Big NFC East Rumor

How is this for solid journalism?  I’m going to link to a blog that is reporting what he heard in an email about what a guy posted on a fan site about what he heard on the radio.  Still, the rumor is too juicy, and the guy reporting it is too trustworty (and he traces the “sources” very responsibly) not to put here.

Accoridng to our sister site, Phin Phantic, Donovan McNabb is on his way to the Dolphins, perhaps for a first day pick or for Jason Taylor. This makes sense in a lot of ways.  Clearly, the Eagles window is closing on McNabb and this version of the Eagles.  If anyone needs evidence of this you only need to look as far as the comments of my mock draft where several Eagles fans were trying to tell me they had good linebackers. The Philly fans have just not ever liked McNabb.

Additionally, it doesn’t make sense for the Dolphins to wait too long to rebuild.  Parcells needs to show he’s in charge with a big move.  McNabb is young enough he can provide a legitimate QB for at least three more years giving the Dolphins time to figure out if Beck is their long term answer or they need another QB. 

The Dolphins won’t trade the #1 overall pick for McNabb, but wouldn’t the first pick of the second or third round seem like plenty for McNabb considering his injury track record and that Randy Moss was traded for a 4th rounder just last year?  I’m not saying Mcnabb’s star has fallen quite as far as Moss’ had, but on the other hand, McNabb has never been as good as Moss was before he slid for a couple of years. When you factor in the price of QB’s, a second or third rounder seems about right.

We’ll keep on top of this as it obviously effects the balance of power in the NFC East. 


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  • Ian-Inside the Iggles

    Very reliable source you got here LOL

  • thelandryhat

    It is so funny how Ian pops his head in every time someone invokes the name of his lover, Donovan. IAN, this is getting Super Gay. Just deal with this and please blog responsibly instead of misleading your readers: McNabb is going to be traded. IF the eagles can get a top pick for him they would be retarded not to make this trade!!!! Why are you so much in his butt?

  • gehenna

    It is funny how biased you guys can be. I mean, Ian’s a cross between that Britney Spears fan on youtube and a Yorkshire Terrier.  And Landry, of course, is basically Rush Limbaugh with a slightly better vocabularly and fewer scruples.  It’s a good thing we have  us Redskins fans to keep the NFC East grounded in reality.  

  • Gayskin

    Can someone tell me and the fellas why that sex god Dan Snyder needs four interviews with that one guy.  We have put our ass play (that we dedicated to the redskins) on hold untill there is a new coach. I think some of us have cheated. My two bed hunks smell like backside right now. They keep this up and my mouth is going to smell like manass very soon. I know all of you know what I mean…Ha ha ha. woooooooooooo whoooooopie! Lorenzo says hi to all the redskinnys out there. We are just like you. We love the Redskins and we love Men. Hail to the redskins. Does anyone know Godd Collins address? That sexxy thing needs some attention.

  • gehenna

    Let me rephrase: It’s a good thing we have non-phony Redskins fans to keep the NFC East grounded in reality. As opposed to phony idiots who act like 12 year olds.

  • thelandryhat

    Gehenna Gehenna GeHenna, I have a collection of posts from you in which I think you could conquer the idiot 12 year old poster. Yep.

  • gehenna

    Uh huh. Do you really want to put your collection of my posts up against  my collection of your posts? I’m not sure who the idiot 12 year old poster is but I bet he never predicted Terry Glenn would be superbowl MVP.

  • Gayskin

    Terry Glenn Is super Sexy. He My MVPEEPEE…Get it PEEPEE…haha. I love me some peepee.