Shaun Alexander Basically Called a Wimp By Zorn

OK, I really didn’t have anything interesting to say about Shaun Alexander signing at first.  It seemed the kind of insurance policy that deep pocketed teams like the Skins can always afford.  Even if Alexander wasn’t any good, all it would cost us was some of Dan Snyder’s money.

But then Matt Teri at the official Skins blog dropped this quote from Zorn:

“‘Shaun has an interesting style of running,’ [Zorn] said, explaining that he didn’t always hit the hole with a second effort like Portis and Betts do. ‘Those are things we’re hoping will grow on him here.’”

Zorn goes on to say that being released might have woken up Amexander to the need to run harder.

OK, maybe, and if this is an experiment that pays off, it could really help Portis stay fresh.  If we get the 2005 Alexander, there probably has never been a better 1-2 punch in the NFL. But come on, you signed him knowing he doesn’t run hard?  You signed him and brought him in hoping playing football would “grow on him?”

Did we even consider going to grab Marcus Mason off the practice squad in Baltimore?  He knows the offense and had a great preseason.  Or was this just the week to grab old Seahawks and try to share headlines with the Cowboys?

It just feels to me like we took a step backward in our player sourcing.  Up to this point, it seemed we were behaving like a pro franchise the last few years.  We brought the best players in and put them in a place to succeed.  This week, we brought in people the coach knows.

I also wasn’t going to talk about the punter situaiton because punters just aren’t sexy.  But the complaint about Brooks was that his punts were short and low.  Well, no argument, but Plackemeier had nearly identical stats to Brooks.  He grossed 1 yard more and his net was lower. Where is the evidence that Plackemeier is going to be any better?  Doesn’t the lower net indicate that perhaps his hang time is even worse? And at least Brooks is young and could grow into the job.  Instead, it looks like Zorn panicked and then called the only name in his rolodex. 

I’m not trying to harp too much on it.  I like Zorn a lot and he’s been very good so far.  And truthfully, it is just a punter and a back up RB. But I’m afraid this doesn’t show the Redskins personnel department in a very good light.  They have to have better options out there, and if not, they have to have the ability to tell JZ to do with what he’s got rather than throwing away his draft picks so quickly.


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  • Josh

    I was turned off a bit by signing Alexander as well, especially when you got Marcus Mason – of smaller but similar stature – who’s been practicing with them for a few preseasons. Where’s continuity & rewarding of hard work? & even if Alexander can produce, Mason’s definitely got more years left in his career.

  • Redskins Guy

    They’re not looking for a long term solution. They’re looking for a temporary fix that may hit the jackpot and become a keeper.  Yeah, Mason might have filled that role as well.  I’m just glad that we’re not signing these old veterans to big bucks and trading picks to get them now.  That alone shows some improvement.

  • jeffxandra

    You’re not fired! Well that’s good at least.

     The Mason idea was a big hit on the DC radio networks too. Everyone seems somewhat baffled by the decision to get Alexander, though not upset for the reasons Guy mentioned.

    A good comparison for what Alexander will be is Eddie George the Dallas Cowboy. For your sake, I just hope Portis holds up.