Washington Redskins are 2010 Super Bowl Champs

Yes, my friends and fellow Redskins fans, the bomb dropped.  The best of all bombs.  The short-sighted, stupendously dumb for small market teams, blockbuster bomb was dropped.  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about how the cheapskate owners ditched the CBA today. Barring a new agreement, and let’s face it, there is no incentive for players or about half the owners to come to one, the 2010 season will be played with no salary cap.

Essentially that means the Redskins, Cowboys, Patriots, and Seahawks (if Paul Allen and his massive amount of wealth feels like playing at a loss) will be the overwhelming class of the league.  There is no denying that this is a major benefit to the teams who know how to keep their business in order.  Snyder, king of the $75 parking, has a track record of dropping cash in bundles and the difference here is that if he screws up with some of them, it won’t hurt anymore since he has more money to make up for it.

The funniest thing about all of this is that it is the small market teams and selfish larger market teams driving this. It was well publicized that Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, and Dan Snyder led the negotiations to start sharing more of their revenue to make the agreement work in 2006. Now the smaller teams are whining again when profit margins are slipping due to greater expenses and what they describe as the “economic downturn.”  Well, first off, said economic downturn really wasn’t in force in most parts of the country when the season started last year.  Second, it is a well known fact that sports are one of the last businesses to suffer during a recession because people need the diversion.  To see that, one only needs to see that baseball is yet again going to break its attendence record this year despite still being mired in steroids and a recession.  Last, the Pats are a clear indication that if you run your business well, put a good team on the field, you become a “high revenue team.”  In other words, Mike Brown of Cincy and Ralph Wilson of Buffalo, you’re full of crap.  Wilson famously admitted he didn’t even understand the CBA and now he wants to abolish it.  Apparently, he’s had two years to digest it.

At any rate, if I were Snyder, Kraft, Jones, or any other big revenue owner, the last thing I’d do now is worry about another deal until 2011. Why compete against 32 teams when you can compete against 5-10.  I know that is a slight exaggeration.  It is clear from baseball that the biggest spending teams don’t always win (see Orioles, Baltimore), but given this argument is about money, don’t expect Ralph Wilson to open his wallet in 2010.  If multiple seasons go by with no cap, then you can expect more small market teams to adjust.

Though just for fun, consider this.  If no agreement is made in 2011, there is no draft anymore either. It is highly unlikely that this will happen.  It is in the owner’s best interest to make sure there is a draft and they put this “poison pill” in the agreement to make sure they’d have one.  But for fun, imagine that every new player coming into the league is a free agent.  It would be like the Redskins and Cowboys get 5-10 first rounders every year because we can afford to outbid people.  This could get real, real fun.

Anyway, I’m ready for the bomb to drop.  I’m sure those in Green Bay, Buffalo, and even Indy are cringing right now.  Best case scenario here for them is that they play a season under a handicap in 2010.  The worst case scenario is that this thing really implodes, there is no cap, and after years of futility, we have the Las Angeles Packers, Las Vegas Bills, and the San Antonio Colts. Bring it on, and hail Skins!


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  • Staubach

    RG, our two teams are easy to come up with names for as “Cow” and “Skins” can be easily paired.

    Got anything good to call the Eagles? ;-)

  • http://insidetheiggles.com/ Ian | Inside the Iggles

    The Redskins would just spend a ton of money on guys like Adam Archuletta, and Brandon Lloyd. It’s all about the quality of the free agents you sign, not the amount of money you spend.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Even marquis teams like the Steelers are out of luck with this sort of situation. They aren’t willing to spend the money and are just SOL. The eagles refuse to spend enough money to hit the cap that exists now. I have to agree with you Dave. This is good news for the Skins, at least in the short term.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Staubach, I’m not that big on making gimmicky names to mock other teams, but since you asked I’ll give it a try. How about…

    “The Philadelphia She-gals”
    “Santa’s Arch-Nemesis”
    “Donovan’s Mc-Injury-Waiting-to-Happen”
    “Worst fans in the world.”

    And of course, my favorite…

    “That NFC East team that’s never won the superbowl”

    I’ll also direct you to a link that reveals Philly Fan’s secret rite of passage.

    “Now son, the Eagles don’t always lose. Just when it really matters.”

