Hitting a Nerve

This past weekend, I posted a little rant about how much I hate Brett Favre. Astute and regular readers probably saw this for what it was: an experiment in pushing myself beyond what I normally post here. Those who read my post about the media and the great vast feeding frenzy of opinion from late last week know I wanted to try to push myself and hopefully find a way to say things that got people charged up but still raised the level of discourse.  That’s why it was so disappointing when I posted this and the first comment I got was the same old rude crap.  I’m sure he doesn’t think I would do this, but I am going to post it again in full in case you didn’t see it:

“yimmj55 Said:

You’re entitled to your opinion, even if it’s negative.  I think you’re full of something, I’m just not sure of what it is.  Maybe jealousy, yeah that’s right, jealousy, you’re jealous that Brett Favre has a ton of charisma and personality, and you obviously don’t have any.  Seems like maybe brains too, you seem to be in short supply of those.  I’ll bet if you were a crayon and you were in the box, you’d be the dullest color in there.  Zip it, dummy.”

At first, I’ll admit it, this made me very angry. Not only was it a sign that I hadn’t raised the discourse of anything, but I had attracted a rude, barely literate, moron to my site.  After the anger subsided I started critically reviewing his response.  He hadn’t tried to refute any of my points about Favre (lack of leadership, selfishness, failing to understand the need to develop his young players rather than shun them, etc.)  because he couldn’t.  He just basically took the route of the playground bully and hurled the “and you’re stupid too” line. I went from angry to feeling responsible for the response because I had decided to be negative.  Perhaps, the very fact of being negative breeds negative responses?

With a bit of time though, I realized I was kind of happy that this happened. In truth, I made yimmj55′s day. I don’t know who this guy is, but he has to be a Packer’s fan, right?  I mean, a Redskins fan wouldn’t have cared that much that I ripped the man on the weekend we were playing him.  You may have thought I was full of crap, but you’d have gotten riled up for the game right?

So who is yimmj55?  He has to be a Packers fan who went trolling the Redskins sites looking for a fight.  And I gave it to him. That had to be fun for him, right?  I engendered some passion in him as a fan. 

And you know what?  That makes me happy.  The first goal of this site is to make fans have more fun being a fan.  And if I made Redskins fans hate the opposing team QB for a weekend, and if I made the opposing team’s fans come here to represent, then I did my job.

Would I have liked it better if yimmj55 didn’t sound like an poorly educated 14 year old?  Sure, but hey, let’s have fun.  Without ever crossing the line into libel, I’m going to do my best to fire you people up and if it means we get some crazy fans from the other side, all the better. 


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  • gehenna

    I’ll try to give you a more reasoned discussion on why you’re just plain crazy in your bias against Favre.  I didn’t get into this last week because…well because we were playing against him and I wasn’t going to sing his praises while preparing for war. But now that the game is over, I think your comments are biased and overly harsh.  First, I’ll take the easy one.  You call him a drug addict.  He had a problem YEARS ago and has since then received help and (as far as I know) kicked it.  If anything his longevity and toughness is even MORE impressive because he doesn’t take any pain medicine to keep him in the game.  Weren’t you the writer who blasted the NFL for doping up their players so they could stay in the game?  Favre is the one guy you know isn’t getting shot up…the man takes the pain and plays through it without drugs.  You poke fun at his sponsoring of Prilosec and yet you sing the praises of Peyton Manning.  What’s wrong with this picture? Every famous athlete in the world makes advertising money, so this is just silly.  You say he’s mean spirited and that he’s not a leader.   Bull crap.  The man has inspired every team he plays on.  You can argue that his confidence is also a flaw because he thinks he can make throws that turn into interceptions, but he can make his team believe.  He gets drilled by Warren Sapp and bounces to his feet and gets in Sapp’s face to talk trash; you don’t think that inspires a team when they see that?  It sure inspired me, and I’m not even a Packers fan.    Peyton Manning (one of your favorites) threw his offensive line under the bus after a playoff loss.  Does that mean Peyton’s mean-spirited and selfish?  Why is he a leader and yet Brett is a horrible person for not throwing to the guy who just cost the team two costly fumbles in the red zone? Yes, the media loves him too much.  That’s hardly his fault.  And yes he was selfish in his whole "will I come back" saga.  But let’s get a little perspective here.  One or two offseason hissyfits don’t negate years and years of legendary performance.Oh, and while we’re at it Dave, why don’t you explain to all the readers how you think Troy Aikman is a better Quarterback than Bret Favre?  I’d love to hear that explanation again. I bet your other readers would too. :) 

  • gehenna

    Gah, sorry for the extended paragraph. I tried to make it easier to read and it didn’t work out so well.