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Since a tiny throw away post engendered so many comments in such a short period of time, I decided to there was more fun to be had here.  There seem to be two different issues at hand.  1) Is it ok to wish an opposing team player an injury?  2) Is someone like Tom Brady the kind of player we should hope gets hurt?

For the purposes of this post, let’s assume it is ok to wish injury to another player.  At the very least, let’s assume injuries are going to happen no matter what and so if they have to happen you have a preference for who they happen to. 

And in that spirit, let’s make a list of players we’d like to see hurt!

Of course, my first list just included the Cowboys roster in order from 1 to 53.  But that’s no fun.  So I’m going to have two different lists:

The Cowboys List-

1. Roy Williams- I might be doing the Cowboys a favor here since they almost released him themselves since he is incapable of playing the pass.  But after all the players he has hurt, it is time for Williams to get hurt.

2. Jessica Simpson- I actually like Tony Romo.  But Chicken of the Sea girl annoys me.  Yes, again, I might be doing them a favor, but she has got to go.

3. Emmit Smith- Bad commentary is one thing.  Pure, incomparable nonesense is another.  Get him off my TV, and please god, don’t let him dance again.

4. Terrell Owens- TO has shown lots of maturity and has really been an excellent team mate.  This is purely because it would help the Skins if he got hurt.

5. Pac Man Jones- This isn’t because I wish him ill will.  I just liked it when he had nothing to do and there was a fun story every couple weeks about what strip club he went to and what he got caught doing.  I miss that Pac Man.  I want him and his rain back.


NFL-Wide List

1. Roger Goodell- I can’t stand the hypocrisy.  I’m tired of the inconsistency of how player punishment is handled.  I’m tired of how he covered up Spygate.  He isn’t even fun to watch during the draft.  I like the way Paul Taglibue and David Stern of the NBA play with the crowd during the draft.  Is there anyone who said “we have a trade” with more gusto than Tags?  Goodell stinks.

2. Brett Favre/all the media who talk about him incessantly- I’m actually hesitating about this.  If Favre is hurt bad enough, the media would have nothing to talk about in regards to him, but I don’t really want him hurt THAT bad.  I don’t wish him ill.  I’m just tired of hearing about him.  On the other hand, it seems impractical to get rid of every professional member of the media.  So, Brett, you’re going down.  And for good.  Or maybe you’ll come back.  Or maybe it will be for good.  Or maybe you’ll come back. Oh, damn.  There is no getting rid of him is there?

3. Ray Lewis-  No, I can’t prove it.  No, it is wrong to think anyone did anything just because of the media coverage. But Fedexing the evidence is bad enough for me. How Ray Lewis, someone wholly connected with murder, has been allowed to play in the league with almost no reprecussions is beyond me.  This seems like karma to me even if it is like a decade later.

4. Jason Campbell and Todd Collins-  If I was going to put the names of other team’s players on the list it only seemed fair to put a Redskin or two on the list.  And hell, I just like Colt Brennan.  I honestly don’t know if he’d be any good.  But darn he is fun to watch! 

5. Donovan McNabb…oh nevermind.  That’ll happen. Umm…Fred Taylor…oh never mind.  Ummm…Marion Barber?  Already happened.  Vince Young…geeze.  Ummm… Aaron Rodgers…no too cruel.  Oh, I know!  How about the marketing guys who think Peyton Manning is the only player in the NFL-  I don’t wish Peyton ill will, but I am so tired of seeing his face in every commercial.  A little boy whispers “Clark” to me in my sleep every night.  And hurting Peyton won’t help any.  So, let’s get the marketing guys!

OK, that was fun and theraputic.  Include your list, or your fears that I will go to hell and/or jinx the Skins for talking like this in the comments box. We could have a lot of fun here.


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  • Josh

    There’s nothing “wrong” with it, but for me there’s a piece of enjoyment in watching great athletes that supersedes team loyality. Greats like Lawrence Taylor, Michael Jordan, and Wayne Gretzky are just the bomb doesn’t matter who you root for. Not that I’d ever, of course, root for opposing teams with such all-stars.

    A bit of a tangent but I’m really curiuos: Is it just me, or do injuries seem to be getting more and more common in NFL? And if it’s not just me, any ideas why? Is it just bigger size? Style of play?

