Thank God They’re On Our Side

Who runs the Redskins official website?  A closet Cowboy’s fan?  If you guys haven’t seen it, is running a poll asking who is a better RB, Clinton Portis or Adrian Peterson.

Look, I love CP.  Every patient off tackle play where he puts his hand on the back of a pulling guard and waits for the hole to open and then pops right through for eight yards it warms the cockles of my heart.  Every time I see him pick up a blitz while sacrificing his own body by slamming it into a 250 lb lineback running full speed, I thank god he is ours.

And yet, let’s face it, Adrian Peterson is the second coming of Herschel Walker.  And he has a chance of being Jim Brown. No one has his blend of speed and power.

The fact that didn’t realize this poll would just make me guilty for wishing CP was AD (that’s “All Day” for the uninitiated) shows how out of touch they are.  Did they really expect us to be homers and all vote for Portis?  With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Like I said, I love Portis. There are only two RBs in football I’d trade Portis for (LT and AD).  Most of the other backs who put up better stats (and there aren’t many) don’t help a team win in as many ways as Portis can.  They don’t block. They don’t catch out of the back field.  They don’t keep the team loose.  They don’t know how to lead.  But when we win on Sunday (please god, let us win), it will be because Tavaris Jackson is like the 46th best QB in the league, not because we have the best RB.

And I feel guilty for saying it.  Oh well, forgive me Clinton.  Does it help if I say you’re better than Chester Taylor?


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  • danzinski

    It makes Viking fans nervous when you call Adrian the second coming of Herschel Walker.

  • thelandryhat

    Hi! First, my prediction: Deadskins 13 Vikings 34

    Bye bye playoffs. Then, you host Dallas.

    Dallas 38 Deadskins 17
    Brad Johnson throws for 267 yards and 2 touchdowns, both to Terry Glenn.

    Uh oh.

  • gehenna

    Yeah, well clearly Landry has all the inside information. Just look at how eerily accurate his take on the vikings game was.  As for Terry Glenn, I know you’ve got a Bionic Man-like obsession with him, but let’s get real.  They DON’T have the technology.  They CAN’T make him stronger, faster, or better.  She’s wasn’t even that good to start with; just ask the Dolphins new VP.

  • Chris

    Well, I hope any questions about Peterson being the best of all time are at least stifled for a while after that performance. Only handful of backs in history who could have gotten (rushing) yards against the defense that night.Jim Brown (would have grinded and grinded), Barry Sanders (would break an 80 yard carry and finish the day with 100 yards on 20 attempts and a TD). Maybe Walter Payton.Of course guys like Marshall Faulk would probably have found yards through the air, as Peterson did a little bit by the time the Skins had figured it was over. All in all, blame the OC of the Vikings. He went so far as to dig a horse up and continue beating it before deciding to call some downfield passes.

  • gehenna

    I can’t help but wonder if his injury hasn’t slowed him down.  He never did get back to where he was before he got hurt.

  • thelandryhat

    email me if you want to do a Q&A with me. Warning: It won’t be all sweet and cute