  • dwagner

    You’re missing the point, Ian. With no cap, our owner will spend money on an Archuleta or two, no doubt, but he’ll just write those off because he will be able to sign 20 guys a season. The difference between our owner and yours is that ours learns from his mistakes. We have the occasional Bruce Smith, Adam Archuleta, etc. But what we do when we figure it out? We get rid of them, and try something else. What does your owner do when he sees Donovan McNabb throw up in his own mouth from the pressure at the Super Bowl? He gives him an extension and decides to make sure he has no WRs…ever. And since he can’t be bothered to spend to the current cap, you know he won’t pry open his wallet when there isn’t one. Enjoy the mediocrity of the 80′s all over again.


  • Staubach

    You are right RG, I like the ones that speak the truth ;-)

    The Cowboys and the Redskins hate each other (which is good otherwise the games would be boring), but I have never seen either one get a climax over opponents injuries.

    Only other fans I saw that were jets fans and they were cheering the injury of their own player. Now that’s a tough crowd!

  • Staubach

    Oh man, that cartoon was funny!! :-))

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    “Don’t forget to say the magic words little eagles fan: At least we got there….at least we got there…”

  • redskin777us

    Ease up player……before we all start counting more Superbowl trophys, take into account that is a couple years down the road. Much can happen with the CBA. I personally can’t see this really happening. My guess is that they will push this to the brink before finally coming to their senses.
    I have more important things on my mind than a fantasy three seasons down the road. I am focused on 2008. I know that many here are yet again bashing Snyder (I enjoyed things much more when Jerry Jones was the whipping noy of ESPN) for both moves made and not made in the off-season. Many here are upset at the hiring of Jim Zorn. Frankly, none of us know if he will be successful or not. His success depends mostly on Jason Campbell. Can he pick this offense up quickly, can he become a better field general, will he start leading this team to wins, can he carry this team on his back when needed? (none of us has the answers to those question yet either) I was surprised at the hiring of Zorn. The more I think about it though, I like it. This guy was a pretty good QB in his playing days, on a mediocre team. At least we have a coach that see the game through a QB eyes. He won’t have the arragance of Spurrier…”I’m more concerned with running my system than i am with matchups.” This guy knows it is a huge advantage to exploit matchup advantages you have against your opponet… We will finally get out of our “Prevent Offense” and score some damn points and maybe wins more of the silly games that we have been pissing away for the last 4 years. Is not like we were an awful team under Gibbs, but let’s face reality, you simply are not going to wins consistently scoring less than 20 points a game. We may not be a well oiled machine this season, but I would bet anything that we average 24 points a game.
    On Free Agency: I’m pleased that we did not sign anyone. For the most part, I like this team. I like some of our young guys that are not starters on the team. Guys like H.B. Blades, Anthony Mix, Stephon Heyer. These are suys that I think can be starters in this league, if not for this team, than some other team. We may still sign a guy or two after June 1 roster cuts…but we’ll see.
    On the Draft: I wouldn’t have guessed that we would draft 3 pass catchers in the second round. Thomas and Kelly, doesn’t surprise me at all. Davis, now that is a separate issue to it’s own. I would have thought that we could get someone for either line in the second round. Perhaps Snyder is not pleased with Santana Moss’s overall production. Maybe, this draft is a preparatory move for next season. It is time that Moss start producing touchdowns….same thing for you Randle El. To be honest with you, I know nothing about every other player we drafted except for the punter Brooks, i have caught some ACC games and have seen him punt. He certainly has a stronger leg than Frost. I think it is high time that we start putting a genuine emphasis on the kicking game and this battle will be interesting to see unfold. To the remainder of the draftees. I hope you’re all good enough to not only make this team, but that you’re good enough to make more Redskins Tradition!
    There is much more that I have to say and will post again soon. As always, Hail to the Redskins!

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  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    It’s great to hear from you Redskin777us! You make some great points, especially about Jim Zorn. I’m trying to keep an open mind and I’d encourage everyone else to do so as well. Everything I’ve seen from him so far (well, except for the maroon and black gaffe) has been very positive. He might very well be exactly what we needed. At the very least, we need to give him a chance.

    I think you’re right about Snyder’s disappointment with Moss et al, but I also think we were looking for some specific types of receivers. Moss and Randel El are both speedy but very short. Zorn’s offense demands some tall guys who can go over the middle and jump up and catch the ball. I’m hoping they can add an extra dimension to the offense and get Cooley and Moss and Portis more wiggle room to make the big plays.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Oh, and amen on your Frost comment! Frost is pretty good at placing the ball but his kicks are so short that we need a good bounce just to get average numbers. It pains me when we punt from our thirty yard line and the next thing I know the other team’s at midfield. We need someone who can dig us out of a hole when we’re pinned back and the offense sputters (as it’s prone to do with a young QB).

