So Much For Madieu

No big deal, of course, except it makes me look stupid.  Madieu Williams just signed for a ridiculous 5 years at $33 million.  Apparently, the owners are in that “Baseball in the 90′s” mood.  If Williams is worth $33 million in this market, Asante Samuel has got to be worth $60 million. Frightening. More as the day unfolds.


Tags: Free Agency Rumors Washington Redskins

  • Sam Bethesda

    Yeah Terps

  • WestCoastSkins

    He costed too much anyway. I say we take a chance on a cheap Mike Doss.

  • Sean

    Ive just heard rumors of a trade that sends D. Hall to Dallas along with Atlanta’s #3 pick for both Dallas first rounders, Spears and Carpenter. This would be huge for Dallas and a big blow to the Skins. If this happens we will really need a top tier receiver.

  • Godsfavoriteteam

    Hey bros! Havent forgot about you. In Italy on business. be home soon. you guys got me again darn it. Your too much for me. I’ll tell ya, this franchise and it fans are just to much for little ol me. Don’t worry though I’ll be back soon. Gotta make coin right? Scratch makes the world go round. Seeya soon brothers.