Vick Playing QB Again

According to the New York Daily News, Michael Vick is playing football for his prison team. I mostly post this because I find it hilarious.  There are the obvious “Longest Yard” jokes, and of course the questions of what happens when one of these guys get a chance to lay a hit on him.

But the only thing I kept thinking was, “How can we get Rae Carruth transferred to Vick’s prison?”  For those who forget Carruth, he was the Panthers starting WR who had his wife killed in a drive by shooting. This would have to be the best QB-receiver combo in the history of prison football, right? Then we could put the whole thing on pay-per-view and raise money for the ASPCA and women’s shelters.

While we’re on the subject, I have to say that this is probably bad idea for Vick.  It is unlikely he will get hurt or anything.  I suspect that barring tearing an ACL slipping on some bad turf, the chances of him taking a big damage is minimal.  There probably aren’t many guys in prison that combine size and speed the way NFL players do. No, the concern I have is that Vick will probably lose any sense of discipline he may have had as a QB.  Surely, every time the pocket collapses he’ll just take off and score a TD.  Why throw the ball when you can run circles around everybody?

What is the alternative?  Film study in the prison theater?  I guess not.  Asking the warden for a wipe board and diagraming plays like Vince Lombardi in that old footage (“What we need is a seal here, and a seal here.”)?  I doubt that works either.  Conjugal visits from old coach Dan Reeves?  Umm…let’s skip that image.

No, I don’t really have an answer.  But doesn’t this make him even more of a punch line when he tries to get a new job when he gets out?

NFL Owner: Michael, we’re concerned that you havn’t played in awhile.  How did you keep your skills sharp?

MV: Oh, don’t worry. I’ve spent the last three years running from recovering crack heads and tax cheats in minimum security prison.  I scored 20 TD a game for the Leavenworth Rockpilers of the FPL. I was named MVP.

NFL Owner: Most Valuable Player?

MV: Close.  Most Valuable Prisoner.

NFL Owner: We’ll call you if Vinny Testaverde doesn’t want to come out of retirement again.

Maybe there is no good answer.  But I know one thing.  If I played ball with Vick, I’d do what we do when we play pickup in the park and make the “QBs can’t run” rule.


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