TO Complaining About Someone Else Being a Distraction?

I thought it was fun when ESPN showed those stats about Romo having a bad game when Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood were at the game. And, of course, like any normal person (this excludes radio talk show hosts, guys from Around the Horn, and any other talking head) I chalked it up as a funny coincidence.  But count Terrell Owens as another person who thinks a pair of Daisy Dukes can do more to Romo than a well-timed blitz.

According to Yahoo!, TO had two conflicting statements.  One was the rather playful statement, “Right now, Jessica Simpson is not a fan favorite — in this locker room or in Texas Stadium.”  This seemed like a joke, and TO later said it was.

On the other hand, he also said, “With everything that has happened, obviously the way Tony played and the comparison between her and Carrie Underwood, I think a lot of people feel like she’s kind of taken his focus away. Other than that, she was hot on my list until last week.”

This one seems a little more serious and is probably what he really thinks.

Look, players have their wives, girlfriends, one-night conquests, paid escorts, high-priced call girls, and worse yet, their moms (talk about distraction!) in the stands all the time.  This is way overblown.  But I couldn’t resist the fact that TO was blaming other people for being a distraction.

I think this also shows the fragile ego that is the Cowboys right now.  They know they haven’t beaten anyone good and that Romo is in midst of another December slump.  They’re scared.  And they’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Champions ignore this stuff.  Did you hear a single Patriot comment on Tom Brady and Bridget Moynihan? 

These Cowboys are already looking for excuses and I love it.


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  • gehenna

    Didn’t Laurence Taylor once go to a team meeting in handcuffs because his kinky girlfriend couldn’t find the keys to unlock him? If that’s not a distraction I’m not sure what is. :)  You’re right about Dallas.  Brian Westbrook was smart enough to keep them from having yet another improbable comeback and now they’re starting to collapse.  Unfortunately it might mean that we have tougher competition on week 17. 

  • Inside the Iggles

    He is starting to bubble. Once Dallas loses in the Playoffs he will boil over.

  • gehenna

    We should totally start a collection to buy Simpson a ticket for week 17.

  • Dan

    WOAH!!!! You think you have any credibility here spouting off about the Cowboys, and being scared, when your team is 7-7? Please stop. This is insane.

  • dwagner

    Just because the Cowboys are scared Romo is going to repeat his late season swoon, doesn’t mean we aren’t worried, too.  Am I worried Adrian Peterson will end our season?  Hell yeah.  Am I worried that even if we beat the Vikings we don’t have enough healthy bodies to beat you guys in week 17?  Yup. 

    My team might be 7-7 but that doesn’t mean I have gone blind.  TO says he was joking, and it is clear he was trying to joke, but there was truth behind that.  The Cowboys look scared to me.  Not of losing the division or home field or whatever.  They are afraid of another first round exit.  And I don’t blame them. They’ve lost faith in their leader and that’s a scary thing.


  • gehenna

    Dan’s right. It’s silly to think that the Cowboys would be scared. It’s not like they just dropped a home game to a division rival with a losing record.  It’s not like they very nearly lost to a pathetic team like the lions the week before.   Oh wait, they did.  Face it Dan, your team is looking a lot more shaky than it was two weeks ago.  Tell me with a straight face that I’m wrong.  That the Redskins are in an even worse position doesn’t change anything.  We’re fighting for our playoff lives and you’re in the process of choking away home field advantage while entering a potential december slump. 

  • thelandryhat

    This is ridiculous. A Giants fan and a Deadskins fan are trying to tell me I, and the Dallas Cowboys, are "scared."Listen guys, the Cowboys can lose the next two games and I won’t be "scared." In fact, it’s rest time. We’re not fighting to make it to the playoffs like you two guys are. We don’t need to keep plugging away at it. Home field advantage is meaningless. We lost both of our games at home. It doesn’t matter.

  • gehenna

    Home field advantage is meaningless? You beat the Packers at home.  Are you really so eager to try to play them in December on Lambeau field when you could take them at home where you know you can beat them?  Your statement is absurd and you’re making excuses for your team. Not to mention that it’s always terrible to back your way into the playoffs; there’s a very significant correlation between teams that enter the playoffs with a losing streak and teams that are one and done in the postseason.  Saying that home field advantage for your team is meaningless is either very naive or desperate rationalization.  Be a man and admit that your team isn’t bullet proof the way you might have thought it was two weeks ago.