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Jim Zorn Coming?

It isn’t on the main page.  You have to dig into the NFL headlines on ESPN, but they are saying Jim Zorn has agreed to be the new Redskins offensive coordinator despite the lack of head coach hiring.  The contract is for three years according to sources.

There is no official announcement, and I wouldn’t expect one given that it is so late.  Expect the traditional “a press conference is planned for Monday” kind of news though.  And don’t be surprised if the press conference includes the hiring of Jim Fassel as well.

This article from the Washington Post mentioned one of the obstacles to hiring Fassel was that the Redskins were running into difficulty filling out the staff Fassel wanted.  Zorn was the OC of choice. 

It is, of course, possible that the Skins liked Zorn so much that they’ll foist him on whatever head coach they choose to hire, but it seems likely Fassel is the direction we are headed. 

I like Zorn in theory.  The Seahawks offense was dynamic and interesting and Matt Hasselbeck does a lot with average physical gifts.  My concerns center around two things.  1) We might be “pulling a Garrett” and hiring Zorn without a head coach.  I don’t like this because the first job of any coach should be to surround himself with people he trusts. 2) The Seahawks rely on the short passes of the West Coast offense.  I don’t know if Zorn will install the WCO, but I’m sure he will rely on short passes.  Campbell’s strengths, as we all know, are in the intermiediate and deep routes.  If Zorn can teach Campbell the touch and timing of the short pass, that is fabulous and important.  However, if that just isn’t Campbell’s cup of soup in the end, we have a terrible mismatch.

More as it comes, particularly if we get official word.


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  • Drew

    How did the ‘skins manage to avoid the minority interviews?  Is Greg Williams black?  Jim Fassel is a big mistake, and I have to imagine that a little bit of outside the box thinking with a minority candidate would do wonders there…Just my two cents, unless you think that DC people wouldn’t take kindly to a minority coach…They did kind of push Ray Rhodes out if recall (though he might have been a coordinator, Im not sure)

  • thelandryhat

    It’s official. Hey, the Cowboys hired an OC before a HC and it worked out OK. The biggest problem I see is a west coast offense with Jason Campbell? Yikes. Not good.

  • dwagner


    The Redskins interviewed Ron Meeks, the Colts defensive coordinator, who is african american. So we didn’t avoid them. Though frankly, I don’t think we went out of our way to cast a large net in general or specifically for african-americans.  But I don’t think it has to do with the fact that Redskins fans wouldn’t like it.  I don’t have any numbers to support this, but one look around Fed Ex and it is clear a large number of Redskins fans (and Washingtonians in general) are african-american.

    If this would be a problem for the team, the ownership, or the fans, I’d be very disappointed.  Thanks for the comments, Drew, and anyone wanting to comment on the race issue, should feel free to do so.


  • Drew

    I’m just suspect of anyone wanting to hire a retred like JF, when there’s got to be more qualified candidates in other coaching situations – white, black, purple, etc.

  • gehenna

    Apparently Gregg Williams is out of the running, according to espn. He was overly critical of Gibbs, or that’s the line they’re leaking to the press anyway. I think you can blame Snyder for a lot of things and he’s botched this all up, but racist? I don’t see it.  Hiring Fassel seems to be a terrible move but I don’t doubt Snyder would hire someone of any race, creed, or color if he thought that person could get him a superbowl.  It’s his assessment of talent that’s suspect.  Oh well, at least we’re not the Oakland Raiders.

  • dwagner

    I agree.  I’m never happy with retreads. But I do try to keep telling myself that Tony Dungy and Bill Bellichick both were fired before winning Super Bowls.  Bill was fired twice. 

    I get the distinct impression that there was a lack of imagination on the part of the Redskins, but not a lack of interviews.  By my count, we interviewed at least 7 people for the job.  That is a respectable number, but unfortunately, there was never a name that really got me excited.  And Schwartz from the Titans was the only one that seemed to show any effort to bring in someone with something new up their sleeves.

    We have a problem teams like the Steelers and Pats never have.  We have not concentrated on grooming young coaching talent to put into place as the older talent moves own so the cupboard is bare. I thought that was the plan with Williams and even though I’ve never seen head coaching material in him, I was willing to give him a shot.  Now, we’re starting over and we may still not have any young talent to groom.


  • justin moran

    yeah i thought the cowboys were crazy for doing that bus it did work but why wouldn’t the west coast offence work with campbell from what i have seen semi mobile qb’s with strong arms are exactly the mold.

  • justin moran

    yeah i thought the cowboys were crazy for doing that bus it did work but why wouldn’t the west coast offence work with campbell from what i have seen semi mobile qb’s with strong arms are exactly the mold..

  • gehenna

    His accuracy isn’t the greatest. I’m not sure if it’s nerves or inexperience or what, but he always seems to be throwing the ball behind the receiver or too high.

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