I got an email from my friend Guy Damrosch (he comments here under the name Gehenna) last night after the Redskins game that sums up my thoughts better than I could:

“I think I’ve officially joined the Anti-Patriot camp. Good God they spanked us.

First, let me stress that they were a far better team and I give them total props for turning our stout defense into swiss cheese. They dominated us in every aspect of the game, and nothing I say after this will change the fact that they killed us and absolutely deserved to win.

That said, I wonder about the fact that we had no ability to communicate with our coach due to technical problems at the Patriots stadium. For about HALF of the game. It seems absurd to think that they would cheat since they obviously didn’t need it, but then again they hardly needed it when they were playing the Jets either. But lacking any evidence, I shall just grumble and wonder about sinister conspiracy theories.

One thing I’m sure of is…the Patriots are TOTAL COCKS.

I don’t say this lightly, but they really are a bunch of assholes. Tom Brady is having a conniption fit because his offensive lineman went off sides when they were already up by 40 points. And then, of course, the coach’s decision to go for it on 4th down in the 4th quarter when, again, they were winning 40-something to ZERO. I couldn’t believe what a jackass he was being. They thoroughly humiliated the team and coach I love, and they did it unnecessarily. They stepped on our necks and twisted. It hurts. It hurts a lot. And I’m not going to forget it. Maybe I should admire their ability to go for the jugular and finish off games (God knows the Skins need a little of that), but this was beyond the pale.

I really hope that karma bites them in the ass. They deserve it. TMQ was right. So it’s obvious that the Redskins won’t be the one showing them up, but I hope someone does. Right now, I’m not sure who I’d cheer for in a Cowboys-Patriots superbowl.

I’m off to go whimper and pretend like this never happened.
Go INDY!!!”

The only thing I could possibly add is that at least we play the hapless Jets this weekend.


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  • H Carlson

    I’m a Vikings fan. Can’t wait ’til Chilly hits the road. REAL glad we played (?) the Pats last year. This year? Pats score 70-80 easily. I would hope, however, that the Vikes, after being absolutely dismembered, would just move on and not whine. It strikes me as pathetic on stilts when the discussion is about the least humiliating/least offensive way for a totally dominant team to finish a game: go for the field goal–wait, run it on fourth down–no, no, punt it, even though you are within field goal range, etc. At least by going for it, the Pats acknowledge that, in theory, the ‘Skins could stop them and get the ball back! When the ‘Skins complain, aren’t they essentially admitting: "We suck so badly we could never stop them. We don’t belong in the NFL, and we are stealing money every time we cash a paycheck." Just a thought.

  • dwagner

    I appreciate the comments, and on one level I see what you are saying.  But there really is such a thing as class and winning with dignity. In 1991 the Redskins were one of the most dominant offenses in the history of the game. We scored a then record 485 points and also had the #2 defense in the league.

    During that season the Redskins won multiple blowouts including a 27-6 victory over the 3-13 LA Rams (yes, they were once in LA) and a 36-0 victory over the Phoenix Cardinals (coached by our beloved Joe Bugel). Given that we scored an NFL record 485 points, you don’t think we could have pounded the Rams and Caridnals in those games?  Do you really think if Joe Gibbs wanted to hang 50 on the Cards he couldn’t have?

    Of course, we could have.  But because we have class, we pulled back.  We ran more often.  We chose short, controlled passing when we needed to pass.  We treated our opponents with respect.

    If these sorts of records mattered to coach Gibbs, the Redskins would have pounded on teams like this in 1991 and even this year’s Pats would have a hard time meeting the record we could have set.

    The Pats killed us this week.  We are not in their class.  No Redskins fan would pretend to think that with the current state of the o-line that we can hang with them.  No shame in that.  30 teams in the league can’t.  Only the Colts are in their neighborhood.  That doesn’t mean we can’t make the playoffs.  It doesn’t mean we aren’t a good team.  And it doesn’t mean we’re stealing our paychecks.

    And most importantly, it doesn’t mean that the Pats have an ounce of class. The Redskins of the 80′s and early 90′s wrote the book on winning with class and the Pats clearly never read the book.


  • gehenna

    Re: H. Carlson.Yeah yeah, I get it.  If we don’t like it, we should have stopped them.  Well we couldn’t stop them because they were that much better than we were. That’s not the point.   I wouldn’t wish that kind of loss to anyone outside of a division rival.  :) It was brutal and it was unnecessary.  The Pats this year are one of the best teams ever, but they behave like a bunch of thugs and bullies when they should instead strive to behave like champions.  While I don’t think that their behavior diminishes their on the field performance, I do think that it’s a shame that such an amazing team could revel in the misfortunes of others.   It’s almost like they’re…well…Eagles fans or something. Karma will come back at them one of these days.  

