Redskins Run Over Eagles 23-17

So much for that “feared” Eagles defense.  The Washington Redskins rumbled for 203 rushing yards in their convincing win over a tough Eagles team.  And that was after the refs handed the Eagles seven points when they allowed a special teams touchdown that should have been called back for an illegal block.  

Once again the Redskins gave up no turnovers, this time rallying back from a 14-0 deficit while surrounded by some of the worst fans in the world.  The word that comes to mind is “Clutch.”  The secondary was clutch when it forced so many 3 and outs.  The defensive line was clutch in it’s goal line stand in the 4th quarter, limiting the Eagles to a field goal.  Jason “Clutch” Cambell was exactly that when he managed to convert first down after first down to one again run out the clock.  Portis and Betts were clutch for chewing up the clock and having a great game against a tough run defense.  Antwaan Randle El was clutch when he rebounded from some early drops and threw a touchdown and caught several key third down passes to keep the chains moving.  Even Santana Moss, who was held without a catch, was clutch when he made some big blocks down the field for great yardage.  TO isn’t the only star receiver who can make plays while having an off night.

I think it’s time to upgrade our expectations.  This is no longer a team that might barely make the playoffs.  The Redskins are making their claim as one of NFL’s elite teams…and the most wonderful thing is that THEY’RE GETTING BETTER EACH WEEK.  But for a clunky week 1 loss against the Superbowl Champion Giants, this team could arguably be the best team in the NFL, and the future looks bright.  The Redskins just went through the toughest part of our schedule and emerged with four consecutive wins.  Jim Zorn is coach of the year decade.

I’ve convinced my wife to let us name our firstborn child “little Zorney” or perhaps “Zornwelda”.  I’m officially drinking the Kool Aid and jumping on the bandwagon.  We’re making a run this year and I love it.  What a time to be a Redskins fan!

Somewhere in heaven, Redskins Dad is smiling and cheering.

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  • WestCoastSkins

    So which touchdown are the Eagles gonna say shouldn’t have counted?

  • Redskins Guy

    Apparently McNabb still thinks the Eagles are a better team than the Redskins.   “There’s no way that team is better than us,” was his quote after the game.  I want some of whatever he’s smoking.  Maybe he’s just listening to Ian too much.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfand

    as an american, i’m slightly appaulled at the picture of the dead bald eagle in the post. hey celebrate all you guys want, you deserve to, but the dead eagle picture just does something to me

  • dwagner

    And seriously, where do you keep coming up with these dead bird pictures, anyway, Guy?  You’ve used two on this site and if memory serves you also used one on our fantasy football site.  Way too many dead birds.  :)


  • Redskins Guy

    It’s called Google Image Search, you heathens.

    No bald eagles, or other animals, were harmed during the writing or posting of any of our articles.

    And the fantasy football site was a bunny, not a bird.  Because I know that’s soo much better. :)

  • theMBIIIeffect

    I thought that picture was hilarious. Y’all continue to look really good. I had to cover Redskins training camp during my internship this summer and I knew that Zorn was going to be a good coach, but I didn’t think he was going to be this good this soon.

  • dwagner

    I know the FBI is too busy keeping files on people who type “muslim” into their search engines, but when they get over that, they should start making files on people who type “dead bird pictures” into theirs. :)


  • insane

    i love how you dont mention you’re own players are as shitty as the fans…..

