Cover-Your-Eyes Awful

Okay, so let’s face it. The last two preseason games have not exactly been encouraging.  I was willing to maybe give them a pass on Carolina with Joe Bugel’s daughter tragically passing, but they didn’t look much better against Jacksonville.  I could be like some Eagles or Dallas bloggers I know and come up with all sorts of funky rationalizations on why we look so terrible.  Oh, it’s preseason; preseason means nothing.  All the good teams lose in preseason.  Blah blah blah.   Guess what, the really bad teams lose in pre-season too.

We stink right now.  There, I said it.  I don’t think a team can turn it on like a light switch and suddenly next week Jason Campbell’s passes become more accurate.  I don’t think Santana Moss can grow four inches in the next six days.  I don’t think our injured secondary is going to be able to suddenly get healthy and start without any rust, even if we end up having a Jason Taylor hopping around on one knee.  Jay-Zee needs to figure things out fast or this is going to be a very long season for us.   I am officially worried. 

The worst part is that we cannot afford to have a slow start.  We’ve got a rookie coach who’s never come within sniffing distance to a head coaching job at any level.  It won’t take long before players stop buying into his system.  It won’t take long for the media to turn on them and to gloat — as they love to do — over every mistake Dan Snyder makes.   It won’t take long before people start foolishly calling for a quarterback controversy.  We need a win next week, and we need it badly.

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  • Josh

    I’m no liberal but I like Obama’s attitude, he’s thoughtful, straightforward, but still pensive, doesn’t seem to be blindsided by his ego, and appears willing to look at the facts and have a flexible mind. I kind of feel the same about Zorn – maybe that’s just the sort of guy Snyder was looking for (the sort to bend down to him), but teams can rise and fall depending on the relationship between owner & coach, and at least for now it has good chemistry. Snyder & Cerrato seem to have learned a lesson or two from Gibbs about making pointless big acquisitions. And Zorn’s coming in inheriting a good running game from Gibbs and a relatively sound defense, along with both young and veteran pro-bowl players. Granted, there’s a steep learning curve in the NFC East, especially with Dallas, Phillie, and NY all looking pretty good, all of which is bound to be tougher for 1st season coach. But I just have a good feeling about Zorn in the long run, as long as he doesn’t freak out from the media’s expectations and making out under .500 pct winning.

  • Redskins Guy

    I hope you’re right Josh.  I find his attitude very refreshing.  I love that he’ll actually give people a straight answer, and he doesn’t seem to play games the way the last regime did (I love Joe, but he was either woefully uninformed, shoveling the media a huge load of BS, or some combination of the two).

    I’m just not sure how much of a chance he’s going to get, and his team doesn’t seem ready for the regular season yet.   

  • Josh

    I agree they didn’t look ready. When you think about it though, given who was playing, the only main concern is with the (long) passing game and o-line. Otherwise, we have a solid running game, pass-catchers for short routes, aggressive d-line, and a strong secondary that I suspect just looked poor b/c they were w/o Landry and others.

    As for Z-man, if he’s not NFL-caliber, it’ll be obvious in a few months. Otherwise, my main concern is how much room Snyder would give him to lose some games and make some mistakes. Perhaps in another city, a different division, under an owner not known for firing coaches, and with a less expensive team that has fewer superstars, Zorn would have more breathing room to thrive. It’ll be interesting to see how the Owner/coach relationship goes when Snyder doesn’t worship his head coach like a God. By some accounts, the relationship between upper management and coaching staff is equally or more important than playmakers on the field. Snyder hasn’t excelled in this area, but hopefully he’s learning.

    Otherwise I feel really good about this team. It’ll be painful to watch another losing season if that’s the case, but I feel that they have a lot of talent and a great attitude, esp when you consider all the shenanigans from big-time players across the league.

  • http://riggos Trey

    Look at the bright side – at least you’re not starting a guy at QB who didn’t have a job in the NFL 12 hours before the coin toss…
    A Disgruntled Raven Fan

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  • number_9

    Remember RG….4-12

  • Redskins Guy

    Even if you’re right, at least we’ll have a good draft pick. All you’ll have is another one and done playoff loss from an underachieving and undercoached group of chokers.

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