Malcolm Kelly Saves Lives and Clinton Portis Action Figures are Only a Matter of Time

Clinton Portis has been working hard.  He ran a race against LaRon Landry.  He showed up to some voluntary workouts.  He signed a fat new contract with the Redskins.  Now he’s getting ready for another facet of his game…the press conference.

That’s right, now you can vote to determine which zany character Clinton Portis will dress up as for a press conference next season.  Each character has their own little bio and personality.  Personally, I like the dentist (he did Strahan’s teeth!) with the Ultimate Fighter coming in as a close second.  Fortunately, confidential sources have revealed that the additional characters will NOT require separate contracts and will have no effect on the salary cap. Whew!

The question remains, is this a distraction for the team? Is it harmless fun?  Is it a boost for morale?   The Washington Post has hinted that some teammates resent the special attention he receives; does this rub it in even more?  Only the other players can say for certain, but I’d tend to think that it’s more on the harmless fun side.  Clinton has always shown care to only pull out the characters when the team is performing well which is an important factor. 

All too often these days we see players on the losing end of a 43-7 drubbing and dancing little celebratory happy dances when they get a first down.  Clinton Portis isn’t like that. He truly does want to win.  So I say let him have his goofy characters.  They’re cute and silly and they give him a little personality.  As long as he doesn’t go too overboard, what’s the real harm?

 In other more serious news, Redskins Draft Pick Malcolm Kelly will be leading a group of private citizens to Liberia to help the medical relief effort out there.  At a time when his peers are out buying mansions and sports cars and drinking and partying and – yes — oversleeping and showing up late to a new job, this young man is leading a delegation to Africa to try to save lives.   You can read more about it here.  I was originally going to post a picture of one of Portis’s characters to headline this article, but I think Mister Kelly has earned a little face time.  He’s shown above, catching what I hope will be the first of many passes as a Washington Redskin. 

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, the Redskins have now signed rookie defensive end Rob Jackson, seventh round pick out of Kansas State.   Let’s hope he pans out since we could certainly use the help to our d-line.  Four of our ten draft picks have signed and with luck the other six will fall into place soon enough.  

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  • Ron Burgandy

    in this “fat new contract” of clinton portis’s how much NEW money was in the deal? or was it just the team moving around money that was already in his current contract?

  • Redskins Guy

    It depends on how you look at it. Restructuring the contract gives the Redskins some salary cap relief and the numbers are about the same, however $15.7 million dollars of the contract has now become guaranteed money through 2010.

    We basically made a commitment to keep him for another three years. As long as he remains productive through 2010 then it’s a good deal.

    Considering a lot of people thought he might get cut for salary cap reasons, I think getting another three years and nearly 16 million qualifies as a fat new contract. I don’t begrudge him for it, but the man is getting paid.

  • Ron Burgandy

    well I wouldn’t call it a “new” contract,because it’s not NEW money.NEW contracts generally have NEW money.

    he was ALREADY scheduled to earn that money ,they just guaranteed it and moved it around to create cap room.

    you could say they reworked his contract in his favor,but to say he got a FAT NEW contract would be bending the truth.

    a fat new contract would be extending his current deal and giving him signing bonus on top of that. that isn’t what happened.

  • Redskins Guy

    I think there are a lot of football players who have unguaranteed money that would argue there’s a bit of a difference.  A lot of them never ever see the money that’s written on the contract, so committing to him for another three years isn’t nothing.

    It’s an issue of semantics though. Let’s compromise and I’ll happily retract my statement and instead use the word “FAT NEW SIGNING BONUS” instead. Happy? :)

  • steamroller78

    ahhh… semantics

    I think it’s a damn shame that more players in professional sports can’t be more like Malcolm Kelly. That’s how it should be. I wander if Stoops has any influence on these types of things. It seems like the boys from Oklahoma usually get to giving very quickly. I don’t know what that says about Oklahoma and Stoops, but they have got to be proud.

  • Ron Burgandy

    hah it’s still NOT new money,and all it should be called is a restructure.

    while you are correct when you say players don’t often see the backloaded portion of a contract.All that was done is they guaranteed what was ALREADY THERE.

    the total value of the contract never changed,and it was done to create cap relief and it obviously improved Portis’s spirits.Prior Portis often wondered about his future in DC because of his high cap #. He’s now here for atleast 3 more years,and something has inspired Portis to take a more active role in offseason strength and conditioning program and he’s in good shape right now.

    you’ve been reading to much of JLC’s anti-skins blog.

    no idea how a restructure can be misconstrued into a “fat new contract” or”fat new signing bonus”

    how about “fat old signing bonus”? since all that’s really happening is them forwarding money that was already on the deal he signed in 2004?

    and truth is

    if this move DIDN’T save the skins money on the cap,they wouldn’t have done it. So it’s not like they said “hey CP,great work,we’re restucturing your deal to reward you”

  • steamroller78

     Dr. Doo Itch Big

    He really fixed up Strahan and Lynch. He gets my vote too. Portis gets to clown around Washington for three more years Ron. Put that on your teleprompter and don’t screw it up now. Ya hear!!!

  • Redskins Guy

    Ron, it’s a signing bonus he is receiving that he was not scheduled to receive as a signing bonus before.  That’s a new signing bonus.

    Money is now guaranteed that was not previously guaranteed. If you fail to see the difference, you should talk to the legions of NFL players who never ever see the end of their contracts.

    I’m glad that Portis is still with us. The move saved us cap space, like it always does and I wrote a more detailed article about it saying his greatest years could still be ahead of him when it first was announced.  I like Clinton Portis, even his silly characters. I voted for Doctor Doo Itch Big.  Stop acting like I’ve got hate for the skins because I don’t present everything in sweetness and light.

    I get where you’re coming from. Some people in the DC area do seem to be only negative towards the team they allegedly love.  I’m not one of them.  I’m also not going to blindly gush over everything that happens.  If I chose the wrong term “Big fat new contract” then you got me.  But “Big fat new signing bonus” is perfectly accurate and correct.

  • Ron Burgandy

    signing bonus is new

    money in signing bonus is not

    I’ll agree with that.

  • theMBIIIeffect

    RG, were you watching the draft when you guys picked Malcolm Kelly? It almost looked like he was pissed that the skins picked him. I think he’s a Dallas fan.

  • Redskins Guy

    I did watch the draft. I thought he was just pissed that he had dropped so far in the draft. He obviously wanted to be a 1st round pick. 

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