Giants Get the Cowboys

I’m flying today so I can’t make a very big post, but I just wanted to take a second to mention the impending Giants-Cowboys game.  Frankly, I don’t know what team to cheer for in the game.  I grew up hating them both.

So, while I’m travelling today, I put it to ya’ll.  Who do you hate the most?  Do you watch it because it is NFL football and that’s better than ice dancing or golf or whatever else is on? Or do you keep it off because watching those two teams in the playoffs when we’re out makes you vomit? Comment below on who you want to see win, or if you can’t do that, send us your idea for preventing both teams from winning (ie the blimp crashes into the stadium and kills both teams, Lawrence Taylor sends hookers to all of their rooms, etc.).

I’ll post my own complete thoughts tomorrow.  And also tomorrow or the next day, I will be presenting my plan for the offseason including potential free agent acquisitions and my first of several mock drafts. Stay tuned, folks.  More in the offseason than any one Redskins fan could use.


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  • gehenna

    Most hated team: Cowboys of course. Eagles are second and Giants third. Most problems with fans: Eagles fans have to top the list (note this is SOME eagles fans, not all) with Cowboys fans second (and gaining, what with mister landry hat calling us cheaters and dirty players), and the Giants fans third. In this case, I’d recommend rooting for the underdog (the Giants) since I can’t see Eli Manning making it to the superbowl in a million years. I won’t wish for injuries, but I hope it’s a long, hard-fought battle that leaves both teams physically and emotionally drained so that whoever wins will be worn down for the following week.

  • gehenna

    From Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback: "I think the nicest gestures of the week belong to Dallas safety Roy Williams and the Redskins. Washington listed the late Sean Taylor as their starting safety for Saturday’s playoff game. On the other hand, Williams, who was named to the Pro Bowl as a replacement for Taylor, said he will have something special for the Taylor family in Honolulu, and this is what it is: He’ll switch from his uniform number, 31, and wear Taylor’s number, 21, for the game. A brilliant idea and nice tribute to the memory of a man who’s been an inspiration to players and people in and out of the Washington organization."

  • Inside the Iggles

    Eagles fans are the best in the country.

  • gehenna

    That’s why the eagles need to have their own court judge in their stadium.  And why they cheered when Irvin had a neck injury and booed when McNabb was drafted.  Didn’t they pelt Santa with batteries or something?  On a more personal note, I’ve been to nearly all the Redskins home games this decade.  I can tell you that no other fan base more consistantly causes problems and goes over the line.  I remember an Eagles Fan behind me started talking trash after a Redskin suffered what seemed at the time to be a serious injury.  The Eagles fans were talking about how they hoped it would end the player’s career.   I just don’t see that sort of behavior in other team’s fans.  Even Dan from Landry’s Hat doesn’t go that far.   It’s nothing personal against you Inside;  I also know plenty of eagles fans who are decent people and decent fans.  But there is a real group of Eagles fans who are classless and give the rest of you a bad name.

  • Godsfavoriteteam

    Neither bad nor good, poor, inferior are some of the words used to describe the word MEDIOCRE.  It is the same with the Washington Redskins. I know that comming from a Cowboy fan such as myself, my statment won’t mean much to you but deep down in places the redskin fans don’t talk about, you know it to be true. There is no commitment to excellence in and around this organization, never has been and there never will be. Joe Gibbs didn’t make one bit of difference for this team. The old man is wacky and out of date. Its good to hear that he is on his way out. This team tryed to ride the death of teammate train through the playoffs and failed miserably in the name of Sean Taylor. All of you should be ashamed. Rip the 21 decal off your helmets, bash yourself in the head with the facemask and ask him forgiveness. Your only choice the rest of the season is to watch the Cowboys take their game to a level that will never be reached by the Washington Mediocrity. I invite you to bask in the glow of Cowboy Superbowl Greatness because in our lifetime the Washington Mediocrity will never reach past a wild card spot.

  • gehenna

    Joe Gibbs got us to the playoffs twice in four seasons.  And he also got us something your cowboys haven’t done in a decade: A playoff win. When the cowboys win a single playoff game, come back. Until then, you’re all talk and hot air.

  • gehenna

    Oh, and also, he got us a 4-2 record against the cowboys over the last 4 years. If for no other reason, thank you Joe Gibbs! We love you!