  • gehenna

    Oh, and by the way, if everyone who looks bad when they’re playing the Patriots is stealing money, somebody better alert the Better Business Bureau because I think the NFL owners are getting totally scammed.

  • redskin777us

    Trust me when I say that NOBODY wants to see thier tem play a game like Sundays game any more than I do. It was a total embarrasement from the word go, and I will NEVER  forget this debacle. However,  I  see a trend here, and quite frantly I have been ragging on ths for 3 plus seasons now, and the story is getting old.  Since Joe Gibbs has been back as our coach, he has had his 2 looosingest seasons at 6-10 and 5-11.  We scored the fewest points of any tem in the league over this span, have played the most games where we have scored 20 points or less and lost the most games where we have held a 14 point lead at halftime.  At what point will Gibbs ever realize that none of these things lead to a winning receipe? Will we EVER get out of our Prevent Offense? I will admit that I was over joyed with the news that we had brought Gibbs back,. I really believed that he would bring diciplin back to our team. Clearly, that hasn’t happened.  In his first tenure, we were a ball control team that would run the ball down your throat, but, we always had a dynamic passinng capability.  It appears that we do have that capability, but we simply choose not to run those sorts of plays. Instead, on 3rd and 10 we throw a 4 yard pass… 3rd and 12 a 6 yard pass, BRILLENT!!! In fact there isn’t much of anything that we do that seems to make sense. In Sundays game our defensive plan was to give them a short passing game. DAMN, the Patriots play that type of a game masterfully and will take that all game long. Well we did, and we never changed a thing, neither did they. We telegragh practically everything we do on offense and defense and teams just simply punk us and i’m sick and tired of it. Since Gibbs’ return we have won justenuf game to camaflague what we really are. Nothing more than middle of the pack at best. We are playing Pop Warner football in an All Madden League. That’s just not getting it done.  From the coaching decisions, the exicution, to the players themselves, we’re kidding ourselves to think that this is a good team. I would love for this team to prove me wrong, but, I see the writing on the wall and have seen it for years. From the coaching all the way down the line this team is either incappable  or unwilling to change. Are we THAT DESPERATE for any resembelance of sucess to buy what thier trying to sell? There is a huge difference between what the Patroits do and what we do, the Pats throw downfield, even if it is only 7 yards, they attack you. Our most often called passing plays are screens and very short drag patterns.  On defense they attack the offense, we play this cheezy cover 2 that gets no littl to no preuusre on the offense or recievers. You might be able to get away with that knd of junk against teams like Detriot, afterall, at the end of they day the STILL are the Lions. Tom Brady is far too good to play that way against, he will carve you up like a Christmas Ham. After the Cardinals game I felt dirty, or as if I had stolen something. I didn’t feel as though we won that game, jeez, 3 times at the end of the game we GAVE it back to them. If that same game had been played in the month of December the Cardinals would be juilty of re-gifting! It took me about 4 games into the 2004 season to see what this team was going to be like. it stunk then and it smells even worse now. Why worse? We’re 4-3 we’re still in the hunt. Well, this is Joe’s 4th season, and we still run much the same offense as we did then. Little has changed. Excuses like the injury plague, are weaing thin, oh and don’t bring up the fact that Cambell is inexperienced…either he is the starter or not…you gotta make plays. For some damned reason nobody can seem to catch his passes when he is on target, and when guy are wide open he over-throws them by a country mile. Frantly, if I were the coach, Jason Cambell would NEVER be my guy, and the reason I say that is look at his eyes. He’s way too laid back to ever be MY GUY.  Remember the look at Marino always seemed to have in his eyes?  That look is not in Joe Gibbs’ eyes, it’s not in Cambell’s eyes either.  The only thing those eyes (for either of those guys) say to me is …"don’t worry, we’ll get it next play…" meanwhile the clock is ticking and next thing you know you here the sound of the official firing the starting pistol and the game is over. Sorry Joe, as much as I respect you and am thankful for all the glory that you helped to once bring to Redskins fans, I have heard the pistol being fired.

  • redskin777us

    One other thing, I have no qualms about the Patroits going for it with the game out of controll. It was our job to stop them wasn’t it? Our guys are paid to play just the same as thiers are (just a bit more fancy).  I don’t want to hear whining from Redskins fans or reporters about them running up the score, that shows about as much sportsmanship as what the Patriots showed. Plain and simply the took it to us, and we ALLOWED it.