  • redskin777us

    thanx, Redskins Guy…I do agree with you about our staff looking for the guy “types” and wanted to make mention of that idea in my post, nut was worried that it would help to make a very long post even that much more…(you get the idea) I also share you pain about our punting woes and have many of the years since the days of Mike Bragg. With the exception for about 4 years of Matt Turk, and about 3 from Reggie Roby our coaching staff has not consistently put a serious commitment to getting strong talent at the position (almost the same thing for K ) If this competition plays out as I hope it does, this draft has the potential to rank among the better drafts in team history…and time will tell us if this is true or not. If you look back since Snyder has bought the team we have drafted fairly well (with the picks that we have had) even in the lower rounds. For the most part I like the make up of this team. At the same time, I am not without concerns. The age of the roster concerns me at least somewhat. More so beyond this season, than for 2008. My hope is that some younger guys on the roster step up when their name is called. The lines…I believe if you can do the following consistently well, you will win the vast majority of your games: dominate the lines of scrimage play after play, win the turnover battle (remember how great the 1983 season was winning the turnover ration for the league at +42 SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) Be a disciplined team, don’t shoot yourself in the foot from the players to the coaching staff. A strong running game. By doing these things well game in and game out, you will win far more than you’ll loose. Since the very early 90′s we have not placed any emphasis on DL in the draft. Kennard Lang was decent, but nothing special and over the same period of time free agency has faired not much better. The last time we had a DL that really caused teams real problems was when we lined up from left to right Charles Mann, Dave Butts, Darryl Grant, Dexter Manley. Most of this time we have been less than stellar, to as bad as being referred to around the league as the H.O.V. lane. Some where along the way we must start drafting starting DL. Every other ream in the league can do and does, so why won’t we? Since I have ragged on (no pun intended) the D Line, I think it is only fitting and proper to give a hearty congratulations to Cornelius Griffin, posting 96 tackles with a 6.4 tackles per game average in 2004. Almost freakish numbers for any D Linemen and outstanding for a DT. This team had been hit hard with injuries over the last several years, especially to key players…maybe this year will even things up a bit. I don’t want to sound like a whiner about injuries because ever team gets them. One way to solve that problem is to have solid backup players. Another is a little luck for a change (hear me, hear oh football gods, and not just with injuries. Can a man have a bounce or two? )
    Lastly, I would like to just throw a few comments out there…see if anyone out there agrees with me…Congratulations to Darrel Green and (FINALLY) Art Monk making their way to Canton. I will be there for the game and induction ceremony. Great players in team history and just as honorable men as well. I am proud that they played their careers for the Redskins. In my opinion two more from the same team Jacoby and Grimm could have been voted in along with them and few would really have a right to complain. Can anyone explain to me why Chris Hanburger is not in the H.O.F.? (for crying out loud that is a no brainer, yet each year the selection committee passes him by. That just baffles me! Rest in peace Sean Taylor!!!

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Wow. Lots to respond to. Again I’m with you on the punter. The kicker position has burned us so many times in the past too. I remember the one season (2000?) we put Carney on IR and went through a half dozen kickers who all sucked. We lost like six games because of field goal misses. Kickers are IMPORTANT. Nothing can kill morale than making it all the way to the other team’s 20 and walking away with no points because of a shank field goal.

    Regarding defensive line, I agree with you. We NEED to address that issue and we’ve been pushing it back year after year after year. The only consolation is that the guys we DO draft tend to be good players, as you mentioned. I suspect part of the reason is that we just haven’t been in a position to get good DL talent for our pick’s value. When it’s our turn to draft if all the talented DL’s have already been taken we’re given the choice of reaching for a player in a position we need who’s much less talented for the draft spot, trying to trade back (which isn’t always possible), or picking another position that’s got better talent available. We’ve typically gone for option #3. I think it’s the right call, but sooner or later we need to position ourselves to beef up our d-line.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    It’s definitely great to see Daryl and Art going to the HOF together. Adding Jacoby and Grimm would be awesome too, but I’m not sure how realistic it is. They certainly deserve it. When you go to the HOF game and the induction ceremony you’ll have to give us a report to tell us how it was!