the nfl would be just like the nhl, another spectator sport.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Yeah they’re pretty amazing people.  And they’re just one of many wonderful people you get to meet every time you go out there.  Stepping into Redskins Nation really is a breath of fresh air to me every time I go there.  I’m sure fans of other teams have similar experiences.  Well, except maybe eagles fans. :)

  • jeffxandra

    I was in Green lot last week and there are some younger fellows who literally have a box truck painted in Burgundy & Gold with the Redskins Emblem on it. I only went by them on the way out, but they seem like a prospective candidate for future a furture interview.

    Of course, they were playing Beer Pong as we left the game, so you might want to catch them early.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    yeah, i found that the tailgaters and the vet, (old stadium) are more open to opponents fans and will bullshit and have a beer with you. they seem generally sound people on the outside of the game. but my experience of being in vet stadium is one i’d love to stop having nitemares about. their fans suck as far as dignity and class go. they are for the most part the armpit of the nfl when it comes to fans. i saw it first hand, and know one can tell me different. my 12 year old daughter and myself we’re treated as scum. my daughter has been to a couple of other cowboy games with me. we had a great time in minneapolis both times. a regular season and a preseason. it’s close to our n.iowa home, so we see minn. alot. good fans. not so in philly……assholes for the most part……and i saw it

  • http://RiggosRag.com Christine Owens

    This wonderful couple are my Aunt Pat and Uncle Glen.  They taught me the meaning of a “true fan”.  Even though my husband and I cheer for the Steelers…we call each other with high fives and sympathy, depending on our weeks.  Pat is even having us tailgate together for the Steelers/Redskin game.  Stop by! You’ll recognize the dueling flags!

  • crazyboutskins

    I am crazy about the Redskins, I’ve always followed the Redskins and I know the redskins better than anyone in the world. Don’t try and tell me different because I will put you under the table with the knowledge of Redskin Elite. One thing I know about the current team is, they are going all the way this year, this is the best, most physical redskin team I have ever seen in my life. The most talented redskin team anyone has ever seen and I think everyone would agree with me. Campbell has the sand to go to at least 5 superbowls and win all of them. 5 in a row.  Everybody just needs to admit that we are the best team in the league this season. We are the best that the NFL has ever seen. I agree with TRUESKIN and JUSTIN we will probably win all games from here on out, probably shut out every team, and when next season comes around, the skins will go undefeated three years in a row with Superbowl wins on top of every perfect season. I also want to make it clear that I too am not a racist like JUSTIN, I like Mexicans. The Mexican comment was very offensive but it don’t matter cause the skins got it goin ON!!!!! Hopefully Justin doesn’t start using the “N” word again. GO REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Thanks for stopping by Christine! Tell Pat and Glen that it’s a great pleasure to see them every week. I’ll be sure to stop by and say hi for the Pittsburgh game. :)

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Thanks for the comment crazyboutskins! I hope you’re right! I’d like to see us win a little more convincingly, but failing that I’m happy to take a win. :) 

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    crazyaboutskins, wow, ain’t we livin in fantasyfootball land or what??????wow????? are you 10 or something?????

  • justin

    dave ,although you seem to be a knowledgeable fan some are not and believe me i know his post well and crazyboutskins and trueskin are not true skins fans in fact they are godsfavoriteam whom does not dare to show his face after the boys performance as of late so she is posting as made up skins fans.I know the racist comment he has made it before after I called him on being racist when I told him I was native American.but yes he is 10

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    no prob, i just call it like i see it…..if some one comes on the board and acts like their 10 i call it. i come here to banter good football talk. dw and redskinguy know what i’m about. i’m old school. i don’t come on here and toss bad ass stuff around, i’m an honest cowboy fan. though my mouth has run afoul before, i’ve always found that in most cases vulgarity if used in the propper manner has never been banned. i am very upset myself, with anyone who is racist on any level or to any group of people. i know in the past the redskins have taken heat for supposedly misusing the redskin nickname with native americans. not sure what your stance is on that issue, but i’ve said strongly that the skins should hold their ground and not change. because you can look at that issue 2 ways; racist or as homage to native americans as held high by the nfl and the washington football organization. my wife is part native american as well, and she says why would anyone have offence to something that is held at such a high regard and esteem??? i agree. it seems that redskin fans are very proud of their nickname and logo and native americans should feel the same. the redskin monogram and name are held very high and is never mocked, so therefore native americans should find no offence. that is my belief. some cowboy fans are’nt my favorite either, and i in no way would associate with some of these renagade fans. we have to take the bad with the good in these posts, and i just try to come here and bring some “football” banter and toss a little mudd in the eye occasionally. all in fun and compitition. thanks for your comment justin

  • Godsfavoriteteam

    Sorry idiot (justin), wrong again. How come you always think its me? You have a real problem with me, thats so funny. I got so under your gourd that its laughable. davedallas are you gay? You and Justin sound like butt buddies. This last post about how great you are about posting on a blog is pretty homosexual-ish.  You and justin sound like you were made for each other. I don’t know who crazyskin is but if you ask me he sounds like every other redskin fag on this blog. Alright, Everybody in… ROMO IS A JEDI! on three. 1. 2. 3. ROMO IS A JEDI!!!!!!!! NICE!

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Thanks for taking a simple article about a distinguished couple of sophistication and dignity and reducing the conversation to crude gay  jokes and star wars references.  Really, you’re outdoing yourself GFT.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    yeah wow, what happened there????? hey it was a classy artical about 2 classy people, which i’ve said already. no disrespect here. that’s the first time anyone’s asked me if i’m gay??? what the hell???? i compliment people, banter about football, and take a political correct stance on an issue, and now i’m gay????? what’s this world coming to???? did you happen to read i mentioned my WIFE???? that probably takes me out of the gay catagory, not that it matters anyway. i’m pretty secure in my manhood to bounce that one off…….sorry redskins guy, not all cowboy fans are assholes

  • justin

    yes,my grandfather is 100%lakota and I am very proud of that,the reason I am a redskins fan is the big native logo at midfield.they have never made a mockery of the image and he is very distinguished.I am not nor ever have been racist toward any race.the comment I made about buying switchblades in Mexico did not intend to imply that Mexicans carry switchblades but simply Mexico sells them legally.truth be told there are probably more Americans who carry them than Mexicans.and I never use the N word on this post or otherwise.the fact you said use it again tipped me off and your posts always end in a bunch of CAPS and many!!!!!!!!!!!!explanation points the same as crazyskin and trueskin.you should take some manner lessons from davedallas.but it sounds like the only thing that would help is a serious ass kicking.

  • http://riggosrag.com JTFuhr

    Yea certainly no reason for the childish comments, cmon this is about being fans of the teams we love, the personal attacks are not necessary.

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