  • TDCowboys

    Barber has bruised ribs hell be fine. Why dont you just say the whole Cowboys team, it save you a lot of time and us.
    Mcnabb- talks so much B.S I can smell him from here
    Jacobs-punk starts shit with everyone every game watch!
    Rothlisberger- called out Romo out of nowhere
    ELI- Overrated and man that look he makes when he makes a mistake, O wait thats alot 

  • Redskins Guy

    Good lord, Dave.  How can you even manage to type the words “karma” in a post like that? I’m going to hide in the closet and pray for our team.  For the love of God, PLEASE STOP!!! :)

    Okay, so maybe I’m a little supersticious.  And I’ve spent too much time in hospitals caring for sick and injured people to ever wish that on anyone else.  How about we change it to a “list of people we hope fail miserably” or something like that? 

    I’d love to see Brady stink up the field.  Hell, I’m perfectly happy to watch his team go down the toilet now that he is hurt.  But I draw the line at cheering after serious injuries and celebrating them.  It just degrades us and takes us all down to that “Eagles Fan” level where we don’t need to be.

    But, in an attempt to get in the spirit without drawing any more bad karma, I’ll come up with a list of who I’d like to see have a terrible season:

    1. Tony Romo.  I’d love to see how long it takes before T.O. turns on him.  It’d be an interesting test to see if he changes his tune once the wins stop coming in quite so consistantly.

    2. Aaron Rodgers.  I have nothing against him, and I think Favre definitely had a good portion of the blame in what happened.  But the Packers organization were slack-jawed, pig-headed morons for alienating the face of their team.  Yes Favre is acting like an egotistical maniac. Yes he does this every year.  Yes, they should have taken him back anyway.  And that coach response?  As the Bang Cartoon Radio Hour said, they sounded like a high school girl breaking up with their boyfriend.  “I just want to hear you say you want to spend time with me. Oh Bret, why can’t you ever express your feelings?!?”

    3. The Manning Bros.  Not only did they make that wretched double stuffed oreo commercial, but they just did a sequel.  There is a 9th level of hell, and it runs that commercial in a continual loop. 

    4. Bill Parcells.  I want to see the Tuna get caught in a Dolphin net and ruin his reputation and maybe never get in the HoF. That’d be pretty awesome.

    5. Bill Belechick.  This guy needs to be punched in the face.  Where’s Steve Smith when you need him? I don’t normally advocate physical violence, but what an arrogant prick.  The man practically oozes disdain during every press conference.

  • TDCowboys

    LMAO on the Steve Smith comment ahahhaha

  • theMBIIIeffect

    Haha, good post.

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  • Matthew

    I’m not an Eagles fan, so I have to say I I can’t believe all of the excitement about Brady’s injury. Sure, I’m not big on the Pat’s but to be happy about something like this happening to a stellar athlete is just wrong. Should the swimmers that lost to Michael Phelps be glad if he hurts himself to have to set back his career a year? C’mon people, we’re Redskins not Eagles! Sure, like The Redskins Guy I really hope that the Cowboys or the Pats (or really any team besides the Redskins) have a bad season, but I don’t want it to be because someone had a really critical injury. Knaamean? Getting off my soap box, pretty hilarious post I must say.

  • Staubach

    Injuries in the NFL are rarely a good thing as it muddies the waters as who is the best team. A good and unhurt team can hurt a great team with injuries. Plus these guys are just doing their job. The only case I will make is it is OK to “wish” an injury on a player who caused an injury with dirty play. So revenge injuries are OK :-)

    But not for annoying players or great players. Beat the team on the field, not the one on the stretcher.

    Eagles fans take it even one step further. the cheer life threating injuries and even deaths. That’s our City of Brotherly Love for ya ;-)

  • Staubach

    oops “hurt” should be “beat”

    “A good and unhurt team can beat a great team with injuries”

  • Staubach

    So in conclusion as much as I hate the Pats and Brady, I would rather see him lose on the field of play

  • Redskins Guy

    Well said. I love seeing the Patriots go down. I just wish it wasn’t because of injury. I’d much rather see them go down because they just plain sucked.

  • The Landry Hat

    Man, you are seriously going t get struck with lightning with all of the negativity. By the way, I made a rule and you must follow it: Any time you mention Dallas, the Cowboys, or a player on that team, you have to link to my site. Cut the crap and follow the rules.

  • Redskins Guy

    Highly overrated Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten apparently was caught snorting cocaine while filming gay porn out of the back of TO’s truck. You can read more about it at The Landry Hat.

    Is that better Dan? You don’t make rules here buddy. Try it again and see what happens.