Gibbs Retires

ESPN reported seven minutes ago that coach Gibbs is retiring effective pretty much immediately.  There will be a press conference at 3PM eastern.

It is too early for me to say anything intelligent, but let me predict that Bill Cowher will be our new head coach and that it will happen quickly.  For those who have forgotten, there were rumors that Dan Snyder met with Cowher in the last offseason.  My guess is that Coach Gibbs had already told Snyder that this was his last year, and Snyder already made his deal.

Other candidates include Al Saunders and Greg Williams obviously.  And probably the usual suspects that are interviewing for other jobs like Jason Garett.  I’d also like to forward the name Cam Cameron.  I know he went 1-15 just the past season, but I think Vince Lombardi would have only gone 4-12 with that team.

At any rate, all I can say for now is thanks, Joe.  This organization is much better off than it was when you arrived, and it was so exciting to see you back on the sideline.  Things will never be the same without you. Thanks for two playoff runs this time around, and thanks for those three trophies in Redskins Park.

More on this after the press conference.  Hail Skins!


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  • gehenna

    God I hope you’re right about Cowher. Everything I was reading said that he was coming back and I’m dubious that Snyder would be able to keep everything so quiet about this.  This is fairly devastating to me. I miss Joe Gibbs already! Please let us have a good coach who can lead us to victory!

  • ThelandryHat

    Someone at work today mentioned Cowher, too. If you get him, that would worry me. He’s awesome. I mean, he had success with Kordell Stewart at QB. So, he certainly can win with Jason "joke" Campbell.Another end of the Gibbs era, his worst, too. But he’s a hall of famer and one of the best, still. He deserves kudos for taking on this team that hasn’t won a playoff game in almost two decades. Back to racing cars.

  • splash

    Well if by two decades you mean 1999 sure, long enough to be too long anyway, great home playoff win though, I remember it well against Detroit. :)Anyway, great as Cowher would be, it would mean new systems on both sides of the ball, and that would be yet more transition for this team…

  • Godsfavoriteteam

    There is no better news (other than Washington Mediocrity lose again in playoffs) than Joe Gibbs leaving the Washington Mediocrity. Bottom Line: He Failed. A huge mistake to bring someone so old to a young mans world. I know I am one of the biggest Cowboy fans in the world but I think I speak for every Skin Fan when I say, Pack your things, get the hell out of dodge and please, please, please never show your failed A#% around here again. Side Note: Cowher will not downgrade himself and come to washington… just so know.

  • gehenna

    Uh, you speak for Redskins fans about as much as you make sense.  Which is to say, not at all.  Gibbs was a great coach and he got us to two playoff trips in the last three years.   Considering our playoff drought before that, he did really improve this team.   As for Gibbs leaving, it could be worse.  I mean, he could have been fired uncerimoniously by an asshole new owner.  THAT would have been embarrassing.

  • justin

    I didn’t think cowboys could use computers?

  • justin

    the reason it is good news for cowboys fans is you hated to play him and just remember his last regular season game ever he kicked your ass.

  • Godsfavoriteteam

    Such harsh words from Skin fans. I would be angry too if my team was so horrible season after season. I always welcomed Gibbs and his Mediocrity comming to town. Anyone who saw starting potential in Jason Campbell was a sure loser game after game. Believe me when I say Joe Gibbs leaving is a blessing. Be warned though, Snyder has nothing up his sleeve as usual, and brace yourself for another Coach who is a no name embarrasment like Gibbs. Gibbs was once great but not anymore and the sooner you grab a hold of that fact the sooner your luck may change in washington. I highly doubt that you will though,…The redskins will go on being the Lions of the NFC east.<grin> Typical.

  • Inside the Iggles

    I didn’t know Gibbs grand kid was sick. That’s a shame. What an emotional season for the Skins. Sean Taylor’s death, and now the legendary coach steps down.

