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Richie RichHe just couldn’t resist it.  Months of discipline and careful spending have been flushed down the toilet.  Let’s face it, it’s not FUN to keep your core players and expand through the draft.  There’s no immediate gratification.  Dan Snyder had to try to throw all his draft picks at the Bengals to get a big splash for his team.  We’re just lucky that the Bengals are crazier than we are.

 We don’t know all the details, but unless the escalation clause that turned that third round pick into a first rounder involved us winning the superbowl, we offered waaaay too much for a 30 year old disgruntled wideout.   I think Chad Johnson would be a great addition to any team, but not at that price tag.   Especially not when you consider that Chad Johnson would want  a new contract to go with his relocation.  Two first rounders and a huge chunk of our salary cap is not a sound investment. When the hell will we learn?

After being denied by Cincinnati, we apparently ran straight to Arizona.   Jason La Canfora wrote here that we haven’t given up on our search to piss our draft away.  More recent posts talk about our trips to visit actual draft candidates, but they sound almost like an afterthought.  I’m really worried that those draft picks are burning a hole in Dan’s pocket. 

I’m not opposed to a trade, but we’re stuck with a reputation for paying too much and teams are less likely to give us a fair deal.  A year of frugal discipline would have helped us wash away the stain of bad trades in the past.  But now that’s all gone.  Even if we hold onto our picks and draft well, we still hurt our credibility and cemented our crazy spending-spree reputation for yet another year.  

I want very badly to like Dan Snyder.  I really do.  He’s a real fan and I don’t doubt he loves the Redskins as much as I do.  I just wish he would see that his meddling is hurting the team rather than helping it.  Or, at the very least, the appearance of his meddling is hurting the team and he needs to get this PR and bad reputation sorted out.  I’m still ashamed of the way we treated Gregg Williams and totally botched our coaching search.  I suppose it’s possible that I’m blaming Dan unfairly (who knows what really goes on behind closed doors?), but the media keeps using him as a punching bag and he can’t seem to avoid making himself look like a clown.  One way or another, the responsibility is his, and instead of correcting it he seems to have made it worse this year.

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  • TDCowboys

    (BUD LIGHT WE SALUTE YOU ANTHEM)  Today we salute you Mr. Only Redskins blogger guy, Its been your dedication to a team located in the Nations Capital named after Indians that drives you. Hail to the redskins is not just a song, its your national anthem. You’re the guy who paints his face burgandy and gold to blogg on the internet. So what if the redskins site is being overun by dallas fans, That wont stop you, No not you, you’ll hold the sacred motherland down with spears of facts until your fingers bleed. You made a flower called a Tulip a force to be reconed with. Without you their’d be no blogg rivalry. March proudly on the warpath Tulip because today we salute you.  Mr. Only Redskins Blogger Guy.

  • number_9

    I recently had a phone conversation with redskins owner Dan Snyder and it went a little something like this.  Number_9: Hello, Dan? This is what I think you should do. I think you should stop listening to whoever is telling you to build your team thru the draft develop players and keep a good sound core.   Dan Snyder: Seriously?? It’s been killing me trying not to put a fantasy team together and pay mega bucks to satisfy huge gigantic 6 flags sized ego.  Number_9: That’s great Dan maybe you should trade your 1st rd pick this year and 3rd round pick next year this year for Ocho Cinco.  Dan Snyder: And maybe the 3rd round pick could become a first round pick if he goes to the probowl??  Number_9: sure Dan whatever you say…..  Dan Snyder: Shoot….the Bengals are more retarded than Iam they rejected my trade offer.  Number_9: Really?? That sucks but maybe you should go talk to the cardinals and trade for Anquan Boldin….What do you think about that??  Dan Snyder: Im right on it. By the way who is this??  Number_9: Vinny Cerrato…..Moron

  • Redskins Guy

    I have to say, if I’m going to get heckled by Cowboys fans, at least it’s by funny and clever Cowboys fans.   Not once did either of you guys call us the gayskins.  So thank you for elevating your game. 

    I especially love the Bud Light commercial.  I want to make that commercial for youtube now.  How did you know I paint my face Burgandy and gold when I blog? :)

     You guys should be blogging for the Cowboys instead of Landry "If I call them ‘Crapskins’ ten times, it’s funny, right? Right??" Hat. 

  • thelandryhat

    Thanks for the support, Tulip. I am glad it offends you so much. I invented Crapskins.

  • Redskins Guy

    I have to admit that you can have your moments Dan.  I liked the interview with the pac man ghosts. But really, Crapskins? You can do better than that.  Seriously.  What are you, twelve?

  • thelandryhat

    The name is fitting.

  • thelandryhat

    Skins 5-11 in 2008

  • Redskins Guy

    Not only is it fitting, but it’s funny and clever…if you’re in the third grade.  Maybe if I try real hard I can come up with something like that for your team.  The Dallas Pee Pee Heads. How’s that?