    Even all the fans after the game were flipping [us] off, and we had a couple guys that were gonna moon ‘em,” Cooley said on Elliot. “We were flipping ‘em off back. Our windows are so tinted, I really don’t think they can see us

    paid professionals acting like drunk pissy fans?

    long season lol they’re doing what they do… baiting the fans few more wins vs these shitty teams and bandwagon will be big enough to fall apart…… it’s what they do

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i just see the image of the bald eagle as our national bird. what it represents. and i thought it was tacky to place a dead one in a picture for the sake of humor in a post of a football game. i hate the eagles as much as you guys. yeah i hate the redskins too, but thats besides the point. i think some things need to be held at a high regard, and a dead bald eagle should be treated as a ripped up american flag. it should be burried propperly, not displayed for humors’ sake. just my opinion. oh, and it might be a law.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    week 15 wash at cinncy…..cinncy wins the game and puts wash’s season in jeporardy of making the playoffs……write it down, guy…….they’re a losing team, you guys should beat them……we’ll see

  • Redskins Guy

    Insane: I wasn’t aware that they did that, but now that I know I have no beef with his actions.  Chris Cooley is a maniac and we love him for it.  Sure it’s immature, but it’s not nearly as bad as pelting a bus with eggs.  And let’s face it, football players can be stupid kids too.  He kept his response to a harmless little prank that nobody even noticed.  It’s not like he posted his junk all over the internet or anything.

    Oh wait…

  • Redskins Guy

    DaveDallas: the picture was from a guy who found the bird dead on the road and gave it a proper burial.  He just took a picture first.

    Besides, it was a criminal eagle that deserved to die.  Get over yourself hippie. :)

  • dwagner

    OK, seriously, if in week 15 our playoff chances are in jeopardy because we can’t beat the Bengals, Eagles at home, and the 49ers, we don’t deserve to make the playoffs. So be it.  But I really don’t expect any challenge from any of those teams by that point.  The Eagles will have been eliminated and crying, the Bengals will have fired Marvin Lewis and be pointing fingers, and we’ve crushed more talented Mike Martz teams before. 

    This is a 10-6 or 11-5 team right now, and it might be better.  If you’re relying on the Bengals to help you guys out, you might be getting desperate.


  • Redskins Guy

    Oh, and DaveDallas, the last time a cowboy fan made a prediction on this site, he told me to write it down because the Redskins were going to get four wins.  I guess he just forgot to add the words “…by the first week of October.”

    I’ll write down your words, just so I can throw it back in your face later.  The Redskins are for real and your lame ‘boys are a distant 3rd in the division.

  • Staubach

    It is a good thing Philly’s team bird is not “The Chickens”. Imagine the puns and pics that would flow from that ;-)

  • Redskins Guy

    Anyone have any pictures of dead Rams btw?  Just kidding.  Well…mostly. :)

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    first off i’m not a hippe, thus the reference to the american flag. i’m about as redneck as you’ll get. i’ve never seen the reason to “get over myself” as someone who cares about the image of what the bald eagle represents. i just made the statement so you could see the error of what you displayed in that picture. i’m not the internet police, just someone with a pinch of repect for something that is held in high esteem in this country. me a bad person!!!!! as for my cowboys we are in 3rd place at 4-1 1/2 game back of wash at 4-1 and ny at 4-0. distant third???? better look in your rearveiw again, we’re a little closer than you think. we’ll meet again. you bashed us about beating the “lowly” winless bengles. well, we did beat them. this is the nfl. there is no northern mississippi valley states on the schedules, every week is a dog fight. “any given sunday”, ya know?? one week slip is all it will take. just one slip. i’m not a good gamblin man, but i’d put my money on the skins slippin before dallas!!!! again talk is cheap, we’ll see there skins boys…. you can spout now, but we’ll see when the dust settles.

  • Redskins Guy

    I can see you’re just determined to be pissy no matter what DaveDallas.  I put a smiley face and everything and didn’t really mean the hippie comment;  I’ve just never had a chance to call someone that before.  Don’t take it personally.  I don’t know you well enough to make that call.  That said…

    Go hug a tree you hippie!

    You can bitch and moan about any given sunday all you want, but as someone once pointed out on this web site, talk is cheap.  So stop flappin your gums because all I’ve seen is four very impressive Redskins victories and a struggling Dallas team.

    By the way,  apparently Newman has a sports hernia and PacMan got into a fight at a hotel.  I hope you like playing the rest of your season without a secondary!