New Contract for Portis Guarantees Three More Years as a Redskin

Once again, the Washington Redskins have reworked Clinton Portis’ contract, clearing up cap space and ensuring that he will remain a Redskin for at least three more years. The contract includes a $9.3 million signing bonus in March and a guarantee of at least $15.7 million through 2010. Portis has reworked his contract in each of the last three years, so this is nothing new for the skins.

What is new, however, is that the team seems to be expecting him to participate more in practice and off-season activity. The Washington Post reports that Portis has been notorious for avoiding off-season workouts and unnamed former teammates complained that he was regularly seen goofing off when he does attend. Fortunately there’s signs that he’s been buckling down and working hard this year. Zorn and his people have also indicated that Clinton will no longer receive special privileges that he used to receive, including the ability to take himself out of the game when he felt like he needed to.

At 26, Portis still has time to mature and become an elite back. If he can be a top 10 back while goofing off, one has to wonder if he can break into the top 5 when he buckles down and gets to work. He’s already got the single season record for rushing yards for the team. What else can he accomplish if he puts his mind to it? Perhaps that’s just the homer in me. Perhaps that’s just wishful thinking. But I like that this new regime under Jim Zorn isn’t letting anyone slide. I like that people are buckling down and working hard. We’ll just have to see if it pays off this September when it counts.

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  • WestCoastSkins

    I also like this approach by the new coaching staff. Zorn had mentioned a couple instances in which he single out Portis for breaking a rule and made him stop so we now know Portis gets no special pass with this coach. Portis has also said he is in better shape this year than he has been in awhile. I expect big things from him this year. Im 100% behind Z-Man!

  • Redskins Guy

    Some fun reading material to get you through the long off-season.

    The cowboys upper management is apparently bringing in some new design concepts to their stadium.

    The Eagles are moping as always.

    And there’s now an asteroid named after late Steelers commentator Myron Cope.

    All links are courtesy of Kissing Suzy Kolber.

  • thelandryhat

    Three more years of mediocrity

  • TDCowboys

    Three more years of Cross-Dressing and crying about Pre-Season

  • Redskins Guy

    Only five RB’s currently in the NFL have more rushing yards than Portis since 2004. None of those five players are Dallas Cowboys. If that’s mediocrity, how terrible must the rushing game in Dallas be?

  • thelandryhat

    Yeah, he is a super star Tulip. He also looks good in a dress and acting like an idiot. I am sorry, but I think it is safe to say you’d rather have Champ back. Portis is useless.

  • redskin777us

    Now, now, Redskinsguy, ease up on ‘em, there still smarting from what we put on ‘em in December. Total combined rushing yards as a team, a pedestrian 1 yard rushing. Do I smell an all-time franchise low? Now that’s puttin’ somethin’ on ‘em that AJAX won’t take off.

    We have 3 very  productive rushers in our backfield, a glance at their roster, reveals mighty slim pickin’s. The smart thing to do might be to stay “in house” and demand better from you own team.

    There might be somebody out there that is foolish enough to believe that this team would be better with Champ Bailey  in place of Portis, but I haven’t met ‘em. Bailey is a good cornerback, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out an offense starts with a dominate running game. Obviously it starts with the line, but if you do not have a back with the skill and will to turn those creases into first downs, your spinning you wheels on offense. The man’s numbers don’t lie. He’s better than anyone they can put of the field and they know it.

    Sometimes it really sucks when reality stares you in the face! September cannot get here fast enough!