We Can Get the Cowboys Once and For All!

I moved to Boston for graduate school and then lived there seven years doing various jobs, and I can tell you first hand that the most insufferable fans in the world are Red Sox and Pats fans.  I’ve been in over 20 major league stadiums and Fenway is the only one I’ve been in where the best home players get booed for having a bad game in the middle of a 100 win season. Boston fans moan when the team has minor set backs and crow loudly when they win.  They are Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack– the worst of the nouveau riche.

And yet, they can still teach us some things once in awhile.

Take this story on ESPN, for example. A construction worker on the new Yankee Stadium who is a Red Sox fan has put a Red Sox t-shirt into the concrete of the stadium in order to jinx the Yankees.

Now I’m not superstitious, nor I am afraid of facing the Cowboys.  We do just fine on our own.  But heck, what can it hurt right?  With the Cowboys building a new billion dollar stadium, this is a perfect time to strike. I will personally supply the Redskins t-shirt to anyone who can verify that they are a worker on the Cowboys stadium project and are capable of putting it in the foundation of the Cowboys stadium. There are going to be hundreds if not thousands of people building this stadium.  Surely, Redskins fans must know one of them that can be turned!

Ask your friends.  Go through your Blackberries!  Let’s get this done people!  We can rid the world of the Cowboys forever! Hail Skins!


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  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    That’s brilliant! I’m happy to chip in as well.  I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to be forced to live in Dallas, but if they have to live there anyway, maybe we can persuade someone to do this for us.

  • http://riggos T L Trimble, Esquire

    Volunteering pro bono legal services for a crime in advance of the crime occurring could be misconstrued as aiding and abetting.  So I’d like to make it very clear that I am NOT offering legal representation in connection with any such act of vandalism.And I’m really glad that M&T stadium is long since completed…

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Yeah, but the Ravens stadium is already cursed by virtue of the fact that it sits on the site that used to be "Hammerjacks." :)

  • splash

    I am sure I told you this story but in case you forgot, this has been taken care of. :)As you know, I possess part of the field from RFK stadium, taken from the last game there against the Cowboys.  (a game the skins won btw)During a work visit to the dreadful Dallas I journeyed to the site of the new Cowboys stadium.  There I removed the precious dirt and mixed it into the partially built site, in a large hole where the foundation was to go, and there it shall remain forever…

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    I knew you had the turf from RFK, but I didn’t realize you mixed it in with the dirt. That’s not even illegal so we don’t have to worry about Trimble the Raven’s official ambulance chaser.  Maybe there’s a reason why the Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game in ten years….

  • staubach

    Redskins guyGuys, if you really want spice up the Dallas rivalry, you need to bring in some old time characters such as George Allen. He lived for those two games a year. He was nuts but a great character. You need a Billy Kilmer. He threw a terrible ball but somehow it always reached its target. While Allen screamed, Landry at worse winced. Classic era that will never be repeated. Another great skins QB comes to mind. Anyone remember Sonny Jurgenson? In contrast to Kilmer he had a pinpoint tight spiral. Another Tidbit of Allen, he never saw a draft choice he couln’d trade. He olnly liked old veterans.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    You’re right there.  There’s no going back. Snyder tried the old veteran approach and it didn’t really pan out.  Of course, Norv Turner and Steve Spurrier aren’t fit to carry George Allen’s jockstrap.  Nor Landry’s for that matter. 

  • staubach

    I guess time colors all memories. What neurons I have left remember’s the nickname "The impeccable" Charley Taylor. They were referred to as the "Over the Hill Gang" and before 1971 Dallas was "Next Year’s Champions" because of the failures in the big games. I think the field goal loss to the Colts had to hurt the most.