Today is Redskins Day

Today Redskins fans the world over proved yet again that we are the best fans in the world.  And don’t take my word for it, ESPN anchors Trey Wingo and Tom Jackson agreed that there was more burgundy and gold in the crowd than the colors any other team could muster for a hall of fame induction.

I can’t tell you what it means to me to have seen this today.  As a Skins fan who is older than he’d like to admit, my love for this team was formed by Art Monk and Joe Gibbs and Darrell Green.  Seeing them all on the stage (and someone has to explain to me how Russ Grimm wasn’t there, too, how is he not in the Hall?) together brought tears to the eyes of someone remembering his youth.

I don’t think I can really say much of anything intelligent or meaningful right now.  I’m just too excited.  But today is a day for memories and I thought I’d share a few and then hopefully you guys will write in to talk about your memories of Monk and Green, too.

The first play most people remember about Darrell Green is the Monday Night play where he caught Tony Dorsett from behind. That was the night he introduced himself to a national audience.  I actually remember a few years later in the playoffs when Green was called on to return a punt against the Bears and tore his abdominal muscle in the middle of the return and ran the last 30 yards holding his side.  But it wasn’t the play itself, it was the fact that he was back the next game, and because of his religion he refused pain killers. How anyone could play at his level with that injury I’ll just never know. And the fact that he tried is something I’ll never personally forget.

As for Monk, to be honest, I don’t have a specific memory.  And I personally think that is why it took him so long to get into the hall. Signature plays like the Immaculate Recption and such unduly influence voters. The memory that sticks in my mind the most for Monk is just the referee signaling first down. And that’s why it was so great that tonight the crowd provided the memory I was missing.  The 4 minute long standing ovation rewarding honesty, courage, hard work, and integrity over the flash of the modern receivers was proof that at least an intelligent fan base like the one in DC knows the real deal when they see it.  Art Monk made me proud to be a Redskins fan today, and Redskins fans made me proud today, too.

More as I think on the meaning of the day, but for now, please comment on your favorite Green/Monk/Redskins moments.  Hail to the Redskins!


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