Redskins Season Begins, Not with a Bang but a Whimper

It could have been worse.  Those five words are a small balm against the pain of being the only team in the entire NFL currently with a losing record, but it’s true. 

After the Redskins failed to muster a catch in a first quarter that simply would not end, I was convinced that the Giants defense were still in Superbowl form and that the title for this article would end up being “Osi Who???”  Fortunately they came back to earth and we picked ourselves up — at least a little — and avoided a blowout.

We had no business being in that game.  Our offense was pathetic and looked every bit like the work in progress that it so clearly is.  Our third down conversion was abominable.  Some props have to go to a Giants defense which, while perhaps not as superhuman as it might first have seemed, was still very very good at pressuring the quarterback.  And yet, we were still in the game despite only having eleven first downs. 

Though it might seem bleak right now, there is hope.  There is room for some optimism.   The fact of the matter is, the offense *is* a work in progress, and we saw the team pick itself up and continue to struggle despite what seemed like overwhelming odds.  This game could easily have been another Carolina or Jacksonville, but it wasn’t.  Unlike the preseason we got our wits back, made some adjustments, and fought back. 

Did I mention adjustments?  The defense in particular managed to get a hold of an out of control situation, despite the absence of Shawn Springs and the loss of Fred Smoot halfway through the game.  And Clinton Portis had some brilliant plays.  Special teams were good to great, providing us with our only real scoring opportunity.  Maybe…just maybe…if we can find anything resembling a passing offense, we might just have something here. 

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  • Staubach

    Ouch. Remember I am counting on you guys against the Steelers

  • number_9

    Man you guys played the part tonight…4-12 is looking more like a reality hahahaha

  • dwagner

    Actually, much like last year’s loss to the Giants, it was just one quarter that killed us.  I expect we will win the next one at home and the team will be fine.  The major problem to me was that after the early shellshock, Zorn never seemed to recover and was being way too conservative with offensive play calling.  And JC went right along with it.  We threw way too many 5 yard patterns on 3rd and 6.

    Another thing was what I pointed out in my defensive plan post.  We did not catch all the INTs Eli threw.  Landry dropped a sure pick six.  Smoot dropped what would have been a FG saving INT.  Rogers dropped two sure INTs.  The story of this game changes significantly if we make those 5 turnovers (the four we missed and the one we got). 

    Anyway, lots of ifs, but the reality is we played as well as they did for three quarters of the game.  The defense is going to be good and the offense will improve.  Still plenty of hope left.


  • Redskins Guy

    Well, to be fair, it was one quarter and the fact that we couldn’t do anything on offense. Except for some significant special teams help, we would have been shut out completely, so it’s a bit of a reach to say that we played as well as they did.  Maybe if you look at the scoreboard alone you’d be right, but if you actually watched the game you have to admit that the Giants offense was far superior in, you know, getting actual first downs.

    Still, like you said, it’s not something that can’t be fixed. The team looked like it was trying a radically different offense with a new head coach for the first time in a real game situation, which is exactly what they were doing.  As they master the west coast offense, they’ll get better.  And we won’t always be facing a defense as good as the giants every week either.

  • Redskins Guy

    Also, it’s not fair to say that we should have had three more interceptions.  You sound like a Patriots fan.  I’m amazed Fred Smoot actually caught a ball. They usually just bounce off his hands.  If they could catch well, they wouldn’t be cornerbacks.  You can say that Eli didn’t look great, but saying we deserved three more picks is stretching the truth a little.

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  • TDCowboys

    GO Skins. Way to run the ball and throw three yard dump passes in the fourth quarter down by two scores. Did someone slip Joe Gibbs playbook into Zorns hands when he wasnt looking.
    But on a good note the skins were in that game till late in the fourth quarter. Part of that was because ELI sucked BIG TIME in his debut which did not surprise me.  19/35 216 yds, 1int, 1 rushingTd. Now thats Super Bowl Material

  • john

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  • VASkinsFan68

    I haven’t had a chance to comment on last weeks game until now; I was so angry that I had to take a week to cool off.  When I think of NFC East I think of this, tough, physical and hard-hitting defenses.  If asked to choose one play to typify this years ‘Skins it would have to be Jacobs plowing over LaRon Landry.  I want to say this to every ‘Skins coach, player and fan.  Sean Taylor is gone and LaRon — you are not Taylor.  I believe he thinks he is as good or better than Taylor and Jacobs showed otherwise. I am not saying he isn’t talented but he needs to be LaRon Landry and no one else.

    Gibb’s offense was bland and anemic but at least they protected the QB.  I haven’t seen a more pourous ‘Skins Oline since Steve Spurrier was in town.  Every time Portis touches the football there are two or three guys meeting him in the backfield; is it time to begin replacing some of the aging OLine?  Campbell spent most of his day avoiding rushers and looked as uncomfortable as an illegal alien making a delivery to offices of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).  I read this week that Zorn is going to place Campbell in the shotgun more than last week; how can you have a successful running game with draw plays.  I suspect that the Saint’s defensive line will tee off on both Portis and Campbell for another dismal offensive output.

    Greg Blache may have held the position of Def Coord but it doesn’t appear that he can game plan or motivate like Gregg Williams.  This is pretty much the same defense as last year — I ask you what were the weaknesses last year of last years defense — no DLine pressure and ineffectice CB coverage.  I understand that Plaxico Burress is 6′ 6″ but come on; put some body on him off the line and disrupt the timing.

    Thank God it is still early; this team has got to get its head out of its butt and play and hit hard.  After watching Philly and Dallas last weekend, that is what it is going to take.  Landry and Doughty need to rock WR’s world when they come across the middle. When 21 was prowling in the defensive backfield no one, not even TO would not come across the middle because he feared being hit.  I am one skins fan who is tired of seeing B. Westbrook light up the defense every year.  Watch out this weekend, Shockey is going to run wild over the ‘Skins LB’s and when they bring the CB’s help, watch for Brees to go to Bush deep.  I predict another long day for the secondary.

  • Redskins Guy

    Well written, if somewhat grimm.  I’m scared that your prediction may be a lot closer to the mark than Dave’s shiny happy rosy view of life.  The offensive protection schemes did remind me of the Spurrier era; that’s a great point.  

    I’m also worried that our own fans are going to turn on our team and turn our home field advantage to a home field disadvantage.  I don’t know about you, but I want to give them every chance to win, and I’m afraid people will be booing after the first incomplete pass.   Bad enough that what you say might come to pass without us helping make it so.

    The one point I’d differ with you is regarding Blache and the defense.  I thought they did a pretty damn good job.  They had some serious holes in the secondary and yet they got better as the game went on.   LaRon got owned and I hope he learns a little humiliation from it, and learns to tackle lower.  Also, everyone’s giving Jason Taylor a free pass, but he better pick up his game.  He was injured so I can understand why he might be ineffective that week, but we need to see more of him to justify that trade.

    But really, I can’t complain too much about the defense.  It’s the offense that stinks.  It’s the offense Zorn was brought in for, and it’s the offense that’s going to get us killed if we don’t fix it. 

  • Staubach

    Guys, even if it is a rebuilding season PLEASE beat the Steelers. All I’m asking