Bills Game Wrap-Up

Sorry for the slow wrap-up.  Undoubtedly you went elsewhere for one while I was at the beach with my family. So rather than describe the game, I’ll just hit you with some random thoughts:

- Another big mo game.  I’ll keep saying it every time even if we go 5-0 in the preseason, pre-season means nothing.  The old Gibbs teams almost never had a good year in preseason the years we won the Super Bowl. But for this team, this coach, this offense, winning is way better than losing.  I haven’t heard anyone on TV say, “Zorn hasn’t even called plays before.  There is no reason to assume he’s ready for this,” since the HoF game.  Zorn has proven to be remarkably organized, energetic, and intelligent.  He’s great with the media.  The momentum we get from winning these games is media momentum and player confidence momentum.  It won’t help us beat the Giants in the opener (but we’ll do that anyway), but it will help Coach Zorn and the players relax and that will help the organization as a whole.

- Clinton Portis looks primed for a great year.  He looks a little bigger, but with no loss of speed or acceleration.  His numbers were artificially lowered by the goal line series where he ran the ball 4 times for 2 yards.  Mike Patrick made an astute comment about the first run on that series.  You might remember Portis took the ball over LT and burst into the hole.  The Bills filled that gap and stopped Portis at the one. Patrick mentioned that Portis clearly wasn’t interested in giving himself up on that play and instead protected himself and allowed himself to be tackled.  In the regular season, he’s have twisted or pushed or made some sort of move and made the TD.  Portis did exactly what he should have done, and that’s great.  I’m getting ready to predict that Portis might break the Skins single season TD record. Oh, and how about that block on the blitz pickup that allowed Randle El to break free on that drag route that went for 20?  He absolutely stoned the LB he was blocking and then ran to the sidelines pumping his fist.  He’s ready.

-Todd Collins looked a little more comfortable, but I still didn’t like what he looked like throwing on the run.  It is too early to tell for sure, but it seems one of the wrinkles that Zorn is throwing into the West Coast offense, is a series of short waggles.  Colt Brennan ran a lot of plays where he’d move the pocket a few feet left or right to open up the short pass to TEs or RBs and Collins seemed to run two that went badly.  I can’t recall Campbell doing it though, so it is possible this is happy feet rather than a wrinkle.  If it is happy feet, I’d like to lobby to Zorn that we start making it a real wrinkle. I think it has worked well.

-Again, we came out relatively injury free.  I feel bad for Anthony Mix who hurt his ribs because it probably means he’s back on the practice squad with Billy McMullen playing so well and Thrash being so key on special teams.  Randle El’s arm injury is minor as well.

-And let’s give the Fed Ex crowd some serious props.  They were in regular season form on Saturday.  They were so loud they were the obvious cause of one (if not two) false starts and a TO being wasted by the Bills in the 1st quarter alone. Let’s keep that up all season people.  Let’s make Fed Ex feel like RFK used to.  Can we make it sway and move like RFK did?  I think we can!

-This seems nitpicky considering his numbers so far in preseason, but it should be pointed out that in 2 out of 3 of Campbell’s incomplete passes, they were his fault.  He double clutched and threw behind the receiver.  I don’t bring this out as a knock on Campbell.  He is clearly a more confident and accurate QB than ever.  I point this out to show how excellent Jim Zorn’s play calling is.  One of the misses for Campbell was a 3rd and 4 slant to Moss where Moss was open for the first down.  This team easily could have scored again on the first drive when Campbell works out the timing and confidence the few times it falters.

- Jon Jansen had his second relatively poor game.  I’m not trying to get on the guy.  He’s been great for us for nearly a decade and he has to be rustier than the Tin Man.  But it might be time for this team and our fans to consider that the accumulated effect of injuries over the last two years might be finally taking their toll.  Given how good a game Chad Rhinehart played at tackle, I hope the Skins are willing to make the tough choice there if it comes to it.  Obviously, the next three games should be for Jansen to get back into game shape.  I don’t want to take anything away from a true Redskin, but I’d hate to see him struggle if he’s not right either.

