In the Thick of Things

What a win!  The second easiest game of the year (behind the Detroit game) and proof that for 7 out of 8 quarters against the Giants we have outclassed them.  This game makes all the close loses feel even crappier as we should have been one the teams clinching this week.

As it is, we’re right in the middle of things.  If we beat the Vikings (who looked very human tonight against the Bears), it sets up a big game against the Cowboys in week 17. As you can see, Dan over at the Landry Hat is talking louder as his confidence wanes.  A very typical Cowboys fan problem.  All bravado, no real confidence.

Speaking of Dan, he was one of the many victims of the Brian Westbrook knee play on Sunday.  If you missed it, Brian Westbrook broke free near the end of the game against the Cowboys and rather than taking a TD, he purposely stopped on the 1 yard line so that the Eagles could take a knee and end the game. The fantasy implications of this are obvious.  All over the fantasy world, Westbrook owners have lost playoff games by six points or less.  On the whole, I feel a little bit sorry for guys like this.  But let’s all go to Dan’s site and make fun of him.  He’s a Cowboys fan relying on an Eagle RB for his playoff life anyway.  There is a reason why this didn’t happen to me.  On my five teams, I don’t own any major Eagles, Cowboys, or Giants.  Let that be a lesson to you, Dan.  Fantasy loyalty allows for more real loyalty.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a second to tip my hat to Fred Smoot for last night.  And I’m not really talking about how he held Plaxico Burress to three catches (but that was great).  What I’d like to talk about is a play in the first half where he put his head and shoulders right into Brandon Jacob’s chest to stop him one yard short of a first down.  Smoot was hurt on the play, but he would later come back.  The first time Smoot was a Redskin, I used to not like him much because of his tackling.  Smoot used to tackle like Deion Sanders.  He’d throw himself at the feet of an opposing player and hope he tripped him up.  The fact that Smoot was willing to sacrifice his body for the team was great, and I’m so glad we signed him.  Welcome back, Fred.


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  • gehenna

    Dave, if you didn’t like Fred Smoot because he tackled like Sanders, why is it you’re so infatuated with Deion Sanders himself? :) Other than that good post! Smoot really has picked up his game the last several weeks. Go Skins!!!

  • dwagner

    With all due respect to Smoot, he was never Sanders in his prime.  When Sanders was at his best (sadly not while a Redskin), he never actually needed to tackle because he shut down his side of the field. Yes, you gave up some things in the running game with Sanders, but it was worth it.  Guys like Smoot, good but not great, need to be tough in all aspects of the game to make up for their weaknesses.

    By the way, I loved Champ Bailey and Darrell Green too even though neither was a fabulous tackler.  Champ was an ankle tackler too but more succesful.  Green put his head in the there, but was small. I don’t expect every CB  to tackle like Rod Woodson.  I just want them to TRY to tackle like Rod Woodson.

  • thelandryhat

    You evil Monster. Week 17….WAR

  • dwagner

    We wouldn’t have it any other way, Dan.  Bring it on! :)

  • gehenna

    We should start a collection to buy Jessica Simpson tickets to go see her boyfriend on week 17.  :)