  • Godsfavoriteteam

    Here is my peace offering to all Skin Fans. I invite you to watch Brilliance, Genious, Greatness, Accuracy, Sharpness, Art, Mastery, Finesse, Sheer Talent and Ability. All these are the Dallas Cowboys. No need to bow, get up, get off your knees. The time has come to let yourself enjoy a football game instead of dreading gametime. The Boys want you all there and behined them all the way. Better yet, I invite you to run side by side with Godsfavoiteteam.  I promise you will be excited to watch the Blinding Light that is T.O., the Magnificence of Marion Barber, the impressiveness of Jason Witten and lets not forget that Tony Romo is a Jedi. You will get to witness what Defense really means in the NFL. All of you are in for a Fantastic Sunday. Thank you.

  • gehenna

    The thing I love about these comments are that we can always look back later and laugh.  We’ll see what happens GFT.  Even if it’s not this week, you’re going to eat those words soon enough. 

  • justin

    by the way yo the dallas fan mediocre is the correct spelling for that application. but the last thing I would expect a dallas fan to have is a firm grasp of the english language.

  • justin

    and i saw plenty of brilliance in 05 when we swept you. is that when you were looking forward to us coming to town?ha ha ha

  • justin


  • gehenna

    Yeah. Even in our loss last saturday, our running game was like 53 times better than the Cowboys were in week 17.

  • Godsfavoriteteam

    05? Dwelling on the past and spelling errors Justin is the reason your waiting for training camp to start in the post season. Winning, being number one, Number one in the East, is all that matters. Sunday, The DALLAS COWBOYS will reach even higher on their quest in the 07-08 season… read that again, 07-08 season. Not 05… read that again, not 05, not 05, not 05…say that…not 05, not 05, not 05…Good, good little redskin.

  • justin

    we will see. you are only as good as your last game. so for your last playoff game you fumbled it away.

  • justin

    And I was responding to your comment about being happy to see the lowly redskinds come to town and if it wasn’t 05 and it certainly wasn’t this year then when was it ?oh the past so my confused friend you are living in the past.the very last game of this year we kicked your ass you had your starters in for 3 quarters and got it handed to you.I think certain college teams could have ran more than a yard.

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  • Godsfavoriteteam

    Justin, my good little Redskin. First I want you to go and take some english classes for grammer. Second, I have no clue what you were trying to convey to me on your last post. Maybe if I break it down a little more for you and you pretend that I am doing sign language (if that helps) so you understand. Here we go, take notes… ok. You keep talking about the past… the PAST does not matter anymore. Tony Romo fumbling the snap, Cowboys losing their last MEANINGLESS game to the Washington Mediocrity doesn’t mean diddly. Oh, I’m sorry DIDDLY is probably to hard of a word for you. I meant squat. You wanna know what Matters Justin? The 07- 08 post season matters…and who is still in the hunt…who is 13-3…who has home field advantage…Do you need help? Now remember I didn’t ask about 05 or any small mediocre accomplisment the redskins have pulled out in the past. I am asking about this year, this season, the 07-08 post season. Thats right! THE DALLAS COWBOYS! Say that…DALLAS COWBOYS! Yell it, don’t be afraid, say it brother. DALLAS COWBOYS.

  • justin

    hope in one hand and… well you know.but romo has not won a playoff game. so until he can prove he can you are no better than anyone else.and don’t you cowgirls have your own site? know as well as i do washington vs dallas is never meaningless that is why you had your starters in so long .you would have loved to kept us out but you couldn’t even muster you need sign language for that ?if so i am holding one finger up for you to match your total rushing yards.

  • justin

    well I doubt you have the nuts to reply but I am sure you will read this.I guess the playoffs aren’t for romo.first off the cowgirls played exactly the same number of games as the redskins and did no better so you should wait next year before you go on a redskins site and start talking trash.secondly there many reasons for a grown man to cry losing a teammate/friend etc..but over football?there is no crying in football.grow a pair for the love of god.that was pathetic.but I guess that is par for the course for the mediocre cowgirls.

  • gehenna

    Hey "Godsfavoriteteam", you want to know what matters? The 07- 08 post season matters…and who is still in the hunt…who was 13-3…who had home field advantage…and then CHOKED TERRIBLY. Do you need help?  Thats right! THE DALLAS COWBOYS SUCK! Say that…DALLAS COWBOYS SUCK! Yell it, don’t be afraid, say it brother. DALLAS COWBOYS SUCK. 

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