Taylor in a coma?

Some updates on Sean Taylor.  First, depending on what source you read he is out of surgery and either unconcious or in a coma.  The only sources I can find that say he is in a coma are unreliable or blogs that I find reliable but did not quote their sources.  Given that, I’ll refrain from using the term coma until I see a major news agency use it.

What is the difference?  When you are unconscious, you are essentially sleeping/out of it, but if one uses extreme measures (shaking, pain, etc) you can wake the patient. In a coma, you might make the body flinch, but you aren’t really going to get much of a response. Obviously, the doctors aren’t going around poking Sean just to wake him up so the difference is mostly semantic at this point. In either situation, the body has shut down in order to heal and Taylor lost an extreme amount of blood according to all sources.  The Miami Herald seems to have the best info given their geographic head start.

Given that he has survived the surgery, chances are good that he will live. There are remaining complications like stroke, blood clots, kidney failure, and respiratory problems.  There is also the question of whether the blood loss will effect brain function.

Most of the talking white coats that have been on TV have said that there is every reason to believe he will recover and play again since he survived the surgery.  Since most of them have never met Taylor, much less examined his wounds, I’m not really interested in those opinions.

An interesting side twist in the Miami Herald article is that Taylor’s house was robbed last week as well and the burglars left a knife on his bed.  Whether this was some sort of a threat or just a strange oops by the burglars is unknown. Given Taylor’s past, it is easy to imagine vast and deep conspiracies. 

Was it the guy he threatened last year over the whole ATV incident?  Were they trying to intimidate him into settling the civil lawsuit that they filed? Was Taylor caught up in other illegal activities that finally caught up to him? Is it possible to be robbed twice in seven calendar days without having done something to bring it on? Was it Laron Landry getting revenge for that paintball shot in the groin in the preseason?

Personally, I’d love to speculate about all of these things, but I’ll wait until he wakes up.  When he does, look for the celebration here followed quickly by rapant and hopefully humorous gossip.


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