OK, plenty for now. Come back later today for my post on the first annual Fan-Sided blogs fantasy draft.  You’ll get a chance to mock me terribly for my picks.  Who doesn’t want to do that? Hail Skins!


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  • Redskins Guy

    Again, can someone please explain to me why the Bills were allowed to call back to back timeouts?  What the hell was that all about?

  • dwagner

    I can’t tell you the exact order of events because I wasn’t actually watching carefully, but it turns out the Skins were charged with one of those time outs.  Apparently Zorn tried to call the refs over to discuss it and they charged him with a time out to do it.


  • Josh

    And how about Marcus Mason and (and the linemen in front of him), continously running over the Bills d-line, even in the 4th quarter when it was obvious what play the Skins were about to run next? No need to fret over complex West Coast formations with multiple TEs/WRs, how about a formation or two with 4 RBs/FBs on the field at once.

    Maybe the Bills were teasing Joe Gibbs from the last time they met?

  • Bboggs36

     Did any body see how poorly colt played and wonder why?

    Well when your on a team as with as many injurys as the bills last year you start (alot) So its like colt played a starting d. Not a good starting d but starters He also did it with a back up offence so i hope no one reads into it.

  • dwagner

    I appreciate the comment, but I don’t think we really need to make excuses for Colt.  Not only do we expect the occasional bad game from a rookie, but the truth is that if Colt gets on the field this year at all, we’re in real trouble. 

    My sort of dream scenario is that we devlop Colt into a starter over the next two years.  Then, when we lock up home field advantage throughout the playoffs in week 12 in the 2011 season, he plays great for a few weeks in a row and we trade him for a first rounder.  That way we get our Super Bowl with JC and a first rounder from Colt to keep the dynasty going. :)


  • Redskins Guy

    Dave, I do this with love, but it will be less painful coming from me than from some Cowboys fan.  No more smoking crack while typing comments, mmkay?

    Besides, the last time we won the superbowl and got a 1st round pick the following year, we blew the pick anyway.  Even if he did go on to become MVP of a superbowl, he was a big bust in Washington. :)

  • redskin777us

    I was at the game Saturday, Brennan looked pretty much like the rest of our team did…we need a lot of work. We were not sharp offensively, defensively, nor on specail teams. Overall, I personally grade this game the following:

    Passing Offense: C-
    Rushing Offense: C
    Rushing Defense: C-
    Passing Defense: D
    Special Teams: F
    Coaching: C+

    We were flat, (perhaps tried…Still that is no excuse) too many long returns are being given up on special teams, and our defense (starters or no starters) are giving up far too many plays. I certainly hope we can get some of these issues cleaned up before the season starts. We have yet to attack down the field through 2 games. And don’t give me this crap about not showing anything in the Pre-Season either. We need to work on some of this stuff now. Jason Campbell has no connection with Santana Moss whatsoever. This dates back to when he took over in 2006 full time. He is comfortable with Cooley and Randel El, but for some  reason there is no Down Field connection with Moss, and if we are to go anywhere, we need big numbers from Moss.
    Frost did not help himself much with his first punt, and many of us in the stadium gave him “the bidnezz” for it too.
    In the 4th quarter, the stadium got (perhaps) the loudest it had been all game long. Some dude came waltzin’ in with a Terrel Owens jersey on, and for about 10 minutes there were specific chants of “T.O. Sucks” and “Dallas Sucks.” Then after all that finally died down, another dude come in with a Tony Romo jersey on. Suddenly a chant started that I couldn’t understand at first, as the chant got more in unison I heard “Tony Ho-Mo”
    All in all, we are 2-0 and that is better than 0-2, but the bottom line is we were extremely flat against an average (at best) team. We definitely need to step it up a notch or two all across the board prior to Opening night in New York.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hey, if i were your fan base i would’nt be too concerned abou the 2 dudes with the owens and romo jersies on, i’d be yellin “.campbell and moss suck”. don’t worry the cowboys will show up to play this year. and the 2 afore mentioned players will have a very prominent part considering their success in camp so far. trust us on that one guys. but as the redskin 777 said campbell needs moss like romo needs owens. i know what our guys are doin about it. what about you guys.???

  • Redskins Guy

    Redskins777, I think you’re a bit harsh. Our starters had a nice long drive for a touchdown and we didn’t let some penalties even slow us down.  Were we perfect? No.  But our starters beat up on an average team and that’s what they’re supposed to do.  Sure there’s room for improvement, but it could be a lot worse. 

    Remember when we went through entire preseason games without scoring any offensive touchdowns?  I just think you’re hitting the panic button way too early.  Sometimes there’s no pleasing some people.

    And DaveDallas, Campbell looks pretty good from where I sit.  I do have some serious concerns about Moss, but Owens is also getting up there in age.  You’re one injury away from having Patrick Crayton as your #1 wide receiver and how many years has it been since TO has played all 16 games in a single season again?  You might want to actually try to win a game before you start talking smack.  

  • Staubach

    It beats the Eagles chants of “Break a leg”, “Break a neck”, “get paralyzed you bum, who cares you have a family to feed”. “the nuclear missles are coming but this game is more important” kind of stuff ;-)

    The “your team sucks” is pretty mild. That’s a standard. 

  • redskin777us

    Good to see McIntosh and Rogers back on the field against His Majesty Brett Frave-lous. I did not travel to  the “Sewerlands”  for the game, rather, I elected to stay at home in Orlando and watch this on TV. I actually watched the game with a friend who is a Jets fan. We won the game as much by default as effort. We squandered opportunities in the Red Zone and did not finish drives. It took a dramatic drive by a Brennan led offense to finally take the lead with just over a minute to play. I said to my friend that 1:09 is a lot of time. Sure enough we couldn’t tackle anyone on the Jets final drive and the Jets easily moved into position to attempt a game tying field goal. The snap and hold looked ok to me but Nugent just missed a chip shot kick.
    We were helped along the way especially in the 2nd and 3rd quarters when Jets receivers that were wide open couldn’t catch a cold.
    Redskinsguy, you say that I am being harsh, on the team, maybe someone needs to be, “good enough” just is not “good enough” not in this division, not against our foes. I think this team has enough talent to be a force in the division and conference. But not playing this way. Through three games I see mixed results, and PLENTY of work that needs to get done.
    I am pleased with the play of the offensive line overall. Across the board, starters and back ups and playing pretty well. I think we have three very solid young guys that can be good players for us down the line in Heyer, Crummey, and Smith. I believe we would be well served to find a way to hang on to all three of them.
    The passing game has been only ok in my eyes and certainly inconsistent for 2 games now.
    I know the defense will be better when we get our starters back, but I have seen so many passes completely unchallenged throughout the first 3 games and tackling at times has been horrible. There is not enough heat on the QB and we are not generating enough in the turnover department. Funny how the former leads to the latter.
    Still, we are 3-0, and pre-season or not, that is better than being anything less. Even through struggling somewhat the last 2 games we have found a way to win and that is a good sign. I am a firm believer that winning breeds winning, and that loosing breeds, well you get the idea.
    Come on guys, there are 2 games left before this thing counts for real…across the board I hope we get things cleaned up. I am pretty sure that the Gaints will be ready on opening night, I sure hope we are.

  • Redskins Guy

    I’m not going to argue with you about our performance, if only because the Jets game made it a moot point. We were definitely off and didn’t look good in a lot of areas last week.  I wonder if the kicker intentionally shanked it because he wanted to go home. It’s not like his job is on the line.  Certainly the local announcers were pissed. The one guy couldn’t shut up about how overtime should be banned in pre-season and how he was worried about the traffic on the way home.  Pathetic.

    Anyway, a win is a win, and we could use it, if only because we have a rookie coach who needs to earn the faith of his players.

    The Giants looked ready to go last monday. They humiliated the browns.  I’m officially worried about that game.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    oh no, i’m not talking smack by any means. i’m just defending what i see in romo and owens in comparison to what campbell and moss have done. thats it. and yes i’m very concerned about the health of owens. i guess it’s like that for most teams anymore with the salary cap. how much depth can you afford at any given position. it’s a different game than the 60′s 70′s and even 80′s when you could stockpile young talent. not anymore. so you gotta cross your fingers and hope to find one under a rock if your starters go down